Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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2. Zeke

After school, I visit the sub house. There are two pack houses in our pack. The first one is the regular pack house where all the dominant wolves spend their time. This pack house was apparently the former pack house left behind by the previous Alpha but it's become a place where submissive go to recover from their assaults. I knock on the door. It opens, revealing Clara.

"Thank the Moon, you're here, Zeke," the older wolf says as she pulls me into the house. "It's Ana. The Alpha, he-he got to her."

She leads me to the room holding Ana. I shouldn't feel horrified at the site of her but I am. She looks like ground beef. I don't even know how she's alive. I carefully touch her. I take most of her injuries. When I open my eyes, I see Ana no longer looking like a slab of raw meat. Everything goes black.

I wake up in a bed. I groan as I get out bed, my body still sore from everything that happened today. I get out of room and walk to the main room. I spend the rest of the day healing minor injuries.

It's lunchtime and I've managed to avoid people. I'm getting comfortable in my hiding spot when I hear a sound of distress. I don't hesitate. I head towards it. As I get closer, I recognize the voice. It's my sister, Kate. I find her behind a building being assaulted by Ryan, a dominant wolf in my class. My heart drops. I don't want her to be one the girl the heal. I don't want her to experience that at all. I call Ellie through the pack link and tackle Ryan off my sister.

Run! I tell her. I don't need to win this fight. I just need to keep Ryan focused on me long enough to have my sister get away. I swing at his face. He blocks and shoves me back. Kate gets up and runs. Ryan notices, but I pull his attention with a kick to his knee. He curses and pins me down. He starts punching me.

I just focus on distracting him with my refusal to keel over and take his beating. With every punch to my face, I swing back at him. It accomplishes nothing, only infuriating him more. Once I think Kate is safe, I stop, but it's too late. I've made him far too angry. He keeps beating me until I'm unconscious.

I don't know how much time passes before I wake up to the sound of Kate crying. I open my eyes and find myself at home in my bed. Kate is next to my bed holding my hand, tears running down her face.

"A-are you okay," I croak. She looks at me with incredulous look.

"Am I ok," she asks. "Are you ok? You're the one that was half dead."

"It's fine, I've been through worse. I can take your p-pain away, if he did a-anything." She drops my hand.

"Don't you dare! My pain is my pain and refuse to add to yours." Fresh tears fall down her face. "You guys never tell me anything. I'm just now finding about what you go through."

"I just want to see my little sister h-happy. I don't want her to know how r-rotten our pack is."

"Why don't we just run away?"

"A pair of s-submissive wolves? We wouldn't l-last a day."

"I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'm an omega. I can h-handle pain. That's why I take away others'."

"Rest," she says as she grabs my hand again. I fall asleep. When I wake up again, Ellie is at my bed.

"What you did was stupid, Zeke," she says with a frown. "You have permission to speak."

"W-what was I supposed to do," I ask. "Watch Kate get r-raped and heal her afterwards?"

"Yes, she'll be fine afterward."

"L-like you were? You still hate me, even though you think it as 'p-pleasant' experience." She slaps me in the face.

"Listen to me, you fucking stupid omega. You've put a target on her back. Ryan will always remember her as the submissive that got away. You won't always be there to protect her, and neither will I. This will turn into a sick game where Kate will take worst of it."

"I will never stand by and do nothing."

She sighs and leaves the room. I don't know how long I've slept but I feel energized. I step out my room and find my family eating. I join them without a word.

"Morning sleepyhead," Kate greets me. "I was just telling everyone that I'm officially friends with Amethyst now."

"I keep tellling her that she's only that girl's errand girl," Ellie says. "But she won't listen to reason."

"Just be careful, honey," Mom tells her. "I don't you getting hurt."

"I promise I will," Kate tells her.


I get cornered on my way to the bathroom. Ryan slams me against a locker.

"You think I forgot about you, mutt," he says. I don't respond. He slam my head against the locker. My vision goes dark briefly. He swings at my face.

"Excuse me," a beautiful voice says, as I'm enveloped in the scent of frost. My wolf howls for joy inside. Mate. I turn towards the voice. It belongs to a black girl with skin the color of mocha coffee. Her hair is styled in 'fro that's a couple inches in length. Her eyes are a icy blue that has an eerie glow to them. Her glossed lips look excessively plush. She looks like she's about my height. I might be taller than her by maybe an inch. She's wearing a blue turtleneck shirt and jeans that hug her curvy figure. She has an aura of dominance without having to push any out.

I can't take my eyes off her, but she only spares me a glance. She focuses her attention on Ryan, touching his arm. I frown. I watch in despair as she presses her ample breast against Ryan.

"If you have energy to beat up that omega, I think of another way to spend that energy," she purrs in his ears. Ryan drops me, and land on the floor with a thud.

"I like the way you think," Ryan say. "What's your name?"

"Amethyst. Yours?" I recognize the name. She's the wolf that Kate has in her class.


They walk away. I want to call her back, tell her that she she shouldn't waste her time with Ryan. He wouldn't treat her with the respect she deserves. But who am I to talk? I couldn't treat her any better. In fact, I would be a blemish on her status.

With each step she takes, the knife in my heart goes deeper. I take in a shuttering breath. Of course, my mate wouldn't want me. I'm an omega. What am I to expect? She'll probably find me later to reject me. I already feel my wolf mourning. I rub my chest. I don't think I could handle me mate rejecting me.

My breathing stops. What if she knows? What if she smell how dirty I am? How used I am? Could she smell them on me? No, that's impossible. She could probably see it in eyes. Tears pour down my face as I retreat into my mind. Everything is always happier there.

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