Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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Zeke is an Omega, submissive of the submissives. Omegas are special in that they have the ability to heal. The only problem is that his pack is full of abusive pack members. He spends his time getting beaten and healing the injuries of abused pack members. One day, he discovers his mate, Amethyst. She's the new girl in town. She's strong. She's beautiful, powerful, and not interested in him. Or so he thinks.To his shock, she doesn't reject him. Amethyst is a 600-year-old phoenix that has been born into a werewolf family. An incident causes her family to move to a new pack. She hates it there. She spends her time waiting to turn 16 and go to her true home. What she doesn't expect to her mate. She shocked to discover that he is among the abused members of her new pack. Amethyst doesn't know how to be gentle or how to handle being the mate of an Omega. Part of the Bunch of Bitches series each book is a stand-alone and can be read in any order CONTENT WARNING this story contains graphic depictions of rape, torture, and sex. I kind of let you know when those types of scenes are coming up

Romance / Fantasy
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1. Zeke

I'm shoved into a bedroom. I stumble a little but I catch myself. I look up and stare at the bloodied woman on the bed. She's naked. Her pale skin is covered in bruises, her face swollen. The worst of her injuries on private parts. I stare at it in horror. I don't want to know what he did to her. It doesn't matter what I want because I will know what he did to her and I'll feel it too.

"I didn't bring you her fucking stare at her, omega," Dan says, shoving me again. I kneel next to the bed and hold her hand, starting our connection.

Let me die, please.

I briefly glance at her eyes. As an omega, I'm not able to hold the gaze of anyone more dominant than me. In that short moment, I see her desperation and her resolve. Even if I don't help her, she'll find a way. I give a barely noticeable nod and feel her body relax. I close my eyes. Summoning my power, I get sucked into her body.

I focus on her simple injuries. I need to make it look like I'm trying to heal her. I focus on her face, sending my power toward the injury on it. I pull her injury to me and I watch how it happened in my head. I do this to most of her minor wounds. Then I move to the worst one.

I send my power it but instead of pulling it towards me, I send it to a different part of her body. She dies instantly. He can't hurt you now. I can't help but feel jealous of her. It's over for her, but me? I have to live with what he did to her on my body and in my mind. There is a peace that comes with connecting to a dead body. I rest in the nothingness that is death. Something I'll probably won't experience anytime soon, no matter how hard I try. My connection to her is snapped when I'm pulled from her and slammed against the wall.

"I told you to fucking save her, mutt," Dan yells at my face. His dominance pours out of him, causing me to whimper.

"Her injuries were too-," I start but I'm cut off with a punch to my already swollen face.

"Did I give you permission to speak? Just wait until I tell Alpha Carter."

He drags me out of his house. I almost open my mouth to beg him but I stop myself. I wouldn't make a difference. In fact, It would make it worse. Carter is a cruel Alpha who takes personal joy in punishing me. Before I know it, I'm standing in front of the man himself. Like all Alphas, he's a big man, towering over at 6'7. He has short black hair and dark green eyes. He's in his late 50's but he doesn't look a day past 30.

"What brings you in, Dan," Carter asks in pleasant tone.

"It killed my mate," Dan answers, shoving me into the ground.

"Strip, boy." My hands shake as I remove my clothes. The Alpha walks around me, staring at the injuries I took from Dan's mate. He looks over to Dan and sends a message through the pack link. The Omega is to be cut off from all pack communications and contact for 3 days.

I feel the connection to my pack come to an abrupt end, leaving me to feel even more lonely. I feel my wolf howl at the loss. The worst thing to do to a wolf is to cut them off from their pack.

"I will personally see that he is punished severely," Carter says to Dan. Dan smiles and leaves.

Tears run down my face as Carter grabs me by the hair and leads me downstairs. Don't beg, don't beg, don't beg. He's taking me to the punishment room. Once we're in, he places silver shackles on my wrists and a collar around my neck. I hiss as the silver burns my skin.

"You've gotten bolder, boy," he says as he pulls out a whip. "Letting a pack mate die?"

I cry out as it hits my chest with a loud crack. He does this over and over until I pass out. I wake up to a splash of water on my face.

"Explain yourself," he demands.

"Her w-wounds were," I gasp out. "too severe."

He slaps me, causing my vision to darken.

"I don't want any excuse, omega."

"I-I have no e-excuse, Alpha."

"That's right, and your disrespect will not be tolerated."

Then he starts hitting me, punching and kicking my exposed flesh. I can only feel thankful that this is all he does.

I wake up unshackled which means I'm free to go. I pull my battered body up and head home. One of the few benefits of being an omega is that I heal faster than most wolves. I must've been unconscious for a couple of hours because most of my wounds are healed. I drag myself to my room and pass out on my bed.

The next day I walk up and take a long shower. I get dressed for school before I exit my room. My family is eating. They all ignore me as I sit down and eat.

