Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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26. Zeke

I wake up and check my phone. I see that I have a text from Amethyst that she sent last night saying that she’s back. That means I’ll see her today. I jump out of bed and quickly get ready.

I sit in class bouncing my leg impatiently as I wait for it to be over. Tyler walks into class. He sits behind me.

What’s got you all excited?

Amethyst is back.

Oh. He laughs.

Finally class is over. Jacob and Connor are waiting for me outside the classroom. I notice the cast on his arm.

“What happened this time,” I ask.

“Got hit by truck,” he answers. “Connor and I were testing our reflexes by crossing the street with our eyes closed. I was a little slow.”

I say nothing for a moment and pinch the bridge of my nose. I let out a long sigh. Over the time that they have been my personal bodyguards, I’ve seen them with so many different types of injuries.

At first, I thought it was Amethyst, but it turns out that they get themselves in the most ridiculous situations where they get hurt, like the time Connor thought it was a great idea to take on a bear or the time Brandon fell out of a tree trying save a kitten.

“Why,” I ask.

“It was just a bet between us.”

“If you want to test your reflexes I can just tell Amethyst you touched me while she was gone and see how long you last before I tell her I’m kidding.”

I watch as their faces go white as they visibly shudder. They hold onto each other before looking at me in horror.

“Z-Zeke,” Connor stutters. “I-I t-thought we were becoming f-f-friends. Why would you do that to us?”

“Because you’re too reckless. I don’t know how you managed live this long without getting yourselves killed.”

“I didn’t,” Jacob says. “When we were 12, I challenged the Alpha. I didn’t like the way he was running the pack and I thought I could do it better. He easily ripped my throat because I refused to admit defeat.”

“How did you survive that?”

“You don’t remember? You healed me. I tried to find you afterward to thank you but I couldn’t find you afterwards.”

I fall silent and walk to my next class with him in tow. My younger years were horrible so I do my best not to remember them. There is chance that I could’ve healed him during that time.

Second period takes forever to end and so does third. Finally, class is over, and I practically run to our spot. My eyes land on my mate. She turns and faces me. Without another word, I run to her and pull her into my arms. My body relaxes as I take in her frosty scent.

Her scent is slightly different. It has a sweetness to that all pregnant she-wolves tend to have. She wraps her arm around me, returning my hug.

“I missed you,” I tell her.

“I missed you too,” she says.

I squeeze her tighter. I don’t know how long we stand like that. I use our contact to check her for injuries and how our pup is doing. I’m relieved to see their both fine. I don’t know what she was doing while she was gone but I could feel that she was stressed and angry. She starts to move away.

“No,” I protest, holding her to me.

“You have to eat,” she laughs. I shake my head. She runs her fingers through my hair. “Let’s eat and then we can cuddle for as long as you want.”

She steps out of my arms, and I reluctantly let her go. I pull her onto my lap as we sit at the table. She adjust herself in my lap before she feeds me. I keep my hands around her waist, stroking her mark as she hold bites of food to my lips. Once I’m full, she turns in my lap, and I rest my head on her shoulder as she starts eating her fill.

She rests her hand on my arm and caresses it. When she finishes eating, she adds her other hand to my arm. We stay like this for a while.


A week flashes by in a instant, and before I know it, it’s the day before my birthday. I’m standing in our spot with Amethyst after school. I can’t wait to see what she has planned for my birthday. She walks several feet away from me before shifting into her phoenix. She lowers herself. I climb onto her back, and she take off into the sky.

This time I try to look around as she flys through the air. I grip her feathers tightly as I watch the world get smaller and smaller.

I won’t drop you.

I know, but it’s still scary.

Her dominance washes over me, calming me. Soon we make it to her home. When she shifts back to her human form, she’s naked. I blush, looking away. I pat my cheeks. Snap out of it, Zeke. This isn’t your first time seeing her naked. She grabs my hands, and I watch as the snow on the ground rises and clings to Amethyst until it forms a pants and a shirt. It always amazes me how she casually does cool stuff like this.

“You have to close your eyes for this part,” she says. I immediately do as she says, closing my eyes and letting her lead me. I’m very tempted to open my eyes as she moves me. Finally, we come to a stop. “Okay, open your eyes.”

I open them and see that we’re standing in front of large crystal door. I turn to Amethyst and see her holding up a clear crystal with a dull blue moon inside of it.

“This is the first part of your surprise,” she says. “But I’ll need a drop of your blood first.”

“Okay,” I answer, holding out my hand to her. She turns her nails into claws before grabbing my hand and pricking the tip of my finger with one of them. I wince. She touches the crystal to my blood, causing the moon inside of it to glow.

“Sorry.” She takes my bleeding finger into her mouth. I feel my breathing stop for a moment as she sucks on it and pulls it of her mouth. I clear my throat as I take my hand back.

“Y-you didn’t have to do that. A tiny cut like that is nothing.”

“I know.” She laughs.

“So, what’s with the necklace?”

“It’ll allow you to connect with the elementals here that I’ve hired to work as my servants and help them identify you as their master.”

“Servants? I haven’t seen anyone besides you in this place.”

