Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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13.9. The breaking of Gamma Carmen

A/N: Mature warning. This chapter is hecka twisted and kind of disturbing. You can basically skip it. Everything that happens here will be implied in the next couple of chapters. This chapter just goes into graphic, disturbing details. Like, this is disturbing. Maybe I'm being extra because I felt uncomfortable as I wrote this chapter lol.

Carmen stood, causing the dick of the wolf beneath her to slip out of her. She was sure he wouldn't live long from the injuries she left on him, even with wolf healing. He shouldn't have fought her. His dominance was so weak that he might as well have been a submissive. However, the unnamed wolf would never be as satisfying as the Omega.

Carmen was a Gamma wolf, trained to take down wolves, and she took pleasure in displaying that skill on unsuspecting wolves. She walked over to her discarded pants and pulled them on. A twig snapping put her on high alert. She turned toward the sound.

A she-wolf stepped out from behind a tree. The she-wolf looked young, at least a teenager, with skin the color milk chocolate. Icy blue eyes with an eerie glow met Carmen's brown ones. The she-wolf smiled at Carmen. The smile made her feel uncomfortable, but she hid it. Carmen wouldn't be intimidated by a pup. No dominance radiated from the she-wolf, but Carmen's wolf stood alert, feeling somewhat frightened.

"Carmen Rivera," the she-wolf asked.

"That's me," Carmen answered, surprised by her own honesty. She had meant to lie to the she-wolf. She couldn't stop the compulsion to say the truth. The she-wolf glanced behind Carmen, taking in the sight of the dying wolf Carmen had just enjoyed.

"You must really like fucking wolves against their will." The she-wolf looked familiar, but Carmen couldn't place where she's seen the teen before. The she-wolf gave Carmen a smile before everything went black.

Carmen woke up kneeling in a brightly lit room. Her arms were in silver cuffs, spread out and above her head. Her pants were gone and she felt an object stuffed into her vagina and asshole. What the fuck? She tugged on the chains that held her and sighed when they didn't bulge. She tried to move her legs but found that they were strapped to the ground. The door to the room opened, and the blue-eyed she-wolf stepped entered.

"Oh, you're awake," the she-wolf said.

"What do you want," Carmen spat.

"Your death."

"Well, you're doing a piss poor job of that."

"I plan to play with you for a little bit before that happens. You see, you touched someone you shouldn't have, and I plan on making you pay."

"You gotta be more specific than that bitch. I've fucked a lot of wolves."

"The omega." Carmen's eyes widened in the realization that she was speaking to the mate of the omega. Carmen remembered seeing her briefly before entering the Alpha's home and hearing rumors of how protective she was of her mate. Carmen couldn't remember her name. It was some kind of stone, and she was sure it started with an 'A'.

"Amethyst, right?"

"Right, but you will call me Mistress." Carmen couldn't stop the laugh that left her mouth.

"Whatever, pup. There's no pain you can inflict that could make me call you that."

The she-wolf said nothing, merely staring a Carmen with an arrogant smile on her face. Carmen wanted to smack it off the she-wolf's face. Carmen felt Amethyst's dominance lash out against her. Carmen pushed back, refusing to concede to the pup, but her efforts were meaningless as she was immediately overpowered.

She felt Amethyst's dominance sink into her skin. She couldn't stop the whimper that escaped her lips as she bared her neck to the she-wolf. She winced as she felt as if Amethyst's dominance had sunk into her mind. No, that what was actually happen. She reeled in confusion. This was not something dominance could do.

"What are you," Carmen asked even as a headache started to form.

"Your Mistress," Amethyst answered.

Carmen winced as the pain in head increased sharply. She felt the she-wolf moving in her mind. She felt something being taken from her as Amethyst moved inside her mind. Carmen wasn't sure what it was but she felt its absence. The pain only got worse as the emptiness that Carmen felt increased. She screamed as pain and sorrow filled her. Then everything went black.

Carmen woke up alone, kneeling in a brightly lit room. She couldn't remember how she got here, but felt a dull pain in her head. Her arms were in silver cuffs, spread out and above her head. Her pants were gone and she felt an object stuffed into her vagina and asshole. What the fuck? She stared at the chains that held her in fascination. She felt aroused at the pain they caused on her wrists. She tried to move her legs but found that they were strapped to the ground.

