Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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10. Amethyst

A/N: Should I give a graphic description warning? Well, here it is

I didn't come up with a solution. Three fucking weeks and I couldn't think of a way out this that wouldn't get Zeke killed. Fuck. Me. I've been standing outside the Alpha's house for three days as he tortures my mate. Three days of seeing people enter the Alpha's house and leaving it with a satisfied smile on their faces, smelling like my mate. I memorized their faces. I plan on killing them later.

I hate myself for not coming up with a viable plan to keep Zeke safe. I'm sure my shifted self could come up with something that would work. I pull myself from my depressing thoughts. Just then, the front door opens, revealing my naked mate. He collapses in the driveway. I run to him.

My eyes widen in horror as I take in the state of him. My phoenix roars in anger, but all I feel is devastation and guilt. He's covered in dried blood, and his skin has deep cuts all over it. I don't know where to touch him without causing him more pain. I quickly run to my car and pull a blanket from the trunk. I spread it out on the backseat and run back to my mate.

Carefully, I pick him. He doesn't react, continuing to take painfully shallow breaths. I place him in the back of my car. I don't look too closely at his injuries right now because if I do, I might snap, and Zeke doesn't need that right now. I drive off, calling Topaz as I head home.

Once home, I park the car and carry Zeke from my car to the house, keeping the blanket around him as I enter the house. I'm not in a right state of mind and I might kill any female that looks at my mate in his current state, even if they are family. I place him on the floor of the bathroom. I stare down at him, uncertain of what I should do next.

Clean him.

Right. I can do that. I quickly turn on the shower and strip down to my bra and panties. I turn my attention back to Zeke. I take a good look at him as I pull the blanket off him. My fingers go numb from the cold. No! I focus, and my temperature goes back to normal. I need to detach myself. This is just a random person. Just cleaning the wound of a random person. No big deal. I drag Zeke into the shower and start cleaning him, washing the blood and the scent of others off of him.

Everything is fine until I look at his lower half. What the fuck? What the fuck? My phoenix presses against me, getting closer to the surface. The bathroom freezes over. The door opening pulls my attention. I move quickly.

"Don't you look. Don't you fucking look," I growl as I shove Ruby back.

"You need to calm down, Amey," Ruby says as she looks me in the eyes. She pulls me into a hug. My tears fall as ice as I cry.

"I failed him. He's hurt so bad. I can't. I can't-" do anything for him. I feel so fucking powerless. I wish I was older. I wish was stronger. Then that fucking Alpha couldn't do anything to my mate.

"Get your shit together," Topaz says, pulling from my thoughts. "Your mate needs you, and you ain't any use to him crying like a baby."

"Or do you want us to handle it," Sapphire asks in a serious tone. I know that she's saying that to be helpful but that is not the way I take it. I pull away from Ruby. I look at my two older birth sisters. My sorrow forgotten as possessive rage fills me.

"You look at him, and it'll be the last thing you ever see," I snarl.

"Then go take care of him," Ruby says calmly. I take several deep breaths. I nod my head as I pull my phoenix under control and walk back into the bathroom. With my phoenix under control, the bathroom is no longer frozen. I walk over to my mate and stare at the very thing that set me off.

His penis reminds me of an over microwaved hotdog. The tip of it is split into four and the top has a large gash on it. I gently clean it and move on to his legs. Once he's clean, I quickly strip and wash. I turn off the water and step out of the shower. I move the blanket to the corner of the bathroom before setting some towels on the floor. I grab Zeke and place him on the towel. I dry him.

It doesn't look like he's actively bleeding anywhere. I wrap a towel around me and run to my room, changing into some clothes and getting my bed ready for Zeke. I spot the supplies I asked Topaz to buy on my dresser as I head back to Zeke. I cover him before picking him up and placing him on my bed.

I know that his wounds will take a while to heal so the only thing I can do is minimize the scarring. I saw how much his previous scars bothered him. I grab the supplies off the dresser and get to work. I start stitching his face, memories of my past life guide my hands. He only has two cuts on his face. The cut on the right starts at his eyebrow, runs through his eyelid, and stops at his collarbone. His jaw is dislocated so I reposition back to its normal place.