“I have told them not to let you see them. They’re elementals and they have a strong hatred of clothes and distinct lack personal space. I would kill them if they got near you and I don’t want to kill the very people I’m trying to protect. While they’re able to speak, that’s not their preferred method of communicating. It’s better to experience it than hear me explain it. Turn around.”

I turn around, and she places the necklace around my neck. As soon as the crystal touches my chest, I feel a sudden connection. It’s like I’ve join a pack. There’s an immediate feeling of welcome. I touch the stone. It’s warm. Amethyst grabs my hand.

“Now to part 2,” she says, opening the door and revealing an arcade. We’re not completely alone. There’s an prize area where a man with light blue skin and shimmery blue hair. I can’t see his eyes from here, but he bows when he sees me.

I feel like he says hello. It’s weird. I wave at him. Amethyst drags me towards the games.

“What do you want try first,” Amethyst asks.

I look at everything, feeling a little overwhelmed. I point at the closest thing to us, a basketball game. We walk up it the game. Amethyst presses a button on the side of it before we start playing.

I pick up the balls and try to make the shots. It turns out, I’m not all that good at it, but Amethyst is. She ends up beating me. The machine spits out some tickets, and we move onto the next game which end up being a shooting game involving zombie. I have a lot of fun playing this one and actually do better than Amethyst. I grab the tickets the machine spits out.

“What are we using the tickets for,” I ask.

“You’ll use them to buy the prizes you want,” she answers.

“Can I look at the prizes?”

“Yeah.” We head over to the prize selections. I get a closer look at the elemental. His eyes are dark blue. He doesn’t look that much older than me but there’s this feeling of age about him that make me feel like I’m looking at an elder. There’s a lot of prizes to choose from. I turn to my mate.

“Which one do you want?” She smiles at me before pointing at a large plush of a blond wolf that looks a like me in my wolf form. I gaze at the price and see that cost 30,000 tickets. “I’ll get it for you.”

I turn towards the arcade and look for games that would give me the most tickets.


I watch as Amethyst hugs the plush I got her with affection. I smile at her action. She’s so cute right now. She grabs my hand.

“Now onto part 3,” she says. “Close your eyes.” I do as she says, closing my eyes and letting her lead me. We walk for a while before coming to a stop. “Okay, open your eyes.”

We’re in the dining room. The table is set with a few of my favorite foods. My mouth starts to water, and my stomach growls. Amethyst laughs as we sit at the table. I notice that she doesn’t have the plush with her. I wonder when she had the time to put it away while she lead me here.

My question is soon forgotten the moment she holds a bite a food to my lips. I moan in happiness as I eat. By the taste, I can tell that she was the one to make it. I close my eyes and lean against her as she feeds me.

My eyes snap open when I taste something sweet. I moan.

“Is this,” I ask, growing excited. “Funnel cake?”

“It is,” she answers with a smile. “How do you like it? It’s my first time making it.”

“I love it. It tastes so good.” She holds another bite to my lips.

Afterwards, we walk to her room.

“Is there a part 4,” I ask.

“There is,” she says, turning and facing me. Her clothes vanishes off her body. My face heats up, and I look away. “Could you help me wash up?”



I wake up in bed alone. I sit up and look around for Amethyst. I climb out bed when I don’t see her and grab my discarded clothes from last night, but then I notice a change of clothes laid out for me. I put those on instead. Amethyst enters the room just as I put on my shoes.

“Happy birthday, Mate,” she says, placing a quick kiss on my lips.

“Thank you,” I say. She grabs my hand, and we walk to dining room. I feel a little nervous. Today is the day I become hers completely. We have breakfast which consists of more of my favorite foods. After we finish eating, I face Amethyst.

“So what happens now,” I ask. The temperature drops, and I find myself staring into the white eyes of Azula.

“So impatient,” she says, running her finger along my cheek. I shiver at her touch. She stands. “Come.”

I walk after her. She says nothing as she leads me through the winding halls of her home. Eventually, come to a room with hole in the center of it. She faces me.

“Do you trust me,” she asks.

“I do,” I answer.

Then jump in the hole.” She smiles at me as she jumps into the hole. I freak out a little before jumping after her. It feels like I fall forever before my feet gently lands on the ground. I look around in the pitch blackness.


A hand grabs mine. The tingling I feel lets me know it’s my mate. I’m pulled forward, out of the darkness and into the light. I blink at the sudden brightness and stare at my surrounding in confusion.

We’re in a snowy forest. I look behind me. I don’t see how we got here in the first place. I watch the snow fall to the ground. This is so trippy. She grabs my chin and turns my head to her.

This is where I will mark you,” she says.

“But it’s snowing,” I say. She smiles. The snow freezes in the air then start rising back into the sky.

Not anymore. Do you remember your safe words?” I nod.

“Bacon, tomatoes, and blueberries.”

“During the marking, I will ask you how you are feeling. I want you to answer with your safe words. You can use them at any point. However, I still expect your obedience. Failure to obey will result in a punishment. Do you understand?” I nod. “Words, Zeke.”

“I-I understand.” She release my chin and steps back. I let out a breath. Azula is so intense. Is it bad that I find it arousing?

“Good. Now strip.”

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