Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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25. Amamethysta/Azula

A/N: this chapter is a little disturbing. It’s not graphic or anything. It’s just disturbing so blah


I’m in the store buying some groceries when I spot the pup of the she-wolf that violated my mate. She’s wearing a pink shirt and a matching skirt. Her black hair is pulled up in pigtails. A toy drops from her backpack as she walks through the aisle. What a perfect opportunity. I whisper a series of spells as I walk towards the pup. I pick up the dropped toy.

“Hey Suzy,” I call out. She turns and fixes her big brown eyes on me. I hold out her toy to her. “You dropped this.” She smiles and runs back to me, taking the toy from me.

“Thank you” she says. I ruffle her hair, transferring the spells to her skin. She giggles and removes my hand from her head. “Your hand is cold.”


“It’s OK. See you later.” She runs off.


“Okay, pets,” I start. “I’m in a bad mood so we’re going to play a game.” I hold my phone up to them and show them the picture of a wolf from the video I got from the pack house. “The wolf that finds the most useful information will be reward while the other is punished.” I put my phone away. “You have 3 hours.”

They take off running, shoving each other back to be the first to leave. Once they’re gone, I turn my attention to planning Zeke’s surprise. I’ll have to settle for something small scale for now. My home will need to be renovated. I can stop by tomorrow and work on it.

Three hours pass, and the wolves return to me with an eager expression on their faces. They glare at each before gazing at me with almost an innocent look. I cross my arms.

“Tell me what you’ve found,” I tell them. They look at each other then me in confusion.

“At the same time, Mistress,” Carmen asks in a hesitant voice.

“If you must.”

“The wolf is Shane Goodman,” Roger says in rush. “He’s the Alpha of the Hardgrove pack.”

“The pack is located in the neutral territory by our pack’s,” Carmen adds. “The pack is known for the service that they provide.”

“I can help you meet him.”

“I can too.”

“When,” I ask.

“Tonight,” Roger says.
“Tomorrow,” Carmen says.

“Carmen, wrists out,” I say.

“Please, Mistress,” she pleads, shaking her head. I grab her by the throat.

“You dare disobey me? Do you not consider me your mistress?” I squeeze her throat. “Should I let you go?”

“P-please f-f-forgive me. I’ll be good. I p-promise. Please don’t leave me.” I throw her back.

“Wrists out.” She holds out her wrist and whimpers as I remove the cuffs around them. She starts crying as I heal her blistered skin and take away her pain. She fall to ground looking hopeless. I turn to Roger who already has a tent in his pants at the thought of me hurting him.

I summon an ice dagger. Letting Azula guide my actions, I slowly stab the dagger into Roger’s shoulder. He moans as I drag the dagger down his bicep. I let Azula take some control over my hand as I stab him caliper times in the stomach. I dissolve the dagger before stepping away from him.

“Set up the meeting as soon as possible,” I tell him. “And kind of service do they provide?”


I step out of Roger’s car disguised as a male. Knowing that I’m pregnant has made me paranoid. I don’t want to shape shift and take on a identity. I’m sure I could get away with making minor changes but I’m lucky nothing happened from me shifting into a wolf and Zeke so I’m not going to push my luck.

I’ve kept my real height for my disguise. My skin is a light tan. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I step inside the large gray building where I greeted by an older wolf with sandy hair.

“I will notify Alpha Shane of your arrival,” he says as he sits me at sofa and walks away. A few minutes pass, and the wolf returns. “The Alpha will see you now.”

I stand up and am lead to a different room. I walk inside of what looks like an office and spot the wolf I wanted to see. He has short black hair and dark eyes. He’s wearing a navy suit. I cast minor illusion of trust in his mind, causing him to relax his guard.

“Hello, Alpha Henry,” he greets me. “Have a seat. What do you need from me?”

“I’m looking for a pup,” I answer, showing him a picture of Zeke at 8 years old. Shane looks at the picture.

“You’re about 10 years too late. He’s no longer a pup. I knew him when he was younger but left him when he got too old for me.” I lean forward and continue to hold the illusion. I put my phone away. “I have a thing for Omegas. In fact, pair of them landed right in my lap a couple years ago. Their family was attacked by rogues in the neutral territory.” Can’t I just lie to Zeke? If you want.

Shouldn’t you at least try to convince me to do otherwise?

