Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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12. Zeke

"It's good to see you," Tyler says as he sits behind me. I nod at him. "Sapphire told me that you stopped talking." I nod again. I usually don't speak for weeks following my punishment but I have been talking to Amethyst. After our first class is over, we head to our next class.

"Hey, you fucking Omega," a voice says behind me. I turn just in time to see Ryan reaching for me. Tyler grabs Ryan's arm before he has the chance to grab me and pushes Ryan back.

"Back off, Ryan," Tyler says.

"You think I'm going to listen to some fucking submissive?" Ryan taunts as he shoves Tyler.

"This submissive is about to whoop your dominant ass." Tyler drops his backpack and takes a swing at Ryan. Ryan blocks his punch and jabs his fist into Tyler's stomach. Ryan punches Tyler in the face. Tyler quickly recovers and punches back, hitting Ryan square in the jaw. Tyler tackles Ryan to the ground and starts punching him repeatedly.

Tyler gasps when Ryan lashes out with his dominance. Ryan takes the opportunity to change their positions and swings at Tyler's face. Tyler's dominance lashes at Ryan as Tyler blocks his punch and jabs Ryan right in the throat. Tyler throws Ryan off of him.

"Yield, you fucking asshole," Tyler says as he grabs and squeezes Ryan's throat.

"I yield," Ryan wheezes out. Tyler stands and walks over to his backpack. He picks it up and joins me.

"Let's go." I grab his hand and heal some of his injuries. His hand snaps out of mine. "No!" Right, I shouldn't have tried to heal him. I stare at the ground. He rests his arm on my shoulder. "Listen, Sapphire hates it when I get hurt. She always wants to kill the person that messed up my pretty face, but I like to turn that energy into something else if you know what I mean." Oh, ooh, my face turns red as understanding dawns on me. He laughs.

"Nothing against you, Zeke, but you just ruin 4th period for me. Also, a little scared of what your mate will do to me when she sees your face." I shake my head. My face will be completely healed by the end of class, so she won't find out. "Ok, I'm trusting you. My life is now in your hands." I smile at his dramatics.


No matter how many times I eat it, I can never get over how delicious the food that Amethyst cooks tastes. I wish my stomach was bigger so I could eat more it. Another bite is pressed to my lips, and I happily take it in.


I savor the food as I ignore the voice and place my hand on top of Amethyst's knee. I rub my thumb against her leg in an attempt to comfort myself. I've gotten better at rejecting what Alpha Carter said during my punishment. It still gets to me sometimes, but touching Amethyst helps me calm down.

"Should we give you two some alone time," Tyler asks, snapping out of my food induce bliss. I give him a questioning look.

"Amey is eye-fucking you while you practically moan into the food," Sapphire says bluntly. I blush heavily. Amethyst glares her older sister. Sapphire raises her hands in surrender. "Sorry, lil bro, ignore what I said. Carry on."

I hadn't realized that I was being so noisy. Amethyst huffs in annoyance. Was she really turned on by my reaction to her food? I'm surprised that she has any interest in me while I look so ugly and scarred. Amethyst continues feeding me. Feeling self-conscious, I make sure to keep my reaction to the minimum, but it's really hard since it tastes so good.


With Amethyst's birthday being around the corner, I want to give her a gift. I sit at the table. Her sisters and Tyler look at me expectantly. It was hard to get them all here behind Amethyst's back. She went to the store to buy some groceries to make dinner tonight.

I want to do something for Amethyst's birthday. Is there anything that she really likes?

"You," Topaz answers. I blush.

"Amey is picky as hell," Ruby says.

"But as long as it's from you," Sapphire adds.

"She'll love it," they say together. I frown. This just makes it harder for me to come up with something. Diamond groans.

"Y'all ain't helpful at all," she says. She fixes her eyes to me. "Try a picnic somewhere private. She loves that shit. You can make little snacks or whatever. You can even try feeding her. But, I don't know if she'll let you, but you can still try."

"That sounds like an actually good idea," Ruby says. I nod in agreement. I think what she suggested is very doable.

"I know. Don't sound so shocked," Diamond says, rolling her eyes.

"Do you want any help setting everything up," Tyler asks me. I shake my head. I want to do everything myself.


I relax against Amethyst as she runs her fingers through my hair. My head is resting on her lap as I lie on her bed. My eyes start to droop shut, but I force them open.

"W-when you t-turn 16," I start. "D-do you g-get your m-memories as s-soon as i-it midnight?"

"No," she answers. "It happens at the time of my birth at 12:15 in the afternoon."

"C-could we s-s-spend your b-birthday together?"

"Of course." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. She cock her head at me. "Does my mate have something planned for my birthday?"

"I-it's a s-secret."


I spend the days leading up to Amethyst's birthday preparing. Planning for a picnic is hard when you're an Omega. I'm not supposed to have access to good food, but I am willing to steal from my parents. Kate is willing to take the fall for it. They are more lenient with her and would be quick to forgive her.

I wake up feeling nervous. I get ready. I stand in front of the mirror, unsure of how I want my hair. I think Amethyst loves playing with it so I think I'll leave it down. I gather everything and wait outside for my mate. She pulls up to the driveway. I get in the passenger seat of the car.

"So where are we going, Mate," She asks.

"Our s-spot," I tell her as she drives off.

Once we make it to our spot, I have Amethyst stand off to the side as I set up the picnic. I reach into my backpack and pull out a blanket. My hands shake as I place it on the ground and pull food from the picnic basket I brought. I take a calming breath before setting the food on the blanket and facing Amethyst. She steps up to me and grabs my hand.

"A picnic just for me," she asks, giving me a sweet smile. Her smile stuns me so I can do is nod numbly. "That's so sweet of you."

