Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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3. Amethyst

Wolves are so annoying. Such an emotional lot. I walk out of the classroom, not even bothering to ask permission to leave. If the teacher has a problem with it, he can do something about it. I sigh. The only silver lining to being in this place is Kate. The little submissive thing is growing on me like a lost pup. I turn down a hall just in time to see a student shove another one against the locker.

The one with dark hair says something, but I'm not listening. My attention is focused on the one being shoved. I move closer, and my phoenix squawks in recognition. This is my mate. I stare at him. He has long, almost white, blond hair. His aura has a warm soft glow to it like all submissive wolves but his is the brightest I've ever seen. I can't get a better view of him with that other wolf blocking my way. That's when I notice the wolf slam my mate's head against the locker. That's it. He's dead. My phoenix is in agreement.

"Excuse me," I say, walking over to the wolf. I touch his arm and press my breasts against him and my lips against his ear. "If you have the energy to beat up that submissive, I can think of another way to spend it."

"I like the way you think," the wolf says. "What's your name?"

"Amethyst. Yours?"


I walk off with Ryan, sparing a glance at my mate. I finally get to see his eyes. They're a beautiful deep blue and they're clouded by pain, making me feel like just I murdered a litter of newborn puppies. Oh, shit. I should've gone about killing Ryan differently. My phoenix lashes against me inside my chest for hurting my mate. I hide my wince. That's going to bruise later. I lead Ryan to a janitor closet. I send an illusion to his mind and shove him into the closet.

He doesn't react to the action. Why would he? He's having the best sex in his life right now. If nobody finds him, he'll continue to, until he dies of starvation. If someone does find him, he won't remember how he got there anyway. I turn around head back to my mate. I find him right where I left him. His eyes aren't filled with pain anymore but are vacant like he's given up on life, even his aura is gone. I frown, not sure what to do in this situation. I always thought I would have a mate with a stronger than me. I don't know how to feel about having a weak mate.

My phoenix lashes at me again. Ow, fuck. Sorry, I won't insult my mate anymore. Damn, my inner animal has never been so protective of another person before. I kneel before my mate and touch his face. My hand tingle as I caress his cheek. Werewolf thing. I remember my birth mother mentioning it as a sign of meeting your mate. Unfortunately, my mate doesn't react. I push my a little of my aura towards his.

He moans and leans into my hands, exposing his pale neck. My breath catches in my throat. I'm shocked about my arousal at his submissive pose. The things it does to me, but his eyes are still vacant. I shake my head and focus, entwining our auras even more. His body goes taut, and he tilts his head backward. Letting out a drawn-out moan, he exposes even more of his neck. His eyes meet mine before looking away.

"Hello, mate," I greet him. His body trembles as the scent of his fear fills the air. I press my lips against his exposed neck, taking in his citrusy scent. "You never need to fear me. Never."

I keep pressing kisses against his neck until the fear goes away. I feel the rapid pulse in his neck, no longer moving faster because of fear. I pull back from him, taking my aura with me. As much as I would like to take him now, I don't want to end up killing everyone in the school for daring gaze at my mate while I claim him. Unfortunately, I can't form a complete mate bond with him until after my first shift which won't happen until I turn 16.

"What's your name, sweet mate," I ask, practically cooing at him. I scent his fear again. I frown and run my finger through his hair. It's surprisingly soft. "What has my mate so frighten?"

"D-do you want my name to reject me," he asks. His voice is hoarse as if he just woke up or doesn't speak often.

"I want it so I know what name scream when I claim you. If that is your concern, I won't ever use it with exceptions being sex and me telling people that you're mine."

"What would you c-call me?"

"As I call you now, Mate."

"Zeke." My heart stopping as I recognize his name.

"As in the omega?"

The smell of fear comes back as he nods his head. I have no time to comfort him as my phoenix lashes out in rage. I clutch my chest in pain. Zeke touches my arm and the pain goes away. I push his hand away from me as I realize what he's doing. You're hurting our mate and are going to kill me. Fucking calm down. But my phoenix doesn't listen to me. She's too pissed off. I grab my mates shirt and lift it, showing my phoenix the damage. Deep gashes mar my mate's chest but it doesn't bleed. The sight of the wounds shuts my animal up, but we both take note of the scars on his body. The people responsible for them will suffer. I do find weird that he has scars at all. It should be impossible to scar an omega. Zeke pulls his shirt down and blushes.

"Does it hurt?" He shakes head. "Liar." I lean forward and playful nip at his jaw. "Are doing anything after school?" He shrugs his shoulders. "Could I join you?" He hesitates before nodding. "I'll meet you here after school. Do you have a phone?"

"C-could we meet on south s-street? I don't have a phone."


I help him stand. That's when I notice that we're about the same height, him being an inch or so taller than me. I grab his hand briefly, enjoying the tingles, before letting it go. I head back to class.