She noticed that she had a remote in her hand. She didn't know what possessed her to press the power button on it. Carmen continued kneeling, unsure of what was going to happen. But then, she felt it, a burning sensation inside her vagina. Carmen gasped. She had silver in her.

Carmen thrashed her body, trying to get the foreign object out of her but all her efforts resulted in it being lodged even further inside. She was already aroused from her chains. The object didn't help her at all, her vagina becoming drenched. She jerked in surprised when she felt the object move inside her, slowly sliding in and out of her core. Carmen bit her lip to keep moans from escaping her mouth.

Carmen wasn't sure why but a part of her felt that she was supposed to resist the feeling. She wasn't about to be defeated by some silver dildo. She had the power to turn off the object but couldn't bring herself to do that. All she could do was make sure she didn't react to her pleasure.

Time passed. The burning never stopped and neither did her pleasure. Carmen didn't know how long her pleasurable torment had been going on. Suddenly, the object grew bigger inside her. A scream escaped her lips as the object moved forcefully in her core, causing her hips to jerk. Her orgasm was hard and unexpected. Her vision blurred from the force of it, and the object had no mercy, never stopping its relentless rhythm. Even as the silver burn her insides, she came and came repeatedly, unable to remember why she was supposed to resist.


Amamethysta returned the following night. She opened the door and found her victim mid-orgasm. The room stank of urine and Carmen's arousal. Amay walked over to the barely conscious she-wolf. She pressed a button on the controller and turned off the machine that was currently fucking the she-wolf. The machine was an invention that Amay had gotten from her wind phoenix cousin.

Carmen released a small whimper. Amay smiled. Whether Carmen was aware of it or not, she was hooked. Amay watched the she-wolf. Carmen seemed unaware of her blood pooling beneath her. Amay used her magic to knock Carmen unconscious and clean the room.


Carmen woke up feeling empty. The object was gone. The thing that pounded her mercilessly was gone. She shook her head as memories started to return to her mind. She didn't miss the damn thing.

Amethyst just messed with her head. She was sure of it. Carmen knew if she was in her right mind that she would have done what she last night. She felt weird thinking about the she-wolf. A part of Carmen missed her. No! Snap out of it!

"Hello," the she-wolf in question said. "How are you feeling? I brought you some food."

"How the fuck am I supposed to eat it," Carmen asked. "My hands are tied. And how do I know you didn't poison that shit?"

"I assure you, it's perfectly safe." She took a bite out of the beef Mac and cheese. "Made it myself. Say ah."

She held the bite of food to Carmen's mouth. Carmen took the food in her mouth then spat Amethyst's face, but the food never reached its target. It harmlessly floated in front of the she-wolf's face before plopping on the floor. Carmen stared at her in horror.

"What are you?"

"I've already told you. Your Mistress. Now, eat." She held the food to Carmen's lips again. Carmen ate it all, enjoying the taste. It was strange how comfortable she felt with the she-wolf.

"What have you done to me?"

"Nothing you don't deserve."

"You shove silver inside me and made me fuck it." Amethyst laughed in her face.

"I didn't make you do anything that you didn't already want to do. It's not my fault you're a perverse freak."

"Shut up!" Carmen knew the she-wolf was lying. Carmen was the type that enjoyed causing pain not receiving it. Right?

"You want me to take the remote with me when I leave?"

"No, I control what happens to me."

"Whatever helps you live with yourself."

Again without warning, Carmen was assaulted by Amethyst's strange dominance. Again it sunk into her mind, hurting her and taking something from her. Previously, it had left her feeling empty, and now it also left her scared. She screamed as the pain got worse and worse until she finally passed out.

Carmen woke up alone, kneeling in a brightly lit room. Her arms were in silver cuffs, spread out and above her head. Her pants were gone and she felt an object stuffed into her vagina and asshole. She stared at the chains that held her in fascination. She felt aroused and pleased at the pain they caused on her wrists. She knew deserved it. She tried to move her legs found that they were strapped to the ground.

