Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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23. Amamethysta

I catch Zeke before he hit the ground. Are we really pregnant, Azula? If we are, we’re not far along enough for me to sense it. I carry him back to my room and place him on my bed.

I run my fingers through his hair as I wait for him to wake up. It isn’t long before his eyes snaps open, and he sits up. His eyes searches mine.

“Am I really pregnant,” I ask him. I’m sure he’s right but I’m having hard time believing it. He grabs my hands and closes his eyes.

“You are,” he answers after several moments. “Our pup is really tiny so I don’t think you’re far along, and it hasn’t been that long since we.” He blushes. “You know, so your scent won’t change until a couple of days.”

“What makes you think we’re having a pup? It could be a hatchling.”

“Are pregnancies for phoenixes any different from werewolves’?”

“They’re longer, taking about the same time as humans.”

“So if we’re having a pup, your scent will change sooner than if we’re having a hatchling?” I nod. “I think we’re having a pup.”

“We’ll see.” I hold his palm to my cheek and smile softly at him. “How do you feel about the pregnancy?”

“I feel happy, excited, scared, and worried. Everything I’ve only ever dream of is happening before my eyes, and a part of me is worried that I won’t be good enough for our pup.”

“No parent is perfect, Mate, not even good ones. And I know that you’ll be an amazing dad to our pup.”

“What about you? How do you feel about this?”

“Surprised mostly. And happy. I didn’t think that I would get pregnant this early.” Our mate is potent. The pregnancy does complicate my plans, though. I won’t be able to use some of my powers because of the fact that they’ll increase my chances of miscarrying. I’m surprised that I’m still pregnant considering what I did over the last couple of days.

“So you don’t regret it?”

“I don’t.” I lean forward and kiss him on the lips. “I could never regret creating this life with you.”

“Really?” I straddle his lap before kissing his lips again.


He cups my ass and caress my cheeks as he presses his lips to mine. I run my tongue against the seam of his lips and dip my tongue into his mouth. He moans as I grip his hair and deepen our kiss. His hand on my face joins his other one, kneading my cheeks.

I moan, and my body trembles as he move his hands upwards, skimming over my lower back and stroking my mark. My core clenches as I grind against his lap. We break our kiss and quickly remove our clothes before frantically exploring each other’s bodies.

I press Zeke into bed and kiss him passionately. I move from his lips and trail kisses along his jaw before settling on his mark.

“I-I love you,” he moans. I pause, not sure if I heard him right and gaze into his eyes. He blinks then clears his throat. “I l-love you so much.” Happy to hear the words from his lips I bring mine to his.

“I love you too,” I tell him. He looks up at me, his eyes rapidly switching between blue and brown.

“You are so beautiful.”

“So are you.” He shakes his his head before pressing his lips to mine. We take our time as we kiss. His arms wrap around me, holding me close as he thrusts his hips up. I adjust my hips, letting him slide right in me. I move my hips at a slow pace.

I kiss along his jaw, nipping at his skin and enjoying the small gasps and whimpers he makes at my actions. His nails dig into my skin as I make love to him, bringing us both to completion.


Afterwards, we lie beneath my covers, cuddling. Our legs are tangled together, and I have my neck resting on Zeke’s arm. He has his other hand on my stomach. My whole body tingle as he slowly strokes my mark.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be parents,” he says, gazing at my stomach in awe. He turns his attention to me. “I remember you telling me that pregnancies for phoenixes can be difficult. Is there anything I should know?” Don’t tell him. He’s going to blame himself.

“There’s a lot that you need to know. Just don’t freak out.”

“I’ll try not to.”

“Phoenixes tend to miscarry often so there are some things I need to avoid, such as stress, any extreme emotions, and using certain powers.”

“What kind of powers?”

“Just the ones that cause a physical strain.” He stops stroking my mark as his body tenses.

“Are these powers that you had to use because of me?” He lies on his back. “Our pup almost died because of me. If-” I roll on top of him, interrupting him with a kiss.

“It’s not your fault, and our pup is fine. You said so yourself. I’ll be careful from now on, okay?” He nods.

“Okay,” he answers. I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heart beating. “We should leave the pack. I can just become a rogue.”

“Mate, I don’t want to put you through that.”

“There are too many things here that’s going to put our pup at risk.”

“It won’t be that way for long.”

“What do you have planned?” I kiss his chest, flicking my tongue against his skin.

“It’s best that you don’t know,” I say before turning my attention to his nipples. I take one into my mouth and tease the other with my hand. “Any more questions?”

“That’s not fair,” Zeke says breathlessly. I trail kisses down to his bellybutton.

“What is,” I ask as I grip his shaft. He gasps.

“Y-you, oh goddess.” I lick the tip of him before taking him into my mouth. I bob my head up and down. “C-can’t, ah, can’t t-think.” His hips jerk, and grip his thigh to keep him still. “A-Amethyst, please.”

I feel Azula pushing forward, trying to get control. I love it when he begs.

Back off. You can have your kinky way with him at different time.


Anytime but now.

Then I want to be the one to mark him. I hesitate a moment.

I want a say in the design.


I release him from my mouth with an audible pop. He moans. I smile at him.

“Please what?” He blinks at me as he tries to focus enough to form a coherent sentence. I grab his dick and slowly move it up and down. “Tell me, Zeke. What do you want me to do?” He bites his lips as he moans. I release him and move back up his body. I bite his mark, causing him to moan louder.

“Please d-don’t stop.” I smile against his throat.

“As you wish.”

A/N: I’m taking a semi-hiatus so this book will now be updated every Thursday until September. I have an important exam that I need to study for. The next chapter will be updated on Saturday, and then blah.

I can still update this book because I have the chapters already written. I just don’t want you guys catching up to me and have the update schedule for this book become irregular

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