Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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27. Azula/Zeke

A/N: mature content ahead. And a lot of it lol


I’m nervous as I hold onto the helm of my shirt. It’s stupid. I shouldn’t be bothered by my scars. It’s not like she hasn’t seen them before. I slowly take my shirt off. Azula says nothing as she watches me. I take off my shoes followed by my pants and boxer, leaving me naked in front of her. I cover myself with my hands.

Azula circles me, her hand running over my chest. My skin tingles at every place she touches me. She stops in front of me before cupping the back of my neck and pulling me into a kiss. She flicks her tongue against the seam of my lips.

I open up, and her tongue slips between my lips as she ravishes my mouth. Her other hand moves up and down my back. My hands move to hips, pulling her closer to me. The hand on my back moves between us and grips my member.

I whimper as she pumps it slowly. Oh, goddess. I jerk my hips against her hand as she moves. Her lips leave mine and moves to my jaw before settling on my mark, nibbling, and biting it. It leaves me feeling weak in the knees. I moan as her hand pumps me faster.

Then she stops, causing me to whine. She lifts her head from my neck and smiles at me as I pant. She drops to her knees.

Don’t jerk your hips,” she says before taking me into her mouth. I gasp as she bobs her head. I clench my fist to keep myself from moving but then I feel myself hit the back of her throat. My hip jerks forward.

Her eyes snap to mine. She pulls her mouth from me before standing. Her eyes narrow.

Did I not tell you to keep still,” she asks, wrapping her hand around my member. I nod. She squeezes me. “Use your words, Zeke.”

“Y-you d-did,” I stutter.

Then you understand why you need to be punished.”

“I d-do.”

I’m curious to see what her punishment will be. I don’t think she’ll hurt me. At least, I hope she won’t. My question is answered when her dominance hits me like a truck. I whimper and moan as I bare my neck to her. I try to grind against her, but she stops me. She grabs my hair and pulls my head further back before placing her lips on my mark.

I moan even louder and dig my nails into her skin as she strokes my penis, moving at a fast pace. Then she bites into my mark, breaking skin. I start to lose myself in pleasure. If this how she’s going to punish me then I’ll disobey her more often, but then just I’m about to reach my peak, it all comes to stop. I whimper.

Only good Omegas get to come, Zeke,” she says, gripping the base of my shaft. I let out a long whine. “What are you willing to do for me to let you come?”

“P-please,” I beg, feeling my wolf pressing against my mind. “I’ll be g-good. I-I’ll listen. J-just p-please.”

Please what?” I whimper. I just want to be pleasured by my mate.

“Please let me come, Azula. Please, please, please, Azula. I-I’ll do anything.”



“Remember that for later. Since you’ve been a good Omega, I will let you come.”

She resumes stroking me. It only takes two strokes for my pleasure to peak. My vision goes white as I ride my pleasure. I find myself lying on the ground, staring into the white eyes of my mate.

How are you feeling, Omega,” she asks. I stare at her for moment as I try to catch my breath.


I gaze into the teary eyes of my mate as I wait for his answer. He is so fucking adorable. He is. I don’t think he has noticed the new markings on his neck. Good, I want him oblivious to the pain. His black mating mark is glowing blue. I’ve extended marking to go around his neck. His skin is red and irritated where his new marking is located.

“B-bacon,” he says with a blush. I lower my lips to his and kiss him at a languid pace, savoring the taste of him. He wraps his arms around me and holds me close. I pull his hands from and roll away from him. He whines at the loss. He sits up and gazes at me in confusion.

“Take my clothes off,” I tell him. He crawls over to me and pulls my shirt over my head. He places a kiss my shoulder. I cool my hand before grabbing his throat. He lets out a small moan. “Take my clothes off and nothing more, Zeke. Understood?” His breaths come out in shallow pants at my action.

“Yes, Azula,” he answers.

I ignore the heat pooling between my legs at his response and release his neck. The moment all my clothes are off, I pounce on him, straddling his hips and lowering myself on his hard cock. He grips my hips and moans as I ride him to completion.

He spills his seed in me. I activate my jubanvi. His body goes slack as a layer of frost cover his skin. I cradle his head and gently lay him down. I use the moment to resume my marking. I turn my nails into claws and dig them in his pale flesh. I start at his neck and trail down his chest. I release from my jubanvi. He moans, his hips thrusting upward.

“Please,” he begs as he writhes beneath me. Hmm, I’ve left him under the influence of my jubanvi for too long. I know what he needs, but I love hearing him beg.

Please, what,” I ask him.

“P-please, touch me. I need you.”

He presses his lips to mine. I have pity on him and let him slide in me then move at a quick pace until he comes. I then repeat a cycle of activating my jubanvi, marking him, and fucking him until I complete the design on his chest.

How are you feeling,” I ask as I gaze at my tired mate. I can tell that he’s deep in his sub space. He looks at me with a loopy smile.

