Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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22. Amamethysta

Alpha Carter throws me into his truck. I calmly sit in the passenger seat and put on my seatbelt. Carter gets into the car and starts driving. He places his hand on my thigh. I quickly cast an illusion and toss his grubby hand off of Zeke’s body. Even though it’s me that he’s technically touching me, I’ve taken Zeke’s form and I don’t like the thought of the sick fuck touching my mate in any form.

“Looks like your bitch doesn’t care about you anymore,” Carter says. “She was stalking you last time. Did you tell her about our time together?” I cast another illusion. I’m not about to answer a single question of his, and if he doesn’t shut up I might just spit on him and activate my jubavni.

I smile at the thought of him dying a painful death as my defensive use of jubavni causes freezes from the inside out.

You’re more impulsive this rebirth. Our plans for him does not include his death, so take care to control yourself.

I’m not the only one who needs to control herself. You’ve had a one track mind since I turned 16.

I have not done anything to him, have I? You know I need to mark him properly before I go feral.

We can’t. We’ll scare him and the last we need is our mate being terrified of us.

Our mate is not weak, and you shouldn’t let your fear rule you.

Carter parking the truck pulls my attention. I look out the window and see that we’re not at his house but at some other building I don’t think I’ve seen before. I pull back my illusions and step out of his truck.

I hold back my sigh of annoyance as he grabs my arm and pulls me into the building. He drags me through a series of halls until we end up in a white room. I spot a camera in the corner before he throws me against the wall. I swear if this wolf manhandles me one more time... At least try to pretend to be our mate.

“As I’ve said before a rogue was discovered this morning,” Carter says. “We were in the process of interrogating him when his health took a turn for the worse. I need you to heal him.”

I call bullshit but I nod my head. The door of the room opens, and I watch as Roger drags a battered young wolf with black hair into the room. The wolf looks no more than 10 years old. Roger better have not had anything to do with the state of the kid. I walk up to the pup and grab his hand, just like Zeke would do.

I close my eyes and search his body for injury. Unfortunately, he has a few broken ribs. That is outside of my element so I can’t heal it. I don’t see any sign of sexual abuse. I wouldn’t put it pass the sick fuck to do something like that. I heal what I can and cast an illusion to make it look like I took on his injury.

Now to the complicated part, how am I going to get this pup out of here without any suspicion? There’s that mind mimic spell. Perfect. I take a deep breath and freeze time.

There’s a tightness in my chest as I pull the pup out of time. He blinks at me, and I use my magic to knock him unconscious. Since I’ve already healed him I’m going to have to make him bleed again to get the pup’s blood. I turn my fingers into claws cut along a vein in his arm.

With a wave of my hand, I cause his blood to rise from his skin then summon water, adding his blood to it. My fingers start go numb just as I heal the cut I made. Shit. I create a water golem that vaguely resembles the pup and continue to manipulate it until could almost be mistaken for the pup.... From twenty feet away. I add several layers of spells to the golem, causing it look just like the child. Then with Azula’s help, I chant the mind mimic spell.

I encase the pup in ball of ice and put it in the far corner of the room. I cast spell over it to keep it invisible. My vision starts to darken as I place the golem in the position the pup was just in. I unfreeze time.

I stand up shakily and step away from the pup. Brown eyes peer up at me in fear as the Alpha approaches him and grabs him by the collar. The golem whimpers.

“Now, let’s try this again,” Carter says. “What were you doing in our territory, rouge?”

“M-my pack w-was attacked,” it answers, tears running down his face. “I-I was trying g-get a-away.” Carter slaps him.

“You fucking liar! Tell me the truth!”

“It is true! I’m not lying, please.”

Carter starts choking him. Just before the golem passes out, Carter loosens his hold on the pup’s throat then precedes to ask the same question over and over, beating the pup when he doesn’t give the answer Carter wants to hear. The Alpha throws it against the wall.

I try to play off my exhaustion as Carter continues to beat up the golem. He then demands that I heal it. After I heal it, he questions it and beats it when he doesn’t give the answer he wants.

I keep up my act as Zeke the entire time. One thing I notice is how much Carter is watching me through this how process. I smell his arousal increase the more distressed I act. I come to a realization.

The sick fuck loves tormenting Zeke. Like, he gets off on it.

It’s clear to me that the pup is just a vessel to mess with my mate and that pisses me off. We’ll just add that to the list of his transgressions against our mate and be sure to return the favor tenfold. After ‘healing’ the golem, Carter grabs it by the throat and snaps its neck further confirming what I thought.

Then he spins me around and presses me against the wall. I hear him unbuckle his pants. Oh, fuck no. I cast a couple illusions and push his body away from me. The illusion will last a couple minutes. Maybe I could cut his dick off? Not yet. Freeze it off and shove it up his ass? Good idea but not right now. I sigh. Either way, I’m not staying in here. I walk out of the room with ball of ice containing the pup floating after me.

I leave the building and keep walking until I’m in a secluded place. I thaw the ball of ice. I feel a little bad for Now I need to figure out what to do with him.

He can’t stay here.

I know.

So wake him up and send him off. Put a protection spell on him since you feel bad for him.

Don’t sound like you don’t feel the same way.

I cause a nail to form into a claw and cut into my hand. I whisper a spell as my blood pools in my hand. I turn my hand over and causing a single drop of my blood to land on the back of the pup’s hand. It seeps into his skin, turning into a tattoo of a snowflake. I wake the kid up. He looks at me with fear in his eyes.

“You’re safe now, but you can’t stay here,” I tell him. “What’s your name?”

“Andrew,” he answers. “What’s your name?”

“Zeke. Do you mind telling me where you trying to go before my pack found you?”

“The Veres pack.”

“Okay, I’ll help you get there.”


After helping Andrew get to the Veres pack’s territory, I head home. I remove the scent of other wolves off of me as I walk through my home. Topaz spots me.

“You’re not suppose to be out here, Zeke,” she says. “Do you need something?”

“Not Zeke,” I tell her before shape-shifting into myself and removing the illusions from my clothes. Tope shudders.

“That is so fucking creepy.” I shrug my shoulder.

“Where’s Zeke?”

“In your room.”

“Amethyst,” I hear Zeke call my name out hesitantly. I turn to him. He runs out of my room and grabs my arm, looking me over. ” Did he touch you? Did anything happen? Are you hurt anywhere? How are you feeling?” He caresses my face and moves his hand on my arm to my hand. “Are you okay?” He takes a moment to breathe. I smile at him. He hasn’t even given me a chance to speak but then he goes completely silent. He furrows his eyes and looks at me in shock. “You’re pregnant.” Huh? What?

I feel him go through a range of emotions before his face gets pales, and he passes out.

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