Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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28. Zeke

I wake up alone in bed. I look around for my mate but see that she’s not in here.

Good morning, Zeke,” Azula says as she walks into the room pushing a cart of food. Just the sound of her voice has my friend on my lower half standing at attention. My face heats up, and I bundle more of the sheets on my lap.

She smiles at me, but it doesn’t relax me. If anything, it makes me wary. She’s planning something.

“How’s your body feeling,” she asks.

“I feel a little sore,” I answer.

“Only a little?” I blush. Goddess, what is wrong with me? It’s an innocent question.


“Good because your punishment isn’t over.”

She grabs my hand and pulls me out of bed. I try to take the covers with me, but she yanks it from my body. She sits me in chair that’s facing the bed. It’s made of ice. It’s strangely comfortable and feels great against my slightly aching body. I watch as a desk of ice is created in front of me. She places a paper, pencil, and plate of food on the desk.

Your punishment is to write an essay on why you shouldn’t lie to me and to feed yourself,” she tells me before climbing back in bed. I frown as I pick up the pencil.

“I already apologized,” I tell her.

“Can you even remember what you said?”

“Uhhh.” To be honest, yesterday is kind of blur. My face turns red as it starts coming back to me. Focus. I did apologize before last night and then I fell asleep. I think. “Kind of.”

“Exactly. Now, don’t make me repeat myself.”

I sigh. Feeling resigned, I start writing. She’s right that I shouldn’t have lied to her. She hasn’t lied to me, but I did tell her I’m sorry so I don’t see why I have write this. She even accepted my apology…. I think.

It doesn’t take long for me to write the essay, and by the end of it I’m a little angry that I had to write it in the first place. I grab a sandwich from the plate of food on the desk. I try not to grumble as I take a bite of it.

I wrote the essay. I don’t see why she can’t feed me. I pause when I realize the way my thoughts are going. I huff. I’m a grown wolf. I can feed myself. But everything taste better when my mate feeds me.

I look up and glare at the mate in question as she lounges on the bed, looking at me with an amused smile.

Azula’s mean.

“I like Amethyst better,” I say, the words slipping past my lips without much thought to them. “She wouldn’t make me do this.”

You’re right,” she says, tilting her head. “She would never do this to you, but if you hate this so much, you don’t have to worry. After today, you won’t have to deal with me again.” I frown. I don’t like the finality in her words, like I won’t ever see her again. I panic a little.

“Wait.” I stand up from the desk. I can feel that she means every word she just said. “Y-you don’t have to do all that. I didn’t mean it.”

I move over to her and crawl onto the bed. She says nothing and gazes into my eyes. I crawl over her body and look down at her.

“Please, Azula. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s fine, Zeke. You don’t want to be punished then I won’t punish you.”

“Who likes being punished?”

“You do.” I blush.

“Not like this. I don’t want you to go away.” She says nothing. I’ll have to use my trump card against her. I pout. “Please, Alpha.”

She rolls on top of me. She grips my hair and pulls my head back before nuzzling my neck.

“I’m your Alpha, am I?” I nod. “Then you should do well to listen to me and take whatever punishment I give you.” I nod. She nips my mark. “Words, Omega.”

“Yes, Alpha.” I shiver.

Good.” She gets off of me and and drags me off the bed. “Come take a look at your new mark.”

I smile triumphantly as she leads me into the bathroom and stands me in front of the full length mirror. I take a look at myself. The mark on my neck is mostly the same, but the thorny vine that surrounds our two animals extends around my neck and down my body.

The vine branches out, one leading to my chest and the other to my shoulder. The one that branches to my chest leads to a face of a wolf that has half of it covered by a rose. The vines continue down my leg in a intricate pattern stoping at my feet. The vines do that for my arms too, stopping at the back of my hands.

I turn around and look in the mirror to see if there’s anything on my back. There is. My back has her phoenix with its wings spread open. The thorny vines are captured in its claws and beak. I face the front again. Azula wraps her arms around me from behind.

“You like it,” she asks, purring in my ear. I blush as I get hard again. I focus on her question.

“I do,” I answer. The mark kind of make me look cool like I could be a warrior or something, and it also covers almost all of my scars. The only ones showing are the ones on my face.

I glance at her face. Did she notice how much my scars bother me? I look away. It’s probably just a coincidence. She pulls away from me and leads me back into the bedroom. She lets go of my hand as she sits on the bed then motions me to sit on her lap. I blush as I follow her silent command.