“Bacon,” he giggles. I could do anything to him right now and I’m sure he’ll fine with it. I sigh. I should stop for now and give his body some time to recover.

We’ve done enough for now.” He pouts at my words, and tears start to fall down the sides of his face.

“Is it because I’m not good enough?” I sit him up and hold his head to my chest. I run my finger through his hair.

“No, you’re perfect. It’s because I want my Omega to be well rested.”

I’m your Omega?”


My mind feels foggy as I wait for her answer.

“Yes, you are my Omega,” she answers, stroking my hair. Her answer makes me so happy. I laugh. I’m her Omega and she’s my alpha wolf. Wait, she’s a phoenix.

“You’re my alpha bird. You’re my Alpha,” I laugh. I feel myself being lifted. I wrap my arms around her neck and sigh.

I’m your Alpha, am I?”

“Yes, my Alpha.” I snuggle into her neck. “I love you.”

“I know.” Then she starts purring. “I love you too.”

“Are you a cat too?” I imagine her as a cat girl. I giggle.

I don’t know how but suddenly, I’m in a bathtub. Did I fall asleep? Azula washes me. Afterward, she takes me out of the tub and places me in her bed. She holds a bite of food to my lips, but I keep my mouth shut.

“Eat,” she says.

“I don’t wanna, Alpha. I’m not hungry.” She presses her dominance against me. I moan as bare my neck to her. She places a bite of food in my mouth and rubs my erection with her other hand.

“If you be a good Omega and eat, I’ll make you feel good.”

I hold my mouth open so she can give me another bite of food. She smiles as she continues to feed me. After I finish eating, she kisses my lips and begins to run her hand up and down my shaft.

“Azula,” I moan into her mouth as she pumps me faster. She suddenly stops. I whine. I think she gets off on torturing me like this.

“Call me what you did before,” she says.

“Alpha?” I blush.


“Please don’t stop, Alpha.” She smiles against my lips and she resumes pleasuring me. I orgasm, and I soon find myself drifting to sleep.


I stand in front of Azula in the shallow end of a pool inside of a cave. The water barely reaches my ankle in the area where we’re standing. Both of us don’t have any clothes on, so I’m doing my best not to stare at her body.

According to her, it’s still my birthday. Since we’re inside and I don’t have my phone and watch, it’s hard to tell what time it is. I’m assuming it’s nighttime. My neck, chest, and stomach feel sore from the marking, but the pain isn’t too bad. It leaves my body feeling warm. I want to see what it looks like but Azula told me that I can only see it after it’s complete. She gazes at me with a thoughtful expression.

“How do you feel about me tying you up and having my way with you,” Azula asks. I think about her question.

“I don’t mind as long as it’s you,” I answer her seriously. I don’t think Azula will hurt me and I’ve enjoyed everything she’s done to me so far, way more than what I’d like to admit. But then…

“Focus on me.” She grips my jaw. “You have a choice in this. If I do something you don’t like, you say something. Understood?”

“Yes, Alpha.” I love the spike of happiness she gets every time I call her that.

“Good. Now tell me your safe words.”

“Bacon, tomatoes, and blueberries.” I hear a click and feel something cold settle around my neck. I touch it and feel that it’s a collar.

“This will sooth the skin around your mark.” I can’t deny that my neck felt better when she put it on. She lets go of my jaw and steps back. “Now, kneel.”

I drop to my knees. A small pillar of ice rises from the water. It’s as wide as me and has a slanted top.

“Rest your chest on it.”

I lean forward and rest my chest on it. I let out a sigh as it relieves the ache there. I feel something lock around my arm, keeping me in place. The ice morphs until it’s pressed against my stomach too.

“How are you feeling, Zeke?”



I observe the position that Zeke is in. He’s bent over with his butt sticking out. Seeing him like this makes me regret not convincing Amamethysta to buy a few toys from Ves’s shop. That’s fine. I can improvise.

I run my finger down his spine before cupping his bottom. I squeeze one of his round globes before giving it a firm smack. Zeke lets out a yelp and whimpers at my actions. I smirk and lean forward, bringing my lips to his ear.

“You liked that, Zeke,” I ask. I watch as his face goes red.

“N-no.” I smack his other cheek, causing him to gasp.

“Don’t lie to me, Omega. I don’t like being lied to.” I watch him squirm as I rub the two cheeks I just smacked.

“I-I l-liked i-it.” I nibble his ears.

“See, was that so hard to admit?” I rub my finger against his puckered hole. “You like this too, don’t you?” He wiggles and squirms as he tries to hold back his moans.

“I-I d-d-don’t,” he moans.

I frown. He’s lying again. I will wait until later to punish him. I say nothing as I use the water to lubricate him and my finger. I insert my finger into his hole, and his back arches in pleasure. I move until I hit his prostate then I begin thrusting my finger.

