Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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15. Zeke

I wake and go to the bathroom. I hum as I get ready. I step out of the bathroom. I'm not sure if I should join my family. Amethyst might have something planned for that. I go to my room and grab my phone from under my pillow. I send her a text.

Me: Should I eat breakfast?

I wait. Her response is quick.

Sexy Mate: I got you covered. You ready?

Me: Yes

Sexy Mate: I'll there in 10 minutes.

Me: Ok, see you then

I put my phone in my pocket and step out of my room. I find that I can't sit still and the upcoming blood moon isn't helping. I walk out the front door and pace in front of it. Am I wearing the right clothes? Amethyst didn't say where we're going. I wipe my sweaty hands on my pants as I pace.

Amethyst arrives, and I get in the car. After I put on my seatbelt, Amethyst hands me a bowl of food. I murmur my thanks before removing the lid and eating the breakfast she made me as she drives. I can only feel grateful that I get to eat the food that Amethyst makes. It's so good. I moan happily as I eat. After I finish, I place the bowl on the floor in front of me. I glance over at my mate.

"So," I start. "W-where are we going?"

"Neutral territory," She answers


"What's wrong?"

"Uh, m-my f-face." I don't want to be looked at weirdly because of my scars.

"Give me your arm." I give her my arm. I shiver as she presses her lips to my wrist and whispers something in a different language. My wrist feels cold as she releases it. "Check yourself in the mirror."

I look at my wrist and see a tattoo of interlaced vines. I feel nervous as I pull down the sun visor. I've been avoiding looking at my reflection. The last thing I want is to be reminded of how I look right now. I gather my courage and look at myself in the mirror. I touch my face in shock. I can still feel my scars but I can't see them in my reflection.

"What you see in the mirror is what other people will see," Amethyst says.

"But how," I ask.

"Magic. I had to cast a spell because I don't want to spend our date messing with the minds with every person near us. I want to focus on you."

"Is this something all phoenixes can do?"

"Yes and No. Natural phoenix magic doesn't require spells and most phoenixes don't use spells. They think it's beneath them, but every phoenix can cast illusions, exert control over their element, and have a time related power."

"What can you do with time?"

"I can freeze it. It's a burdensome power, and I prefer the wind phoenix time ability. They can move so fast that it's like time has stopped, though this does causes wind phoenixes to be impatient. It's still far better in my opinion."


"Essentially, my heart stops."


"It's not deadly, just painful, and if I stop time for too long, I'll just pass out. It's very annoying."

"I hope you won't have to freeze time ever," I pause. "How many types of phoenixes are there?"

"Only four, ice, fire, earth, and wind."

We fall silent. There is so much about her I don't know, but I need to digest what I just learned. I look out the window when I notice that we've left the pack's territory. I've never been outside it before. I stare at the changing scenery in fascination.


We're at a theme park. I step out of the car and take in the unfamiliar scents in the air. My body tenses as the various foreign scents assault my nose. Amethyst holds my hand, and her dominance surrounds me, causing the tension to leave my body. We walk enter the place. Amethyst pays for the our tickets. We're early so the crowd of people isn't that bad. Amethyst turns to me.

"What do you want to do first," She ask. I look around for several moments, trying to decide what I want before pointing at the biggest roller coaster.

"I want to try that," I tell her.

"Okay." With her dominance keeping my nerves to a minimum, I only feel excitement. I practically start running toward the ride in question. The line for it isn't that long, and after 15 minutes of waiting we finally get on it. We're strapped in.

Slowly, the ride moves up. I watch as we get higher and higher. I get more nervous. We're not even to the top of it yet. I know that I've been higher than this when I rode Amethyst when she was shifted but my eyes were close for most of it. Amethyst tighten her hold on my hand.

"Is this your first time," She asks.

"Y-yes," I answers.

"Do you want to get off?" I feel her hand get cold. I shake my head.

"I w-want to ride it s-still."

"Okay, what made you pick this ride?"