We sit down on the blanket. I pull out my phone and play some music to act as background noise.

"D-did you e-eat," I ask. She shakes her head, still smiling. Ok, everything is still going according to plan. I think back to Diamond's suggestion. I open a container and grab a bite-size sandwich that I made. Before I have the chance to change my mind, I hold it to Amethyst's mouth. She looks at me for a moment before opening her mouth and taking the food inside her mouth.

"You made this," she asks. I nod. "It tastes good." I shake my head. I know it's nothing compared to what she makes but I appreciate the thought. She lays her head on my lap, and I look down at her, surprised. She doesn't say anything. She just opens her mouth, asking for another bite without saying a word.

I comply with her silent demand. I relax after giving her a few more bites. Her face looks content as I feed her. After she's full, she feeds the rest to me. When I finish eating everything, we sit in silence.

"S-sorry this w-w-wasn't better," I tell her, feeling guilty that I didn't think of other things to do.

"This is perfect," Amethyst says, grabbing my hand and kissing my palm. "Spending time with you is the best thing you could've done."

We lapse into a comfortable silence. She doesn't release my hand but traces looping patterns on the back of it. It lulls me into a state of complete calm.

I'm snapped out of my relaxed state when I hear my phone alarm go off. I had set to go off five minutes before 12:15. I grab my phone and turn off the alarm. I reach into my backpack and grab a closed envelope.

"I-I wrote t-this for y-you," I tell her as I hand the envelope to her. She sits up and stares at it. She leans forward and kisses me on the cheek.

"Thank you, Mate," she says. "I can't wait to read it, but that'll have to wait."

I nod. She holds onto the envelope. Then, it's 12:15. At first, nothing happens, but then Amethyst winces and clutches her head. I place my hand on her leg, my head aches as I take her pain. She shakes her head and stares at me.

My heart race as fear courses through me. Her eyes aren't warm as they look at me. They're cold and assessing. I look away and stay completely still. Cold fingers force my chin up.

"Look at me," she demands. Her voice sounds different, more powerful. My eyes meet hers. For a second she looks at me with a frosty expression but then with it warms with affection.

"A-Amethyst," I say her name, feeling unsure.

"My name is Amamethysta, but you, Mate, can call me Amay." She pushes onto my back. She straddles me as she kisses my lips. I gasp, and she takes the opportunity to flick her tongue against mine. I groan at the sensation. She moves from my lips to my neck, placing a kiss on my scar.

"Does your bitch know you have no loyalty?"

My body stiffens. She freezes and lifts her lips from my neck. Her glowing eyes meet mine. She rolls off of me.

"S-s-sorry," I say, looking away. The weight of her gaze is too much for me. I briefly wonder how old she is because something about her gaze seems almost ancient.

"For what," she asks. I struggle to find the words.

"F-for ruining t-the m-mood." She sits up and pulls me up with her.

"Do you think my pleasure is more important than your comfort?" I nod. I'm not used to my comfort mattering. She caresses my cheek. "To me, your comfort, your pleasure is more than mine. We can do more when you're ready and not a moment before that. You've nothing to apologize for. In fact, I don't ever want to hear you apologize for anything. When an apology is required, I'll ask for it" She stands and offers her hand. I grab it and pull myself up. "I want to show you my home."

"O-ok." I start gathering everything, but Amethyst I mean Amay stops me. It feels weird to call her that in my head. Her name might be Amay, but she'll always be Amethyst to me.

"I meant my true home. I'll have to shift to get us there."

She backs several feet away from me. Her figure ripples before shifting into a large bird. She has to be at least 50 feet tall. Her feathers are a sky blue on her underside but fade to white toward her head. I notice a blue stone on her chest. It's a lighter blue than the surrounding feathers. The feathers at the top are spiky.

She sits down, lowering her head to the ground. Her frosted eyes meet mine. I climb onto her back, just in front of the folds of her wings. She's surprisingly warm. The feel of her muscles bunching beneath is the only warning I get before she takes off.

I let out a scream as I hold onto her neck, gripping the feather there tightly. I shut my eyes, too scared to see how high we are. Amethyst's dominance wraps around me like a warm blanket. A sense of safety fills me. I relax enough to sit up enough to look around. I look down in amazement when I see clouds below us.

A blue beam shoots out from Amethyst, forming a blue storm cloud in front of us. She flies through it. On the other side of it, she dives down. My stomach lurches as I press myself to her neck. I let out a sigh of relief when she stops her sharp descent. I feel her land and lower herself. I take that as my cue to get off.

I slide off her and land in snow. It looks like we're on a mountain. It's weird that the cold doesn't bite into my skin. Amethyst shifts into her human form. I pull her naked form into my arms, concerned about her freezing. I should've brought a change of clothes for her. I move to take my shirt off, but she stops me.

"The cold doesn't bother me," she says with a smile. She holds my hand and leads me up the side of the mountain until we reach a cave. She picks up a rock and throws it at the cave wall. Suddenly, we're no longer in a cave but in a luxurious living room. A wave of dizziness hits me, and Amethyst holds me steady.

"Mate," she says. I look at her face. "I want to mark you. Do you object?" I shake my head. "Good."

She grips my hair and pulls my lips to hers. I put my hands on her waist and pull her closer to me. I open my mouth to her, and she wastes no time dipping her tongue into my mouth. She walks me back until I'm pressed against a wall. My heart goes into overdrive, slamming against my chest. I barely hold back a moan as she sucks and nibbles on my lower lip.

Her hands move from my hair to under my shirt. My body trembles as her hands explore my chest and abs. I gasp as she moves from my lips to my neck, the feeling going straight to my groin. I feel a sharp pain in my neck followed by an intense pleasure as she laps up the blood from her bite. I let out a whine when she steps away from me.

"Mark me," she says.

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