She noticed a remote in her hand. She felt curious about what it controlled, and a small part felt like she knew. She knew it was key to her punishment. One she knew she deserved. Without any hesitation, she pressed the button. She screamed as her hips jerked forward from the sheer force of the object thrusting within her. Her head fell back as she moaned from the pleasure and pain of it.

She had no warning when the second object grew and started ramming itself into her asshole. She screamed in pleasure and pain as she felt her tight hole stretch and tear. She felt liquid dribble out of her ass as the object moved in and out of her. She gasped and groaned as the object fucked her in both holes. She felt her insides being cut up as she came repeatedly.

She looked down and saw her blood pooling beneath her. She could care less. All she wanted was the pain-filled pleasure.


Amay returned the following morning. The sounds of Carmen's moans filled the room. She paid Amay no mind as Amamethysta sat in a chair and watched Carmen. She really was oblivious. Amay pulled out the remote and turned off the machine, causing Carmen to let out a whimper.

"Good morning, Carmen," Amay said. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I was interrupted, bitch," Carmen answered. Amay moved quickly and slapped Carmen in the face. Carmen moaned. Amay held back her smile. Only took two days to break her.


"Watch your mouth, girl," Amethyst said. "Or I might have to punish you."

Carmen body's quivered at the dark promise in the she-wolf's voice. She hadn't meant to curse at her, but the she-wolf had stopped Carmen's punishment. She didn't understand how, but her body felt sensitive. The burn of the silver around her wrists, the pain of the floor digging into her knee, and fatigue in her shoulder from her arm being held up all sent slivers of pleasure to her core. Everything hurt and it felt so good.

She wanted Amethyst to hurt her. The she-wolf seemed like she knew how to cause pain if she truly wanted. Carmen almost begged Amethyst to follow through with the punishment.

Everything went black. When she woke, she was empty, the silver objects, gone. All she felt was the empty ache from the damage that was dealt to her body. Carmen stared at Amethyst.

"I brought you some breakfast," the female said as she held a spoonful of grits to Carmen's lips. Carmen took the spoon into her mouth and was shocked at the burn of her lips. Carmen let out a whimper as Amethyst pull the spoon from her lips. "But I don't think you'll like it."

"No," Carmen protested. "I like it. Please."

"Please what?"

"Please, Amethyst."


"Please, Mistress."

Amethyst said nothing but held the spoon to Carmen's lips. Carmen eagerly took it into her mouth, becoming aroused at the burn of her lips. Amethyst continued to feed Carmen. Carmen became more and more aroused as she ate. Her mouth was numb by the time finished eating and her body shuddered with desire. That was when Carmen understood. Amethyst would take care of her and give the punishment she deserved

"I'm letting you go before I leave," Amethyst said. Carmen stared at her in shock.

"What? Why," Carmen asked, feeling oddly hurt. She felt as she was being abandoned. "I'm sorry for calling you a bitch. It was an accident. I'll be good, Mistress. Please don't leave me." Tears streamed down Carmen's cheeks as she spoke.

"You'll be good, huh?" Carmen nodded her head vigorously. "Then here's what I'll do. If you're still here when I come back, I'll reward you for your dedication." Carmen could help the frown that marred her face. She didn't want to be rewarded. Her mistress smiled and leaned close to her. "Don't worry. Your reward will hurt. A lot."

Carmen didn't have the chance to say anything before everything went black. She woke up lying on the ground with her chains gone and her legs free. She sat up as she rubbed her wrist. She missed the burn of the silver.

She gazed at the door. She could leave now if she wanted. She could leave but she made no move to do so. She sat on the ground as she waited and waited.

A/N: So for all the people who read this, what did you think? Did this change your opinion about Amamethysta?

Did anyone end up feeling bad for Carmen?

Fun fact: this is the second draft of chapter 13.5. I name it 13.9 because it's hecka long

Funnily enough, I had written the original version of this before I finished writing Zeke's torture scene so I ended up feeling bad for Carmen. But after finishing the torture scene and then reading the draft again. I couldn't care less about what trauma Amamethysta was putting Carmen through.

Was this actually disturbing? Because I've revised this thing so many times that I'm slightly desensitized. Was my warning at the beginning overdramatic?

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