"It looked cool." She laughs.

"Why are you so cute?" I blush.

"I'm not cute."

"You are most definitely cute."

The ride comes to a brief stop as me make it to the peak. Since we're at the very front, we are a little past the peak, staring down at the steep slope we're about to go down. I scream as we rapidly descend. The rollercoaster makes sharp turns and goes upside down.

Before I know it, the ride is over. My legs are shaky as exit the cart. I smile at Amethyst.

"Can we go again," I ask. She laughs.

"Yeah, let's go."

We ride the same roller coaster about 5 five more times before moving onto other rides. The next ride we go on isn't that impressive looking. It's small and shaped like a diamond. It's a tiny room that's dark inside. The staff just has us stand against the wall. Then the room starts to spin, and I'm pressed against the wall.

"Look," Amethyst says. I glance over at her and see that she has her legs straight out. I look around and see others doing variations of the same thing. I hesitantly lift my feet from the ground. I smile when I don't fall to the ground. All too soon, the ride is over, body is forced to obey gravity. I feel a little dizzy as we step out. I groan.

"I don't feel good," I say, and then I throw up. Right on Amethyst's shoes. Oh, goddess. "I-I-I'm s-so-" I stop. She said doesn't want me to apologize. "I-it w-was an a-accident." I look around frantically. I need napkins. She stops me.

"It's fine," she says. She smiles as if she's barely holding back a laugh. The air around me cools and my vomit vanishes from her shoes. The taste of acid in my mouth is gone too. "No big deal, see. Are you feeling better?"

I nod my head as we sit at a nearby bench.

"Want to go on another ride," she asks.

"As l-long as it d-doesn't spin, I'm g-good," I tell her.

We go on a ride that's basically a giant swing. We go on it about two more times before going on a different roller coaster. After the second time riding it, we stop to eat. We eat some hamburgers and funnel cakes. Funnel cakes are so delicious. I glance at Amethyst. Could I convince her to make me this later?

After we finish eating, we go on more rides. Before I know it, the sun is setting and we heading back to our territory. I stare outside the window as she drives. Amethyst parks in front of my home.

"Thank you for the date." I tell her. "I had a great time."

"You're welcome," she responds. My eyes drop to her lips. I watch it curl up in a smile. "You know, you can take what you want from me. You don't have to ask."

My eyes meet hers briefly at her familiar words. I lean toward her and press my lips to her. My lips move slowly against hers, savoring the feel her even as my heart pounds erratically. I flick my tongue out, seeking access to her mouth which she readily grants. Our kiss becomes more heated as I pull her closer to me. She moans as she runs her fingers against my scalp before gripping my hair.

She pulls me over her as we continue our kiss. I straddle her leg as I cup her face. I moan as she pulls my head back and kiss my mark. I reach under her shirt and run my fingers on her skin there before settling on her mark. I feel her shiver at my touch. The sound of a car horn startles me, causing me to jump. I laugh when I realize that I have my butt pressed against the steering wheel. I straighten a little and gaze down at Amethyst. She's looking at me with a strange expression.

"What," I ask. She tuck my hair behind my ears before caressing my face.

"Nothing," she says shaking her head. She smiles tenderly at me. "I just love your laugh." I blush and look away. I can't remember the last time I've laughed.

"I s-should probably h-head inside." She gives my jaw a quick kiss.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

I step out of her car and head inside my home. My wrist suddenly feels cold. I look at it and see that the tattoo is gone.


"I'm assuming your date went well," Tyler say. I sigh happily.

Yeah. I had a lot of fun and got to.... my face goes red. Tyler laughs at me.

Did you mate? I shake my head.

We just kissed.

You have the class half blissed out over a kiss? I would love to see what happens when you actually mate with Amay.

Huh? I look around the classroom and see that everyone is sitting with a dopey smile on their faces. I pull back my submission. I wasn't even aware that I was letting out so much.

A/N: Anyone else stan a happy Zeke?

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