Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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14. Zeke

I fiddle with my hands nervously as I enter the classroom. I should probably tell Amethyst. I don't want to. It's too embarrassing.

"Hey, man, you alright," Tyler asks. I shake my head. "What's wrong?"

Kate found a book about Omegas a week ago. I read it and found out things I wish I didn't know.

Like what?

My face reddens. I go into heat. On top of that, I apparently will become jealous and possessive until I get her pregnant.

You've known each other for, like, 2 months and nothing has happened yet.

That's because being marked is the thing that triggers the reaction. I didn't see her over the weekend so I'm not sure how I'll react to her.

That's crazy. I can't imagine you being like that.

Me neither.

"Hello, Mate," I hear Amethyst say. I turn and see her entering the classroom. She's wearing a crop top, exposing her ice blue mark. I love how it contrasts against her dark skin but I hate that everybody else gets to see it. She walks over to my desk and leans down, grabbing my hair and placing a kiss on my mark. My breathing quickens and my body trembles as pleasure zings through me. "I missed you."

She smiles at me as she straightens and turns to walk away. I grab her hips, stopping her. I don't know what comes over me as I lean forward and nip at her mark. She gasps as I place a wet kiss over it. I lean back and look into her eyes.

"I missed you t-too," I tell her. Her eyes dilate as she reaches for me.

"Please refrain from mating in my classroom," Mr. Heath says. I blush.

I feel Amethyst's rage at being interrupted and her intent to kill Mr. Heath. On instinct, I move my hands to her waist and rub my thumb over her mark. I don't want her to kill the teacher, but a small part of me doesn't want her to look at any wolf other than me. She shivers at my touch, and her rage fades. She turns her attention back to me, Mr. Heath forgotten. She kisses my lips.

"I'll see you at lunch," she says. I nod. I watch her leave.

"Damn, Zeke," Tyler says behind me. "You're making me miss my mate."

Shut up.

Tyler laughs. I cover my face as I rest it on my desk. My face burns. I can't believe I did that. Even now, I want to run after her and hold her. I groan. I'm being clingy. I try to focus on class but I feel jittery the whole time. I go through my classes barely paying attention.

The bell rings, and I practically run out of class. I make it to our eating spot. I grab Amethyst's hand and I finally relax.

"What's wrong, Mate," she asks. I shake my head and rest it against her shoulder. Lunch goes on as usual.


The next day, there's an air of tension in the halls of the school. I sit down in my seat and face Tyler.

What's going on?

"Gamma Carmen and Roger have gone missing," Tyler answers. "People are thinking that this could be a sign of a pack war."

That's crazy.

"Yeah, if someone was strong enough to take them out, that doesn't speak well to our pack's likelihood of winning." I nod. I shudder as I remember their hands on me. Those two loved to break my bone over and over as they-. I close my eyes. Nope, I'm not thinking about it.

How long have they been missing?

"Carmen went missing last Friday, and Roger went missing yesterday. His mate threw a tantrum when she couldn't contact him."

I frown. They went missing after Amethyst's birthday. This could all be a coincidence, but it reminds me of what happened with Ryan. Amethyst said she wanted to kill him just for hitting me. I think back to when she had asked for the names of wolves that forced themselves on me. I shake my head. I'm probably overthinking it. The question burns in my head as I go through class and lunch since Tyler and Sapphire join us.

After school, I climb into her car. It's just me and her this time. I can't help but feel nervous. What if she gets angry? What if she's not even behind it? I shake my head. There isn't a problem with asking, and I know she wouldn't be angry at me for something this small. Now that I'm thinking about it, there's only one time I can say for sure that she was angry at me, and that was because I was hurt and wouldn't let her take care of me.

I stare at her face as she drives. I'm hit with the realization that she's mine. I still can't believe someone this pretty is my mate. I blink. Now's no time to be sappy.

"Amet-ay," I say, trying to hide the fact I almost called her by the wrong name. She hums to let me know she's listening. "H-have you heard what h-happen to Gamma Carmen and Roger?"

"Yes," she answers. "I heard that they're missing."

"Y-you wouldn't happen t-to know what actually h-happened to them?"

"I do."

"A-are they d-dead?"

"No, not yet."

"Is t-there anything I can do to c-convince you not to k-kill them?"

"Why would you do that?"

"I-I d-don't want you to kill anyone b-because of me."



"I won't kill them neither will I be a direct cause of their deaths." I should feel reassured but there's something about how she said that feels concerning. I can't complain because she did say she wouldn't kill them.

"I don't w-want you to h-hurt them either." She parks the car and looks at me. Her eyes are frosty white.

"Mate, they hurt you." She holds my face, her expression fierce. "They took from you something they had no right to take. My phoenix will not rest until they have paid for what they did to you. Do you understand?" I gulp as I look away from the intensity of her eyes. My eyes get misty from the tears starting to form. I place my hand over hers.

"T-thank you for caring," I say quietly. She leans forward and places a kiss on my lips.

"Of course, I care. I love you." My eyes snap to hers.

"W-what? I t-thought-. How? W-why? Wh- huh?" She smiles at me.

"Don't sound so shock." She caresses my cheek.

"B-but I'm m-me."

"You're not a difficult wolf to love."

I pull my face from her hold and look down. Now, I know I'm dreaming. This is too good to be true. Maybe I died somehow, and I just don't know I died. Or worse, something bad is about to happen because I'm not allowed to be this happy. I rub my chest. She's probably lying to me.

