Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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17. Zeke/Amamethysta

A/N: Mature content ahead. A lot of it. Just saying.


I wake up feeling warm. I touch my forehead. I think I have a fever. I scrunch my face. That doesn't make any sense because I can't get sick. My eyes widen. This is probably the beginning of my heat. Well, there goes my plan of going to school. I mindlink Kate to let her know that she doesn't have to wait for me. I stay in bed until I hear my family leave.

I step out of my room and enter the bathroom and take a cold shower. I feel a little better but I'm getting dizzy. I try to remember what to do during heat as I stumble back to my room and plop onto my bed. I had never paid attention in class when we were taught the subject I had thought that I wouldn't end up with my mate.

I curl into a ball as my stomach starts cramping. I groan. The pain I can handle, but the arousal I cannot. I try to ignore my throbbing erection as I feel my body heat up. Maybe I can try to relieve it some. I pull down my pants, releasing my erection. I hiss as slowly grip it. I close my eyes and try to imagine my hand is Amethyst's instead as I stroke myself until I get my release. The pain and heat does lessens but not by much.

I groan and duck my face into my pillow. I can't help but feel embarrassed. Sweat starts forming at my temple and on the rest of my body. I force myself out bed.

I stumble back to the bathroom and take another cold shower. As I wash, I notice that the sweat at my butt is thicker and almost sticky in quality. What the stars? I don't know what it is but I know it isn't sweat. I stare at my hands in confusion and disgust. No matter how much I wash off, there seems to be more coming from my butthole.

What is happening to me? I don't remember reading about this in the book. Could it be that I misunderstood something? My breaths come out in pants. The room starts to go dark so I quickly turn off the water and huddle in the tub, tucking my head between my knees. Don't panic.

Tears fall down my face. I don't know what to do. I stay where I am until I calm down enough to think. I could call Tyler. No. I don't want to bother him. My body shakes as I crawl out of the tub and change into a new set of clothes. I'm so hot, so thirsty.

I need water.

I slowly make my way to the kitchen. I'm opening the fridge when I hear the front door open. I turn and see my dad. He stares at me in confusion. He sniffs the air.

"Are you," he pauses. "In heat? What the fuck?! You couldn't leave it at being a fucking Omega. No, you have to go into heat, like a fucking she-wolf."

"Dad, please," I say. He grabs me by my hair and drags me out.

"Shut up, you damn freak of nature. I didn't give you permission to speak." He throws me out the front. I stumble before landing in a heap on the ground. "I only have two daughters. I don't need another one." He slams the door shut and locks it.

My heart thuds heavily against my chest as I hyperventilate. I can't be out here. I've seen what had happened to she-wolves that went outside during their heat. Healed it too. I close my eyes. Don't think about it. I need a plan. Think, Zeke, think! I can hide in the backyard. I try to stand, but the pain is too much. I fall to the ground. Tears fall down my face as fear overwhelms me.

I want my mate.

As if being summoned by my thoughts, the smell of frost hits my nose. I open my eyes and see Amethyst standing next to my head.

"A-Amethyst," I ask, unsure if I was speaking to hallucination made from my heat addled brain.

"Yes, Mate," she answers. No! I don't her to see me like this. I close my eyes. I don't want to see her give me the same look of disgust my dad did. "What's wrong?" Another wave of pain hits me and I let a whimper. I moan as I feel her pick me up. She's so cold. It feels great against my burning skin. "Hold on as much as you can."

I throw my arms around her, burying my face into her neck and breathing her scent in. I relax against her. My stomach lurches as it feels like she just launched in the sky.

Oh, goddess, Mate smells so good. I kiss her neck. She feels good too. Why did I want her to stay away again? I open my eyes as I lift my head from her neck. I stare at her ear. I've never noticed how cute Mate's ears are. I stretch my neck and take her earlobe into my mouth. I feel her body shudder. I smile. Mate likes that. I suck on her ear.

Mate, stop that before I drop you.

