Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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9.9 The torture of Zeke (his POV)

A/N: So I got myself upset writing this. So trigger warning m/m rape stuff. This contains graphic depiction of torture and rape. Also from here, you can basically move on to the next chapter. Or stop reading. Whichever is your case when reading this. You're not missing much from skipping this chapter. Everything here is talked about in the upcoming chapters, so don't feel obligated to read this if this type of content bothers you or whatever.

"That bitch of yours is sure a stalker," he says as he unbuckles my pants. He shoves his hands into my boxers and starts playing with me. I don't react. I retreat into my mind. I think of happy things. I imagine that I'm with Amethyst. I'm her room, eating the delicious food she made just for me as she plays with my hair. "Focus on me. She's been following since I left the school."

He uses his status as my Alpha against me and adds an Alpha command to his command, pulling me from my mind and forcing me to obey his command. Not even Alpha Carter is dominant enough to force my obedience, but an Alpha command must always be obeyed. My vision blurs from tears as I watch and feel my body react to his action. I can't even distract myself since he commanded me to focus.

"You're so disgusting," the Alpha sneers. "Does your bitch know you have no loyalty? That you'll let anyone take you?"

He squeezes me, moving his hand up and down faster and faster. A sob escapes me as pleasure fills me. I don't want this. I don't, but my body doesn't care as the pleasure builds until I explode. He grunts in disgust but the scent of his arousal fills the truck.

"Clean this up, you dirty slut of a wolf." My body moves to clean the mess I made. As soon as I finish, he slams my head against the window. "Buckle your fucking pants. I don't want to see your ugly dick while I'm driving." My hands shake as I quickly do as he says, not wanting him to touch me again.

We make it to his house. He drags me out of his truck and into his basement.

"Strip," he commands. I remove my clothes. I hear him unbuckle his pants and pull the down. Don't panic. "Look at me, Omega." My eyes moves to his body, find him stroke himself. "Suck me off."

I don't move. This is a test. A sick test to see I'll do what he says without him forcing me to. It's a test I don't plan on ever passing. If he wants me to touch him, he's going to have to force me to do it. He growls in anger, shoving his dominance against me. I whimper as fall to my knee and bare my neck to him.

"Get on your hands and knees, mutt." My body moves to obey him even as I'm filled with dread. I feel him line up behind me. He leans over me, his chest pressed to my back. "You will enjoy this." He squeezes my hips. "You know, for someone so skinny, you still have a nice ass."

Tears fall down my face before he rams his penis inside my butthole. A scream is ripped form my lips before I retreat into my mind. He didn't tell to focus on him so I won't. Whatever he's doing doesn't affect me.

I'm pulled abruptly from my mind. I find myself kneeling on the ground with someone's vagina against my mouth. I look up and see it's Gamma Carmen. She's moaning and stuff is dripping into my mouth. I want to throw up. And then I do. Her brown eyes mine as she shoves me back and stomp on my arm, breaking it. I whimper as I hold back my scream. She slaps me.

"Now I have vomit in my damn pussy, fucking Omega," she yells. I look away from her."That definitely ruined my fucking mood."

She leaves the room. How much time has passed? I can smell the scent of other wolves on me. I look around the room and spot Alpha Carter, Delta Blake, and Gamma Roger.

"Chain him up," Carter commands.

Delta Blake grabs me by my hair and pulls me up. I groan as he and Gamma Roger roughly drag me and put the silver shackles and collar around my wrists and neck. I relax when I see them leave. Alpha Carter walks up to me and pulls my head back.

"If only your bitch could see you. You think she'll want you now?" He says as he kisses my neck, avoiding the silver collar. I shudder in disgust as I try to retreat into my mind but can't. "You think she'll want you dirty hands to touch her? You're so fucking disgusting, no one could ever want you." I shake my head. He pulls back and punches me in the face. "You're filthy, dirty and used. Nobody wants that in mate, especially an alpha. My mate wasn't a virgin when I first met him. You know what I did to him when I found out?" He holds my face. "I fucked him like the whore he was and killed him. Has your bitch fucked you yet?"

I say nothing. He smiles.

"She has, hasn't she?" He kisses my neck again and rubs himself against me. I wish he would just leave me alone already. "Stay focused and tell me how she fucked you."

"S-she p-pleasured me w-with her m-mouth a-a-and her h-hands," the words escape my mouth against my will. I don't want him to know about the first time I didn't feel dirty and used.

"I bet you enjoyed too like the slut you are. Did you moan for her as prettily you do for me?" I say nothing. It's stupid, but I get angry. I know my anger won't do anything for me because I'm powerless in front of him. "Tell me."

"No." Moaning isn't pretty. Except when Amethyst does it. A part of me want to tell him he shouldn't bother comparing himself to my mate because she is better than him in everything. He smirks and grips my member giving a squeeze. I wince at the pain.

He leaves the room. I slump in relief. It's probably nighttime by now. I take a deep breath and wince. I think I have a few broken ribs. Just two more days to go. I tense when hear the door open, but relax when I see it's Beta Frank.

His gray eyes meet mine before I look away. The large wolf places a bowl of food in my hand. I eat it all. He takes it from me after I finish.

Thank you

He clenches his jaws. Save your thanks, Zeke. This is the most I can do for you

He leaves.


A slap to the face wakes me up. I open my eyes and see my Alpha holding a silver knife.

"I was thinking about what in the stars could your bitch find attractive about you," he says. "You're too skinny. You're short and ugly. Well, your body's ugly, but that face of yours, utterly fuckable. Stay focused."

He takes the silver knife and presses it into my eyebrow. I clench my jaw to hold back my scream as he drags the knife downward, blinding me in my right eye. He doesn't stop until he reaches my collarbone. He removes the silver collar and cuts into my neck. I feel small prick on the other side of my neck.

My body starts to convulse from the injection of silver and wolfbane into my bloodstream. If I was any other wolf, this would kill me. If I could only be that lucky. It stunts my ability to heal. I feel my throat closing. I gasp as I struggle to breathe. Alpha Carter takes joy in my struggle and starts cutting the other side of my face.

I stop convulsing, and my ability to breathe returns. He punches me in my gut. He steps away from me and grabs a bottle of water. He opens it and pours it on my face, causing the cuts to burn. I whimper as he retraces the cuts on my face with the knife over and over.

"You look so fucking ugly," he says. "You think she'll want you now, mutt?" I cry out as he slashes angrily at my chest. "Do you?! You fucking slut. Answer me, Omega." I say nothing. He walks away and pulls out a whip from a drawer. "Count each hit."

I take this opportunity to retreat into my mind again. I try thinking of Amethyst again, but this time it's a little difficult. My mind isn't as happy, and everything feels off. I lose consciousness.

My body feels battered as I wake up. I sit up and groan. Alpha Carter grips my hair and forces me to stand. I can barely hold myself up and I can't tell how much time has passed. He grabs my privates.

"Stay focused," he says before taking the silver knife and slicing the top of my penis. I scream. I feel nauseous as pain fills me. He cuts me over and over. My vision starts to dim. "You think she'll want you now?" I pass out.

I wake up on the floor. I turn over and vomit on the ground. My whole body is hurting, and parts of me feel sore. I think he might have done stuff to me while I was unconscious. I'm free from my shackles, meaning that I'm free to go. I try to stand but don't have the strength.

I feel my wolf take over

A/N: man that was rough. Fun fact: this took me a month to write because it's traumatizing to write about hurting Zeke.

This has made me hate Alpha Carter even more. Is that the case for anyone else?

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