"Mate, look at me," Amethyst says. I don't move. "Mate." She sighs and steps out of the car. The next thing I know the car door on my side is opened. I'm pulled out and pressed against the car. She glares at me, her hands pressing my chest. "You think I'm a liar, Mate? You doubt me that much? Have I been that terrible to you?"

She's angry. I feel her anger through the bond. Even worst of all, I can feel her hurt. I'm stunned silent as horror washes over me. I didn't mean to hurt her.

"N-no," I answer. "I-it's not y-you. I j-just don't think anyone c-could love me."

"I do, you fool." She presses her lips to my mark. "I do."

She bites my mark, causing me to moan. I lean my head, baring my neck to her. She hums her approval as she kisses her bite, soothing the sting of it. My heart races as she kisses along my jawline before stopping at my lips. I eagerly return her kiss. I grab her hips, pulling her to me. I open my mouth to her, and she wastes no time flicking her tongue in. We're both panting as she pulls away.

"I'm sorry," I tell her after we catch our breaths. She shakes her head.

"It's fine. I just need to make you see you the way I do." She caresses my face. "Beautiful." She strokes the scar on my cheek. "Strong." A kiss on my lip. "Kind." A kiss on my nose. "Stubborn and sweet."

I stare slack-jawed at her. Does she really see me like that? She grabs my hand and leads me to the front door of the sub house. She knocks on the door. Clara answers the door.

"Finally, Zeke," Clara says. "We needed you yesterday." Clara reaches for my arm but stops at Amethyst's growl.

"Watch how you speak to my mate, bitch," Amethyst snarls.

Clara rolls her eyes and opens her mouth to say something. Amethyst's dominance lashes out at Clara. Her eyes widen as she drops to the ground prostrating in front of Amethyst. I marvel at Amethyst's control of her dominance, none of it touches me. As an Omega, I can still sense it.

Feeling bad for Clara, I hug Amethyst from behind. I wrap my arm around her waist and rest my head on her shoulder. I rub my thumb against her mark. She pulls back her dominance, and Clara shakily picks herself up from the floor.

"M-my apologies," Clara says, silently glaring at me. My arms tighten around Amethyst. "We have a few she-wolves that need Zeke's help."

I step back and grab Amethyst's hand as Clara leads us inside. The room she leads us to has a she-wolf that doesn't have that many physical injuries, but even from here, I can tell that she is dying. Her heartbeat is faint and her breathing sounds painful. I kneel next to the bed and reach for her hand. I stop when I hear Amethyst growl. I think back to her birthday.

"W-w-what d-did your d-dad m-mean about the m-mating b-bond," I ask Amethyst's brother. He's tall. He has to be at least 7 feet tall. His green eyes meet mine before I quickly look away. His dominance is strong, but I don't feel scared of him. There's just something about him that reminds me of my mate.

"She's marked you in the way of the werewolf," Ori answers. "While Amay's phoenix may acknowledge the mark, she doesn't accept it. As far she's aware, you remain unmated with a slight connection to her. This will make her jealous of every and any female near you. I suggest you stay away from females as much as you can. Amay might kill any female that touches you."

"W-w-why hasn't s-s-she marked m-me?" I feel almost scared to hear his answer.

"Phoenixes aren't known for being gentle mates, and the marking process is extensive and can be very painful. If you don't want her to go on a killing spree, I suggest you touch her often if you don't want her to kill innocent people."

I hold my hand out to my mate. She quickly grabs it and sits next to me. A part of me is flattered that she feels jealous at all but another part wants to assure that she has nothing to worry about because nobody wants me. I turn my attention to the dying she-wolf. I grab her hand with no reaction from Amethyst. I close my eyes and heal the she-wolf.


I wake up the next day, feeling jittery. I can feel my wolf pacing. It must be because of the blood moon coming up. I get ready and head to school. As I walk into the building, I'm stopped by two ranked wolves. I don't personally know them but I know that they're in the same grade as me.

"You're the Omega that has the alpha ranked mate with the blue eyes, right," the one with blond hair and brown eyes says. I don't say anything. "I'm talking to you, Omega." The brown-haired one grabs me by my hair.

"There's no way you could ever satisfy a wolf like her," he says, stroking my mark. I shudder in disgust. "Give us her number, and we can show her what a good time is really like." I can't hold back the growl that forms in my chest as my wolf comes forward. They both laugh at me.

"Looks like the mutt thinks his mate is actually his."

"Let go of him," a voice says. I immediately recognize it as Amethyst's.

The brown-haired one throws me. I stumble before standing up straight. Amethyst crosses her arms, drawing their attention to her chest. I growl, moving in front of her. She wraps her arms around me as she rests her head on my shoulder. She releases her dominance in a powerful wave. The two wolves wince before baring their necks and cursing.

"Leave," Amethyst says. "Before I change my mind and kill you."

They waste no time running away. I turn around in Amethyst's arms and hold her until I calm down. Once my wolf settles, I step away feeling embarrassed.

"Are you hurt anywhere," she asks as she looks me over. I shake my head.

"T-they didn't hit me," I tell her. "P-promise you won't k-kill them?

"I'm going to make sure this never happens again." She kisses me before parting ways.

Class goes on uneventfully. At lunch, I relax against Amethyst as she eats. It's just the two of us today. I don't know what Tyler and Sapphire are doing. At this moment, I kind of don't care.

"Hey, Mate," Amethyst says. I hum. "Want to go on a date?"

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