I sit back and grab his erection. I pump him at the same pace I’m thrusting my finger. His moans grow louder. He writhes as I add a second finger. I press my aura against his and pick up my pace. I don’t stop even as he comes. He moans my name over and over until he passes out.

I carve my mark into his back. He’s unconscious the whole time. I move on to his arms and legs. I hum enchantments into his markings as I work. Finally, it’s complete. I feel our souls connect.

His marks stop glowing and change to their normal black. I sit back. Now, for his punishment. Please go easy on him. Don’t worry, he’ll enjoy the first part.


I wake up on my back with my arms above my head and my legs spread out. I’m still in the pool we were in earlier. My body doesn’t feel as sore as did earlier.

I look over and spot Azula sitting next to me with her knees bent. She looks at me with a calm expression. Even through our bond, her emotions are serene, but for whatever reason I’m filled with a sense of dread.

“Hello, Omega,” she says. “How are you feeling?”

“Bacon.” She runs her fingers over my chest. Her cold fingers feels soothing against my warm body.

“We have a problem, Omega. You lied to me. Even after I warned you. Do you know what that means?” My heart starts racing.

“I get punished?”

“That’s right, but I think you enjoy punishment a little too much.”

“I don’t,” I tell her, shaking my head. She raises a brow.

“Oh really? Then what’s this?” She grabs my member, rubbing her thumb over the slit. I suck in a breath. “That’s the third lie.” I moan as she leans over and takes me into her mouth. She rolls her tongue around me then pops me out of her mouth. I whimper in protest. “What to do with my naughty Omega?”

She moves away from my side and kneels at my feet. She peppers kisses at my ankle, slowly moving her way up my leg. I hold my breath in anticipation, but she doesn’t do what I expect. She skips over my crotch and trail kisses all the way to my chest, stopping at my nipples.

She takes one into mouth, rolling her tongue over it. She teases the other one with her hand, and I’m a writhing mess. She’s touching me everywhere except in the place I want her to touch. I groan as I try to grind against her to no avail. She lifts her head and smiles down at me before moving back down my body and doing what I want.

She kneels between my legs and palms my penis. I moan. All she’s done is hold me but that alone feels so good. She presses her dominance against me. I squirm in my bondage as I bare my neck.

“What a nice dick you have, Omega,” she says as she slowly strokes me. I feel my face heat up.“All mine to do what I want which also doesn’t include letting you come.” My eyes meet hers as I whimper.

“Please,” I plead. “Oh, please, please, please, please.”

“Please what?” Not now when I’m so close. I whimper.

“please, let me come, Alpha. I’ll be good. Hmm? I’ll be a good Omega. I’ll-” She holds her finger to my lips.

“No amount of begging will get you of this one.” She lets go me and manipulates my body so that I’m kneeling with my hands behind my back. “But. If you satisfy me, I might change my mind.”

The water rises behind her before taking the for of a chair. It freezes, and she sits down, crossing her legs.

You want to please your Alpha, don’t you?”

“I do,” I moan, resting my head on her knee. She lifts my head and uncrosses her leg, spreading her legs.

“Kiss me along my inner thigh. Stop before you reach my pussy.” Eager to obey her, I start kissing her knee and quickly trail kisses up inner thigh. She grips my hair and lifts my head. “Slowly.” She releases my hair, and I resume my way up her thigh at a slower pace. She runs her fingers through my hair. “Good job. You listen well, my Omega.”

I smile at her praise. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I become more aroused. I stop when I reach her crotch.

Now, make a good use of that tongue of yours and fuck me with it.” I thrust my tongue past her moist folds and into her warm center, lapping her up. She moans, grabbing my hair and saying words of encouragement. She guides me right here she wants. I’m filled with intense satisfaction as she orgasms. She lifts my head. “Good job, Omega. I’ll reward you for your efforts.”

The chair melts into water as she stands and moves behind me. She kneels and reaches around me, holding my throbbing erection. My head falls back, and I moan, thrusting into her hand as she pumps me. It’s not long before I come, soaring high on the wings of pleasure.

I feel myself floating, never falling from that pleasure. I feel carefree as if nothing could ever hurt me. I hear Azula’s voice, but I can’t make out what she’s saying. I can’t see anything because it’s so dark.

But then I open my eyes. Oh. I laugh. Before I know it, I’m in bed. How did I get here? I don’t care. Azula’s arms are so comfortable, and the purring sound she’s making is so…. Relaxing. She runs her fingers up and down my arm. I turn around and snuggle into her chest.

“I-I didn’t want you to think I’m a freak,” I say after I start thinking a little clearly.

“I could never,” she laughs. “If you knew the things I want to do you, you wouldn’t think yourself a freak.”

“So, you still love me?”

“I’ll always love you.” She runs her finger though my hair.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble before drifting off to sleep.

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