Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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27.5 The Haunting of Sharon Kim

Sharon stared at her child Suzy as played on the playground. She was one of the things that kept Sharon from ending it all ever since she lost her mate. Her child and the fact that Sharon had her way with the pack’s Omega every school break.

Sharon had loved her mate, but unfortunately, he wasn’t as sturdy as the Omega. The Omega survived everything she did to him while her mate had not. She was excited for the spring break that was only a month away.

The stinging sensation in her hand pulled her from her thoughts. Her hand had been feeling cold for weeks now. Ever since it happen she had been losing time, waking up in places she had no recollection of going.

She stood up and found herself in her home. She checked her phone. It was 6pm.

“Suzy,” Sharon called out as she walked deeper into her home. “Suzy!” She stood at her child’s door. She could hear the faint sound of Suzy crying. Sharon opened the door. “Suzy?”

Suzy sat in the center of her room. Her shoulders shook as she quietly cried. Sharon approached Suzy, placing her hand on Suzy’s back to comfort her.

“Why, Mommy,” her daughter asked. “Why did you kill Daddy?”

Suzy looked up to Sharon. She gasped in horror and backed away from her child. Suzy’s eyes were missing, just shallow black holes where here eyes used to be. Sharon turned to the door but was blocked by her mate.

His skin was an ashen grey. He wore no shirt, revealing the bleeding gashes on his chest and stomach, and just like their daughter, his eyes were using too.

“Why did you kill me, Shar,” her mate asked. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears as she shoved past him and ran to the front door.

“Mommy,” her daughter screamed. Sharon could hear the sounds of footsteps behind her as she made a run for the door. She felt a hand grab hers.

Sharon squeezed her eyes shut.

“Mommy,” her daughter giggled. “Open your eyes. I want to go home.”

Sharon’s eyes opened and gazed into the dark eyes of her daughter. She looked around. She was in the park. She let a shaky breath and smiled at Suzy. Sharon grabbed her child’s hand as she stood from the park bench.

She felt a chill as she walked to her car and couldn’t stop herself from looking behind her. In the distance, she saw a figure. Sharon could barely make out his feature but she instinctively knew that it was her deceased mate.

She broke out in cold sweat as she looked away. This is isn’t real. She started the car and drove off. She couldn’t stop shiver that racked her body as she drove. She felt so cold.

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