"I heard what happened," My twin sister, Elizabeth says. I turn toward her and see that she is talking to our dad. Ellie might be my twin but we are total opposites in everything, including looks. She takes after our dad with her mahogany hair and dark green eyes while I take after our mom with my platinum blond hair and blue eyes. "He failed to heal a beta's mate."

"He's lucky that he wasn't killed," Mom says, her nose wrinkling in disgust. My twin, like our parents, is a ranked wolf. She's dominant enough to be Beta if she wanted to challenge our current one for his position. Our mom and dad are gammas and are not as dominant as my twin.

"Maybe his mate didn't want to be healed," my younger sister Kate says. The room falls deadly silent. My younger sister is a submissive wolf but isn't an omega. Unlike me, our family is protective of her. She's a combination of both our parents with sandy blond hair and green eyes.

"Those words are to never be uttered outside this house, young lady," Dad says, pushing his dominance towards her. It's not directed me but I react the same as my younger sister, looking down and baring our necks until he stops.

"Yes, sir," Kate responds, sending a wave of submission to our dad. He relaxes and stops his show of dominance. I sit up in my seat.

"I'm sorry honey. I don't want anyone to take your word out of context."

"I know, Daddy."

Being ignored all day is taking a toll on my wolf. I find a secluded place. After taking off my clothes, I shift into my wolf. I shake my fur before running through the woods. I pause when a scent catches my attention. Prey. I press my snout to the ground, tracking the scent. Soon, I find it. A bunny minding its own business, unaware of the danger. I stalk after it, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

I lunge for it, crushing its neck between my jaws. I feast on it, enjoying the reward of my hunt. After I finish, I head back to my clothes. I feel better after the run. It eases some of the loneliness my wolf was starting to feel. I shift back into my human form and head home, making it just in time for dinner. I wash up before joining everyone. I notice an excited energy in the air.

"Have you met the new pack member," Kate asks, practically bouncing in her seat.

"Yeah," Ellie answers. "They're very dominant. I can't remember all their names, but there was one that was around your age. I heard she hasn't shifted yet."

"Yeah, but based off her dominance I think she'll be ranked alpha."

"Yeah, but it''s weird that she hasn't shifted yet for someone who could be alpha ranked."

"She hasn't turned 16 so there still time for her."

"You've met her?"

"Uh-huh, she's in my class. Her name is Amethyst. She's really scary but not mean."

"Just be careful around her."

"I will."

"What about the parent," Kate asks, looking to Mom and Dad.

"They rank delta," Dad says. "But Alpha Carter wants to wait until they be trusted before they can take positions."

After that, the conversation switches to different topics. I listen in. As much as I would like to join in, I would rather be excluded than try to join conversion and be ignored. With my silence, I can pretend that I'm a part of what's happening. I sigh. Only two more days of this. I can do this.

The next day I get up and get ready for school. One thing that has been great about this punishment is that nobody can beat me up. I mostly keep to myself and try to stay invisible. The same goes for the following day.

The day after my punishment is over, I wake up to Kate giving me a hug. I cry as I hug her back, happy for the contact. I've been reconnected to the pack link. Kate releases me and leaves my room. I join my family after I get ready. Breakfast is uneventful and after that, I go to school.

Now that my punishment is over, people have no problem with shoving me out of their way. After my first period class, Lexi pulls me aside. She's a grade below me and is a dominant wolf of no rank.

"I need your help," she says with a haunted look in her gray eyes. I nod my head. She leads me to a secluded area of the school. "You have permission to touch me."

Without a word, I hold her hand. I summon my power and check her for injuries. She had concealed it, she has bruising on her face and neck. I heal that and focus on the rest of the body. Her heal her body of the proof of her rape and remove the pain of it from her mind. By the time I'm done, I'm a weeping mess, and the haunted look in her eyes is gone. She shoves me against the wall.

"You will tell no one about this," she snarls. I say nothing and nod my head. She walks away, leaving me alone to deal with the feeling of violation. I wait until my emotions are under control before heading to my next class.

For lunch, I quickly grab my food and search for a place to hide. Not wanting to risk the chance of anyone taking my food, I eat while I search. I end up eating everything before I find a place to hide. I can never hide in the same spot twice. I don't want to leave my scent somewhere repeatedly, and the spot gets discovered. A hand on my shoulder stops me from moving.

"Aren't you that omega I keep hearing about," a male asks before spinning me around. This is not a familiar face. The unidentified student is accompanied by two other male students. I think they might be freshmen.

"I heard he can't talk unless he's given permission," the one on the right says.

"Must be true," the one on the left says. Without another word, they start beating me. I do my best to shield myself. By the time they're done, I think they've broken a few bones, and it's time for class. I do my best to treat my injuries and limp to class.

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