Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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25.5 The disappearance of the Hardgrove pack

Azula had spent three days in the Hardgrove pack. In that time, she had gained the trust of the entire pack. She gathered enough evidence to justify what she was about to do in case she gets caught. She doubted that it would happen. She didn’t plan on leaving any evidence of the massacre that was about to unfold.

She sat on the bed of the room she was staying in. She placed her hand over her stomach, thinking about the life she sensed growing there. She stood and got ready. This would be the her last day here. It was still early morning, optimal for what she planned on doing.

She stepped out of her room, still disguised as Henry and headed to Shane’s office. She knocked on the door. He opened it, wearing only a shirt. Azula glanced behind him and saw a naked golem of Slut curled into a ball on Shane’s desk.

“I’m not interrupting, am I,” Azula asked.

“I always have time for you,” Shane responded. Without another word, Azula punched him square in the face, sending Shane flying backward. His body hit the wall opposite of the door. He slumped over, unconscious. Azula turned her attention to Slut.

“Hey, puppygirl,” she said. Azula grabbed the golem’s discarded clothes and put them on her. “Where’s your sister?” The pup pointed to a cabinet. “Come on out.”

The other golem came out of the cabinet. With both of them in front her, Azula gently tousled their hair as she smiled tenderly at them.

“It’s all over now,” she said before kissing their foreheads. “You can rest now.” She unmade them. The two golems vanished. She felt a sorrow in her heart. Even though they were golems they were still children.

Azula faced Shane as he regained consciousness. Shane stared at Azula with a confused expression.

“What the fuck, Henry,” he yelled. Azula reached behind her and summoned a dagger in each hand. Before Shane had the chance to stand up, she stabbed him in the knees. He screamed in pain. She summoned more daggers and stabbed his hand into the ground.

“You know, Shane,” Azula said as she summoned more daggers and stabbed him in the stomach, being careful to avoid vital organs. “I never liked you.”

She stepped away from him but not before slashing at his stomach and causing his guts to spill out. Then for good measure, she cut his dick off. The resulting scream was music to her ears.

She wanted to torture him for a while longer but she had entire pack to kill. She also wanted to hurry back to her mate. It had been too long since she last spoke to him.

She focused on her element. A dense fog seasonal in the neutral territory. That wouldn’t be suspicious to outsiders. However, the fog slipped into the buildings of the Hardgrove pack. Then Azula became one with the fog. Her body vanished and her mind expanded. She was everywhere the fog was but focused her attention to the pack member she had marked.

She activated her jubanvi. Jubanvi was an magical element that was found in the secretions of every phoenix. It served two purposes. The first was to keep one’s mate in a state of bliss during the marking process and the second was to kill anyone who tried to rape a phoenix. The second purpose only triggered when a phoenix was in distress.

Azula had only heard of a handful of phoenix who could activate jubanvi defensively at will. She and Amamethysta were one on them. Screams of agony could be heard in the buildings of the Hardgrove pack as pack members slowly froze from the inside out. Eventually, their bodies shattered, and Azula carried the pieces into wind, leaving no trace of the pack members behind.

Azula took on a physical form and made her way back to the pups that she his in her room. She woke them up and pulled them into her arms. She walked into the basement where the other pups were being kept.

“The Hardgrove pack is dead,” Azula announced. “You are free to go. You can either come with me where you will have food, a place to stay, and protection or you can stay here and fend for yourselves.”

“How do we know this isn’t a trick,” a pup asked. He looked to be 10 years old.

“Who cares,” Tina said. She was a heavily pregnant pup that was only 13 years old. “Anything is better than staying here, and we won’t make out there by ourselves. We know nothing about out there.”

The pups argued among themselves. Azula placed the twins down and walk over to door she had just walk through and whispered a spell. Creating a portal without using her soul’s gem took a more than a little toll on her. She checked on the life inside her to see if he was before she faced the pups again, using her aura to silence them.

“Those who want to leave with me can walk through this door here,” Azula said. “Those who don’t can leave after we have.”

The twins were the first to walk through the door. Then one by one, all of the pups had stepped through the door. Azula let out a sigh of relief and stepped after the pups. She closed the portal behind her. She was in her home world.

Currently, she and the pups stood at the foot of he mountain. The weather was much warmer down here. It also helped that the area had a large ice dome that kept it warm. In the center of it, stood a large home.

A/N: am I the only one that thinks this pack got off a little too lightly?

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