"Hi, Amethyst," Kate says. "May I sit next to you?"

"Sure," I tell her. She's the most aggressive submissive that I've ever met, dogging at my heels since I've been here. She does it in the sweetest way, so I can't even get angry at her. I stare at her face. I can see the resemblance between her and my mate. Their hair and eyes are different but share the same face shape, lips, and nose.

With Zeke being my mate, that makes her my sister in law. I think back to yesterday when she was crying about her brother getting hurt, and someone trying to rape her. She never did tell me the name of the person. It was the only time I ever held her in my arms at an attempt to comfort her. I'm not good at comforting, but Kate and Zeke bring the nurturing side of me out. I stare at her. This is a person that my mate is willing fight to protect.

"What is it? Is there something on my face?" I cup the back of her head and press her forehead to mine.

"You are now under my protection," I say, releasing her. "If anyone gives you problems, come to me."

"So that means we're friends?"

"We could be if that's what you want."

"Since you're my protector now, could you come with me to check on my brother during lunch?"

"Wouldn't you disturb him during class?"

"No, we have the same lunch period."

"I'll go."

After class, we head towards the seniors' section. I pretend to be calm but I'm vibrating with excitement on the inside at the prospect of seeing Zeke again. We find him immediately, practically running into him as we enter the cafeteria. I frown when I see his food. What the fuck? In my rage, I toss his tray of food from him. I hear Kate make a sound of protest next to me. I bare my teeth at her and send my aura in her direction. She bares her neck to me. I calm down a little.

I don't care if I'm her protector. I will not have anyone telling how to care for my mate. Based off Zeke's stiff posture, I'm not doing a good job. Shit. I want to comfort him, but I'm sure any PDA I show will put a target on his back. I'm not in a place where I can kill all my problems with ease.

"Stay here," I say, pulling back my aura. I push my aura out to everyone as I walk away, making it very clear that I'm staking my claim on those two. I grab food, more food than what I could possibly eat. I knew that submissives were fed lower quality food. I thought it was distasteful, but seeing my mate eat that garbage pisses me off. I walk back to Kate and Zeke. "Follow me."

I feel some guilt as I watch my mate follow me with a defeated posture. My phoenix screeches inside of me. Great, now she's mad at me. I find a secluded table. I sit down and gesture them to do the same. Kate sits, but Zeke slowly shuffles to the table. I cast an illusion around our table. Unable to take it anymore, I stand and hug him. He stiffens before completely relaxing under my touch.

"Sorry," I tell him as I sit him down at the table. I hold a bite of food to his mouth. He takes it into his mouth. I watch as he chews and swallows it. Satisfied, I continue to feed him. "I didn't like the thought of you eating the trashy food. I overreacted." Zeke shrugs his shoulder. Kate watches our interaction in slack-jawed fascination. I gesture her to eat some of the food I brought.

"It's fine," Kate says. "I have a packed lunch."

"You made it?"

"Our parents." I don't like them.

"So where's his?"


"His lunch. Why doesn't my mate have his own lunch?"

"I, uh, thought he didn't. You know, eat lunch. Wait, did you say mate? When did this happen?"

"About an hour and thirty minutes ago. Do keep silent about it for now." Zeke frowns at my words. "I'm not ashamed of you."

"Congratulations. Well, I see my sister. I'll have her take me back to my locker and leave you two to enjoy each other."

I pay her no mind as she walks from the table. I continue to feed Zeke until he's full. I eat what's left over.

I find Zeke sitting on the curb of the street. I park the car and roll down the window.

"Get in," I tell him. He gets in my car, and I drive off. "Where are we going?"

"I visit the sub pack house and heal some of their injuries," he answers. The car ride is silent with the exception are the times Zeke gives me direction. We make it to the packhouse and I park the car. I conceal my aura as we walk to the front door. Zeke knocks, and a brown-haired older wolf opens the door.

"We needed you yesterday, Zeke," she says, grabbing his hand and pulling my mate inside. I silently follow after them. Who is this bitch and why is she trying to guilt trip my mate? "We lost her, but there's one hanging on."

She leads him to a bedroom. A woman lies on the bed. Her legs and her arms are bent in unnatural positions. Her face is covered in bruises. Zeke doesn't hesitate. He grabs her hand. I ignore the surge of jealousy and watch him.

The sound of bones breaking and mending fills the room. My mate releases his hold on the girl and slumps over. I walk over to Zeke and pick him up. I step out of the room and come across the woman from before.

"I need a room for him to rest," I tell her.

"We don't have one," she says. This fucking bitch. I give her a hard glare. "T-there's a spare room that w-we don't use."

She leads me to a dusty room that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years. I hold back my temper and gently place Zeke in the bed. I grab a chair and drag it closer to the bed. I sit in the chair and hold my mate's hand, rubbing my thumb against his knuckles.

This is unacceptable.

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