I’m not the one who told him we weren’t going to be direct cause of his assailants’ deaths, and if you decide that you’re going to go back on your word and lie to our mate, I won’t stop you either. Just know if he asks, I won’t lie to him.

You bitch.

Takes one to know one.

“Oh really,” I ask, acting intrigued. I just need him to keep talking. I’m sure he’ll say something that’ll give me an excuse to kill him outside of Zeke.

“You seem like a wolf after my own heart. For the right price, I’ll let have your way with them.” I want to vomit but I smile at him.

“How much?”

“50 for an hour. Each.”

“I’ll give you 200 hundred, for both.” I reach into my pocket and give him two hundred dollars. With this transaction, that’ll be enough for me to kill him. Wait, my enforcer senses are tingling. Keep going along with it and ask about his pack.

“Let me just get you all set up.” He steps out of the room, leaving alone for a few minutes. Azula, what are you thinking? You figure that out.

Shane returns and leads me outside his office and to the building next door. The inside of it resembles a hotel.

“Now these two are my personal cum dumps. You should feel honored.” Let me kill him. Not yet.

“Do you often rent them out?”

“Only to those I like and trust. There’s just something about you, Henry, that I like.”

“What about your pack? It must be hard trying to hide it from them.”

“Not even the slightest. We’re a hundred strong and we all love pups if you know what I mean. We have a few that like them a little older, but that works for us because we use the older ones as breeders. Once they get too old for our liking, we kill them and move onto the next batch.” Oh, I see. I’m killing the whole pack.


“It’s a method that has worked for 20 years.” We stop in front of a room door. “I’ll be back in two hours.”

I nod my head and enter the room. Inside, I spot female two pups, probably 5 years old, sitting on the bed holding each other. Their skin is a golden brown and dark eyes. Their hair is a dark brown with loose curls. They stare at me with a fearful expression.

I cast an illusion around us. I wouldn’t put it past the Alpha to have cameras in here. I kneel in front of the pups, staying a few feet back.

“Hello,” I say. “My name is Amay. What’s your name?”

“Slut,” the one on the left says.

“Bitch,” the one on the right says. What the fuck?

“Those aren’t names,” I tell them.

“Our names,” Slut says. I rub my temples.

“Right. Are you hungry?” They shake their head no just as I hear their stomachs growl. “Your tummy says different. Want to see something cool?”

They stare at me warily. I chant a spell and summon food. The twins stare at me in awe before giving me a look of suspicion. I place the food closer to them and gesture for them to eat. They continue to stare at me. I hold back a sigh. I can’t blame them for being untrusting of me. I grab the food and take a bite out of it.

“See,” I say. “It’s safe to eat.”

That seems to do the trick because they quickly grab the food and stuff their mouths, clutching the plate of food to their bodies. After they finish eating, I get rid of the plates. They still continue to watch me with wary eyes.

I give them my phone and let them watch some kids cartoon on them. I can’t let them go back to that monster. All I need to do is cast a spell and I’ll be able to kill him and his entire pack.

Not yet.

What now?

Those pups are counted as pack. If you cast that spell, you risk killing them too. We have to this the old fashion way.

I remember. I don’t know if I can do that. This is too personal.

Then I will do it.

Everything goes black as I let Azula take complete control.


I blink as take full control our body. The spell that I need to cast will be a little complicated without the help of Ori. Though, if I want to make the most convincing golem, I would need all types of phoenixes to help me out, but there’s only me.

The sloppy work that we did with Andrew will not cut it here. I sigh. I’m going to need a lot of blood.

I glance at the two pups sitting on the bed. I use my magic to knock them out. My phone slips from their hands as they slump against each other. I grab the arms of the two pups and extract their blood, closing their wounds afterwards.

I mix their blood with water as I create a water golem that resembles the two pups. Once I get the basic appearances down, I add layers and layers of spells and illusions to make the golems look like their wolf counterparts. I finish it all off with a mind mimic spell.

I turn to the two unconscious pup. I cast a sleeping spell on them and an illusion to keep them hidden. I pick them up and place them in the closet.

A knock on the door signals the end of my two hours with them. I change the illusion I first casted before opening the door.

I smile at Shane.

“Got them all cleaned up for you,” I inform him.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Shane says. “They’re not worth the trouble.” I playfully bump my shoulder against his as I strengthen his sense of trust in me. I’m going to take pleasure in personally fucking him up.

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