Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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21. Zeke

I stand next to Kate as our pack gathers in the woods. I watch as Alpha Carter enters the clearing. He gazes at the pack before speaking.

“Wolves of Redwood,” he says, his voice booming out. “Under the light of the blood moon, we celebrate our goddess by commencing our pack run.” Our pack cheers. “But first, we must encourage our pack’s first-time shifters.”

Amethyst and several pups step into the clearing. Everyone cheers. Alpha Carter raises his hand, causing everyone to go silent.

“Shift,” Alpha Carter commands them. They start to remove their clothes. Everyone starts clapping in a slow rhythmic beat. The tempo increases as Amethyst and the pups begin shifting. The rest of the pack add their voices to the clapping. I watch in anticipation as Amethyst slowly shifts into a large white wolf. The pack break into cheers as the last pup finishes her shift.

“May the run begin,” Alpha Carter booms. Everyone begins stripping, but I stay focused on my mate. Without thinking, my feet move me toward her. Once I reach her, I run my hands through her thick white coat. It’s strangely cool to the touch.

This is real? The silver eyes of her wolf meet my blue ones.

Very real, Mate. Now, shift so we can have some fun.

I notice that most of the pack has already taken off so I take the chance to strip and shift into my wolf. My tail wags as I look at my mate. She’s much larger than me in wolf. Her size rivals that of Alpha Carter. It doesn’t help that as an Omega I’m not that big a wolf.

She licks my snout. I let out a bark before returning an affectionate lick to her. I pull my face away from hers and rub my blond fur against her white one. I playfully nip at her before taking off. I feel her chasing, and it isn’t long before she tackles me. We tumble into the ground with her ending on top of me.

I pant as I bare my neck to her. She lowers her head and nuzzles my neck. I roll onto my paws, causing her to move back. I yelp as she nips my tail. I return the favor by nipping at her leg and taking off again. I move quickly, my paws hitting the ground at a rapid pace.

We spend the night playing and chasing each other.


I wake up naked on top of Amethyst. I raise my head and look around. We’re still in the woods within the pack’s territory. It’s early morning.

We should hurry up so we won’t be late for school. I turn my attention back to my still sleeping mate. An idea pops in my head. Feeling mischievous, I take a piece of grass and tickle her nose. I barely hold back a laugh as she sleepily swipes at my hands. I do it again. This time she growls.

How interesting. I don’t think birds growl, but here I am seeing that very thing happen. I tickle another part of her face. Her eyes snap open. The next thing I know, our positions are switched with her top of me, her face in a strong scowl.

Normally, I would be scared of that scary look on her face but I can feel her amusement. I can’t help the laugh escape my lips. Her scowl softens.

“It’s impossible to stay mad at you,” she complains. You were never mad at me in the first place. I want to say the thought aloud but keep it to myself, only smiling up at my mate.

“We have to get ready for school soon,” I say. “Or we’ll be late.”

We make way to our discarded clothing, passing groups of still sleeping pack members in dog piles. Once we find our clothes we put them and head to her car.


We walk through the door of Amethyst’s house. It’s eerily empty. The rest of the family is probably still in the woods. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been here, but I know that isn’t true. It’s been only two weeks.

“You can clean up first,” Amethyst says, pulling me from my thoughts. She hands me a change of clothes. Again, I wonder whose clothes these are, but I say nothing as I walk into the bathroom and wash up. I step out of the bathroom with my hair wrapped in a towel. I pass Amethyst as I enter her room.

“After I wash up, I’ll make us some breakfast,” she says as she enters the bathroom.

Is there anything you want me to make? I perk up at her words. Ooh, what should I ask for? Sausage and grits? No, maybe the sausage gravy and biscuit? That was so good. I moan just thinking about it. But what about that scrambled eggs sandwich she made me one time? I loved that too. I groan.

Curse my small appetite. If it was bigger I could ask her to make all the things I wanted and be able to eat it all. I can’t ask her to make everything anyway because that would take a long time. It’s still early but not that early.

Could you make that scrambled eggs sandwich?

Sure thing.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

I turn my attention to finding a comb. I find one on her vanity. I grab it, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I quickly look away and sit on Amethyst’s bed. I comb out any knots in my hair as I dry it. By the time I’m done, Amethyst is already finished showering and is making breakfast. I put the comb back and join her in the kitchen.

“Can I help,” I ask.

“Yeah,” she answers. “Just wash your hands and you can crack these eggs here into that bowl.”

“Ok.” I wash my hands and get started on my task. After I finish cracking the egg, without getting shells into the bowl I might add, I turn to Amethyst. “I’m finished.”

“Take this and stir the eggs until it’s completely yellow.”

I do as she says. Once I’m finished, she shoos me out of the kitchen with a kiss on the lips. I sit in the dining room and wait for her to finish cooking. I don’t have to wait long before comes with a stack of sandwiches. I look at Amethyst, silently asking permission. She smiles and nods.

I dig in, grabbing a sandwich and biting into it. I moan as the bursts of flavor explode against tastebuds. The crispness of bread combined with moist, meaty goodness of the eggs is sending me into a state of food-induced bliss. I hum happily as I eat.

Then, my happiness comes to end. I’m full. I can’t eat anymore. A touch to my neck pulls me out of my sadness. My body automatically relaxes at my mate’s touch. She finishes eating and we head to school.


After school, I walk next Amethyst as we exit the building. I stop walking when I see Alpha Carter. He gives me a menacing smile and walks toward me.

“Come on, mutt. We have a rouge,” he says, confirming my worst fears. I take a step back and he reaches for me.

But then something strange happens. A wave of dizziness hits me as I find myself standing in a different spot. Not in a completely different spot, just off to the side to where I was just standing. I watch Alpha Carter grab.... me? Whoever he’s grabbing looks just like me, scars and all. He drags the other me away. The other me looks back at me with a determined look on his face.

Find my sisters and kiss the mark on your wrist to get rid of the spell. I look down at my wrists and notice that they’re no longer my skin color, but a creamy brown. That’s when I realize what is happening.

Amethyst? I walk after Alpha Carter and the me disguised Amethyst.

I’ll be fine.

He could hurt you.

I won’t let that happen. And don’t let my sisters touch you.

I stop walking. Amethyst can shift now and protect herself. It’s not the same as before her birthday, but that doesn’t stop me worrying. I really don’t like Alpha Carter being anywhere near my mate.

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