I ignore her and continue sucking on her ear. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back. I whine, trying to fight against her. I still when I notice her hair. She lets go of mine. Her hair is white with hints of blue in it. It's so pretty. It looks like fluffy snow. I grip it. So soft. I turn my attention to her jaw. I pepper it with kisses. All I can think about is touching mate.

Before I know it, I'm being placed on a bed. I whimper from the loss of contact with my mate. Pain ravages my body, but it allows me to think clearly. Oh, goddess, I can't believe I did that stuff to Amethyst. I groan. Even now, I want to jump her. I want her hands, her lip, her body, her everything on me. I turn away from her, curling up on my side.

"Mate, what happened? Did someone hurt you," Amethyst asks. I almost wish I was still in that needy haze. I wouldn't care about anything and could touch her without feeling guilty about it. I pant, trying to cool down.

"I-I'm in heat," I tell her, turning to face her while feeling ashamed. I notice her hair is back to its normal black color.

"It's ok. Let me take care of you." She grabs my hands. I moan at the soothing coolness of her hands.

"I n-need you. I-it burns."

"Don't worry. I'll make it better." She takes my shirt and pants off, then strips to her bra and panty. She straddles me and presses herself to my body. I let out a sigh of relief.

Mate feels so good. I pull her face to mine and give her an open mouth kiss. I moan, grinding my hips against hers as she returns the kiss. I run my hand up and down her back. I want more. I hook my finger in her underwear and rip it off her. I grab her bottom and squeeze. I move my hand lower but she stops me, pinning my hands above my head. I let out a frustrated whine.

"Zeke, you naughty mate," Amethyst says against my lips. "I'll let you have more control when you're in your right mind."

"I w-want more," I pout, trying to escape her hold. As much as I like it, I want my hands free to touch wherever I want. My boxers vanish as she rolls to the side of me, never breaking our kiss. I hiss as she grips my throbbing erection. She moves her hand up and down it, squeezing it and teasing me.

My moans are swallowed by her lips as I wildly thrust into her hand. My moans grow louder as she moves from my lips to my mark. She bites it. I scream in pleasure as my vision goes white and I come in her hand.

A/N: It gets a little kinky here. Butt stuff, just saying. It's over at the next a/n

I pant, trying to catch my breath. I roll onto my mate. Breaking her hold on my wrists, I bring her hands to my bottom. I whine when she doesn't do anything. She stares at me curiously.

"Use your words, Mate," she says.

"I want your hands here," I whine as I grind against her, kissing her jaw and moving her hand where I want them.

"Are you sure?" I nod against her throat. I jump at the sudden smack against my butt. I nuzzle her neck. "Words, Zeke."

"Y-yes, please."

She pushes me back as she sits up. We're both on our knees, facing each other. She moves to the side of me as she guides me closer to the headboard of the bed. She holds her finger to my mouth.

"Take it into your mouth," she commands. Her breathing hitches as I take her finger into my mouth. I moan as I roll her finger in with my tongue. She pulls it out of my mouth. "Lean forward and grab the headboard."

I do as she says. Her hand trails down my back before stopping at my butt cheeks. My hips jerk forward when she presses her finger in my butthole. My body quivers as I moan at the sensation. Oh, goddess, mate feels so good. I push my body against her hand.

"What an interesting body you have, Zeke," she purrs into my ear as she slips her finger deeper into me. I shakily inhale as she hits just the right spot causing me to see stars. "It's almost like you're self lubricating. Have you always been able to this?" I shake my head. She thrusts her finger shallowly in and out of me. "How many times do I need to remind you, Zeke?" I can barely think much less speak a coherent sentence with what she's doing to me.

"N-n-no," I gasp out.

Her other hand runs over my chest and stomach, leaving a trail of tingles before settling on my erect member. I groan as she strokes me slowly. I move my hips against her hands. My head falls back as she kisses my jaw before pressing her lips to my ear.

"Does that feel good?" I nod. She stops moving. I whimper. "Words, Zeke."

"Y-y-y-yes. P-please, ah, d-don't stop. J-just like t-that."

She nibbles my ears as she adds another finger and thrust them in and out of me as she continues to stroke my private. I moan. All I can do is hold onto the headboard as the world spins from my overwhelming pleasure. My body shakes, going numb from her action. I can barely hold myself up but I want more.