I ignore the healing bite marks on his neck and shoulder and focus on the wound on his bicep. It looks like something took a bite out of it. It's too big for me to stitch so I pack it with gauze and cover it a dressing. I do the same for the wound that winds around his forearm.

I stitch all the cuts covering his chest and stomach. I frown at how skinny he's gotten. After finally getting him to gain a few pounds, all my work goes down the drain with him looking even worse than before. I can easily count all his ribs. I move to his lower half, getting pissed as I look at his mutilated private. I stitch the tip and pack the wound on the top of it.

I move to his leg. I set the broken bone in his thigh. I don't know how he managed to walk with two broken legs. Thankfully, he doesn't have that many cuts on his right leg. I move to the other side of the bed and work on his left side. I set his shinbone. The wound on his left arm is worst than the one on his right. I pack it and move on to the cut on the left side of his face. It starts underneath his eye and curves to his lips. I turn him on his side and work on all the cuts on his back.

Finally, I finish and place a blanket over Zeke. I hear a knock on my door. I walk over to my door and open it. Diamond stares at me with a plate of food her hands.

"Tope told me to tell you to eat," she says, shoving it into my hands. "She said if you don't eat, they'll feed you."

"Fine," I tell her before shutting the door in her face. The last thing I need is my birth sisters almost killing me as they pin me down and shove food down my throat. I place my plate on my dresser before heading to the bathroom to wash my hands.

Back in my room, I silently eat my food as I watch over my mate.


It's been a week and Zeke still hasn't woken up. Feeding him is a growing concern. I walk into the kitchen to grab something to eat. Sapphire's there, making breakfast. She looks at me.

"You look like shit," she says. "When was the last time you got some sleep?"

"I don't know," I shrug. "How long ago was he in that bastard's house?"

"That's too fucking long. Eat, and then you need to go to sleep."

"I can't."

"Girl, I swear. You ain't no use to him if you can barely stand straight. Eat then sleep."

"Fine." I eat quickly and head back to my room. I carefully climb into bed and slide under the cover. I grasp Zeke's hand and fall asleep instantly.

I wake up to the sound of Zeke screaming. I jolt up in bed, ready to defend him but relax when I see that he's thrashing from a nightmare. I grab his hand and surround him with my aura. He quickly relaxes. I slowly pull by my aura and continue to hold his hand.

The next day, Zeke finally wakes up. I'm so happy I could cry. I lean forward and kiss his cheek. He tenses at the motion. I freeze.

"Did I hurt you," I ask, feeling worried. He shakes his head and looks away. "What's wrong?" He just shakes his head. I touch his shoulder, and he flinches away from my touch. "Mate, please." He says nothing. I sigh and climb out of bed. "If you don't want to talk, that's fine."

A part of me wants to force him to talk, but I don't think he needs that right now. I step out of my room. It's early so there isn't anyone in the kitchen. I start making chicken broth. If he doesn't have any issues, I'll see if I can work him up to solid food. While I'm at it, I make breakfast for my birth family. After I finish, I bring the broth to my room. I find Zeke in bed, hiding under the covers.

"I brought you some food," I tell him. "It's only chicken broth, for now." I want to back on my word to give him space when he doesn't respond. "I'll place it on the chair. You can eat it when you want."

I step out, closing the door behind. I rest my head on the door before walking into the dining room. I hear a knock on the door. The brown eyes of Sapphire's mate meet mine.

"Hi," Tyler says and hands me a bag. "I brought some pain medicine for Zeke."

"Oh, thanks," I tell him. "Come on in. There's breakfast."

"You made it?" I nod my head, and he rubs his hands together in excitement. "I love me some of your cooking." He enters the house.

"Don't let my sister hear you say that. She'll be jealous." I close the door behind him.

"I can handle her."

"Oh really," Sapphire asks, wrapping her arms around his neck. Tyler presses her against the wall and kisses her. I ignore the couple and return to the dining room. I eat in silence and when I finish, I go back to my room.

I look down at the bowl I left for Zeke and am glad when I see that it's empty. At least he ate. I take the bowl and bring it to the kitchen where I wash it and put it away. Zeke spends the rest of the day sleeping, waking up just long enough to eat something.

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