Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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20.9 Azula loses her shit.... and so do I (Amamethysta’s POV)

“And you thought it would be a smart idea to show your face to me after you sexually assault my mate,” I asked, feeling only slightly conflicted. They violated my mate as far I’m concerned, but the fact they’re apologizing has me wondering if they’re either brave or idiots. Hmmm. At the very least, I’m beating the shit out them after all this is over.

“We weren’t trying to sexually assault him,” the black haired wolf protests. “We just wanted to see if he was a girl.” At those words, I feel Azula’s rage suddenly spikes.

He’s trying to steal my mate.

How the fuck did you come to that conclusion?

He thinks he can have Zeke if Zeke is a girl. They should die.

Oh, shit. This isn’t good. The last thing I need is Azula going on jealous homicidal rampage with Tyler and Sapphire nearby. If she takes over, my phoenix would considers them a threat and wouldn’t have a single problem killing them.

Azula calm down. Nobody’s trying to steal Zeke.

“And what would you have done if he had been a girl?” I barely stop Azula from taking over. I squeeze Zeke’s hand to center myself, and it works for the most part.

“Nothing. We were just curious,” the wolf answers. I want to slap this wolf in the face and then slit his throat. Zeke is not some fucking specimen them to satisfy their curiosity.

Oni jebini gadovi! Shit. It doesn’t help that I’m pissed off too.
(A/N: translation: those fucking bastards)

“For what,” I ask sharply. “What he’s got going in his pants in none of your business.”

“You’re right,” the blond one says, smacking the black haired one in the back of the head. “That’s why we wanted to make it up to you.” Yes, they can make it up to us by dying.

“Oh really?” I smile at them, ready for him to say something stupid. “Tell me how.”

“We’ll guard him.” I pause for moment. That is actually helpful. We can’t be everywhere at once.

“How do I know you won’t do something like this again?”

“Jacob wants to redeem himself in front of his crush and we support him.” What the fuck? I told you he was trying to steal Zeke! She snaps out of her homicidal rage. I’m glad to see that gloating in my face is enough to stop her from killing every person in sight.

“How many time do I have to tell you I don’t have a crush on him,” Jacob says, turning to his friends. “And I’m not gay.”

“Bro, you were checking out Tyler’s ass on the way here,” brown haired one says.

“I can’t blame you,” Sapphire says. “Tyler does have a nice ass.”

“I wasn’t checking out his ass,” Jacob argues, his face turning red.

“You liking dick isn’t going to change how we think of you,” Blondy says. This conversion is so random and so stupid.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t just hear all that,” I say. “Mate, do you have a problem with them guarding you?” No! Don’t ask him. He’s going to be fine with it. He shake his head. I told you. Nothing we can do about it.“Okay, I will trust you to watch my mate. The fuck I’m going trust them near my mate. You had me wondering. They have to earn my trust. I’ll secretly watch them for the first couple of days.


I stare at the three wolves in front of me. Connor, Brandon, and Jacob I believe are their name.

Cut their hands off.

How are they going to protect Zeke without any hands?

Cut their dicks off. They don’t need them to protect our mate. I have several ideas on how to you can do it. You can pick which one sounds the most fun.

1. Cut it off with a dull blade

2. Freeze it and allow it to fall off slowly

3. Freeze it, break it off, and shove their frozen dicks into their buttholes

4. Better yet, tie a string-

Azula! You are doing the most right now. They haven’t done anything worthy of getting their dicks chopped off. We have a long list of wolves who actually do.

I’m pretty sure she’s only suggesting that because she thinks Zeke is going to run off with one of them which would never happen. I am tempted to just kill them and have that serve as a warning to the rest of the school, but they seem like they could useful.

Killing them sounds great to me, but you’re right. There is a way we can punish them and have them be useful.

She goes into very specific and detailed plan that isn’t completely overboard.

“We’re really sorry,” Jacob says, pulling my attention. I cock my head at him before clocking him in the face.

“Your apology doesn’t mean shit to me,” I say. I then proceed to beat the shit out of them. After I finish kicking their asses, I grab Jacob by the throat. “You aren’t to ever be alone with my mate in any circumstances.”

He nods his head. I throw him away from me. I walk away to find the bitch who had spread the rumor in the first place.


I sit on my mate’s twin’s back as I pin her arms behind her.

“I’m curious,” I say. “Why spread that rumor about your brother?”

“Don’t you mean my sister,” she spits out. Hmm, a girl Zeke. Really, Azula? Now is not the time to be fantasizing about fucking a female version of him. “I hoped that would be thing to push that freak over the edge. We were so disappointed when you came through those doors, basically telling us that he was with you the whole. I was looking forward to seeing him come home after being fucked so manny times that he can’t walk right. With the rumors, all wolves that never touched him because he wasn’t a she-wolf would take an interest in him.

Zeke’s so weak minded that he would start questioning his identity. Couple that with his stupid need to stay pure even though he hasn’t been a virgin in years and his need to not be fucking disappointment to you it would a perfect opportunity for him to get out of my life. That answer your question? I want him die like the rest the submissive male wolves in this pack. Happy?”

I slam her face into the pavement. I’m so tempted to grab Zeke and leave this place. We can’t. We don’t have a pack in our territory. Zeke wouldn’t last a day if cut him off from this pack, and I can’t bring him to my house, Azula will definitely kill Diamond and Ruby. She barely tolerates Sapphire and Topaz near him and they both have mates.

And I refuse to ask the Alpha this pack for anything which is what I would have to do if I want to move us to a house of our own in this place. I just need to wait one month. I grab Elizabeth by the hair and pull her head back.

“Listen bitch,” I say. “You have 3 days to something about those rumors regarding Zeke or I’ll cut your tongue out.”

“How am I suppo-” I slam her face down.

“Not my fucking problem.”


“But I want to know now,” Zeke says with a pout. Aww, he’s being a brat.

My mate is not a brat.

He’s definitely being one right now. Think about it. He never talks back to us unless he’s trying to stop us from killing someone. He’s no longer trying to portray himself as a perfect mate.

You got all that from him saying a single sentence? Damn, you make me feel like I’m barely paying attention to him.

You’ve only had to wait for him for 15 years. I’m the only who feels the loneliness of the centuries without him in our life. So do me a favor and tease him a little bit.

“Nope, not telling,” I tell him. I say that not to mess with him but because I really do want to surprise him. After my two lives as a guy, I gained a new ability. I can shape-shift. It’s very different from when I shift into my phoenix. Shifting into a phoenix is purely magical. The shift only lasts a second, and I don’t even feel any pain, but shape-shifting my form is painful and involves only a little magic.

My bones break and change to take the form of whatever creature I want. When I take the form of something, my scent changes too. I remember using this ability a lot during my life as an assassin and an enforcer.

“Please.” Then everything goes black as I’m shoved to the back of my mind, and Azula take over.


"What are you willing to do to get me to talk,” I ask. I smile at my precious mate. I cup the back of his neck. I watch as he shivers at my touch. His eyes dilate, his lips part slightly and his breathing turns shallow.

He’s practically begging for me to do something to him. I have twelve things that I could do to him right now. He just needs to say the right word. He clears his throat before placing his hand on my arm. He widen his eyes and tilts his head to the side.

“Uh, p-pretty please?” I feel like I’ve been shot in the chest. Years of discipline flies out the window. How can I deny him when he’s asking so nicely?


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