"Ah, faster," I gasp out.

"As you wish," she purrs before she picks up her pace and bites my mate mark. I moan, my vision darkening. My mouth opens in a silent scream as I get my release. She doesn't stop her motions as I come, prolonging my orgasm. It's too much for me. I gasp as everything goes black.

A/N: OK, kinky scene over, I guess.


I wake up feeling normal. I touch my head. I think my temperature is normal. I take in my surroundings and recognize Amethyst's room from her phoenix home. How did I get here? My face goes red as I remember. I cover my face. I thought me groping her while she flew was bad. I raise my head.

Is that how we got here? I was too focus on Amethyst to pay attention to what was happening around me. Speaking of Amethyst... where is she? I look around and see that it's just me in the room. The door opens, and Amethyst enters, rolling a cart of food. She smiles at me. I look away, feeling shy and embarrassed.

"Hello, Mate," she says.

"H-hi," I answer.

"How are you feeling?"

"Fine." I stare at her face, looking for any sign of disgust in her eyes.

"What is it?"

"Y-you're not disgusted by me?" She moves from the cart and walks to me. She caresses my face.

"No, why would I be?"

"B-because I g-go into heat. Because my b-body's weird and b-because of w-w-what I asked you to d-do." Tears fall from my eyes.

"Oh, my sweet mate," She wipes my tears from my face. "I love you and it make no difference to me that you go into heat. Your body isn't weird, just different. And regarding what you asked me to do, the only thing that matters is whether you enjoyed it. So, did you?"My face is red as I look down and nod. She grips my chin and lifts it. "Words, Mate." I shiver, my mind thinking back to what she doing that last time she used those words.

"I-I d-did." I blush heavily at my verbal admission.

"I did too. You didn't force me to anything I didn't want to do. As long we both enjoyed it, that's all that matters." She kisses my lips. "Now, let's get you fed. Your second wave is due any moment, and I don't want you too tired." She sits next to me and starts feeding me. I try to relax, but the words of my dad keep floating in my head.

"So you don't think I'm a freak of nature?"

"No, who called you that?" I tell her what happened before she showed up. "How much do you love your father? Never mind, you don't even want me killing people you don't like. I imagine that your father wouldn't be an exception. I won't kill him, I'll give him a stern talking to." I almost choke on my food at the funny imagery her words conjure. "What?"

"I'm just imagining you lecturing my dad as if he's a boy that got in trouble at school." She laughs. We fall silent as I eat.

"Now to an important question, do you want to mate during your heat?" I'm glad that I don't have food in my mouth because I'm sure I would've choked. My face heats up.

"D-do you?"

"That's not a question on my part. Of course, I do. I only stopped you during your heat because I wasn't sure if that was really what you wanted."

"I feel l-like it's always y-you taking care of me. I w-want to d-do something for y-you."

"You don't have to force yourself."

"What about k-kids?" She stares at me. "I could get y-you pregnant. My heat is based on your fertility c-cycle, and I don't even know you want k-kids."

"I do want kids. It doesn't matter when we have them."

"I r-read in a book about O-Omegas that I'll be less possessive if I g-get you p-pregnant."

"Then we should definitely wait." I stare at her in shock. "You have no idea how sexy it is when you get all possessive with me." I blush. "It's not really guaranteed that you'll get me pregnant. Pregnancies for phoenixes is kind of difficult since we can live forever if we can avoid being killed."

"Then I w-want to m-mate with you."

"Are you sure?"


We fall silent. I can't help but feel shocked that Amethyst wants to mate with me while I'm still so heavily scarred. I'm pulled from my thoughts when I'm hit with a wave of pain and heat. Her hand cools me as she places it on my chest. I moan. Mate feels so good.


Zeke groans. His citrusy scent gets stronger, arousing me. Damn, he smells so good. I place my hand over his chest, ready to beat back the pain and heat from him. He moans and faces me. I watch as his eyes turn from his normal baby blue to a rich hazel color before he moans again and pounces on me, pressing my back to the bed.

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