“Can I put on some clothes,” I ask.

“I quite like you like this,” she says as she grips my shaft. “I distinctly remember you saying you’ll do anything I want if I let you come.”

“I d-did.” I wonder where she’s going with this, but my ability to think slowly leaves me as she moves her hand.

“On your stomach.” She lets go of my penis as I move so that my stomach is resting on her lap. I rest my chest on table with a fuzzy top that wasn’t there before. I briefly wonder how it got there but realize that my mate can use magic. I cross my arm and rest my head on it. “Comfortable?”

“Yes.” I shiver as she runs her fingers run down my spine. She rubs my bottom before giving one my cheeks a firm smack. I jump at the sudden smack. It doesn’t hurt, just a light sting. My face reddens at my arousal from her actions.

What are your safe words?”

“Tomatoes, blueberries, and bacon.”

Azula rubs the cheek she just smacked then does the same the other before giving it smack. The sting of it goes straight to my balls. I grunt as she smacks my other cheek. I press my mouth onto my hand to quiet my reaction.

“You like this, Omega,” she asks as she gives my bottom another smack. I squirm as she rubs the cheek she just hit. I nod. Smack! “Words, Zeke.”

“Yes, Alpha,” I moan. Why does she have to make me admit it?

How are you feeling?”


I lose track of how many times she smacks my bottom but by the end of it, I’m a writhing, moaning mess. I’m practically humping her thigh. I feel her rub something cool onto my now slightly burning bottom.

I moan at the cooling sensation. She lifts me from her lap and pulls me to the center of the bed. I sit with my legs crossed, hoping and waiting for her to touch me. But she just sits there and stares at me with her frosty eyes.

“Make yourself come,” she says. My face heats up.

“W-with you watching,” I ask.

Of course. Now, get on your knees and grab that beautiful dick of yours.” My breathing is shallow as I move to do as she told me. “Stroke yourself slowly.”

I moan as I move my hand up and down my throbbing member. I close my eyes, and my head falls back as my pleasure build.

Look me as you pleasure yourself, Omega.” She adds a little dominance to her commands. I moan as I open my eyes and gaze at her. She smiles. “How close are you?”

“S-s-so close,” I moan. “Can I p-p-please come?” She crawls over to me, moving past me and settling behind my back. She kisses the mark on my neck.

Not yet, my precious Omega.” I lean against her. “Move slower.” Her hands roams on my chest and stomach as I follow her instruction. I groan. I want to pump myself faster.

“Please, A-a-alpha,” I beg, thrusting into my hand. She places her hand over mine and pumps me faster. I’m so close. I don’t think I can stop.

Come.” At her command, I lose it. My body spasms as I come. Once it’s over, I lie pliant against Azula. She kisses my temple as she hugs me from behind. I’m tempted to fall asleep but I force my eyes to stay open. “I’ll be here when you wake up. Sleep.”

My eyes drift close.


I wake snuggled against a pair of breast. I look up and stare into a set of white eyes.

“What happened to your wings,” I ask.

“Don’t need to fly so I don’t have them out,” she answers. She gives me a sly look. “Do you want to feel like you’re being fucked by an angel?”

“I already was.” She laughs before pulling me up for a kiss. She sits up and drags me out of bed.

You’re meeting my cousin, so get dressed.”

“Wait what?”


I stand next to Azula as she knocks on the door of the futuristic house. Everything in this place looks more advanced than I’ve seen in real life. I feel like I’ve stepped into a sci-fi movie.

The door opens, revealing a tall girl with light brown skin and curly brown hair with silver tips. She squeals when she sees Azula.

“Zuzu,” she screams, picking up my mate and spinning her around. “Whyhaveyoutakenover?IsAmayalright?” She places Azula on the ground and looks at me. “Isthisyourmate? Ah! He’ssocute. Iwanttoseethedesignofhismark. CanI?”

I feel uncomfortable as she gets really close to me and starts lifting my shirt. Azula grabs her by the throat and pins her against the wall.

I’m in charge of marking him,” Azula says. “She’s fine. Yes. I know. You’re making him uncomfortable so no. Don’t touch him without his permission and you’re talking too fast.”

She lets go of her cousin’s throat.

“Good to see that your reflex hasn’t changed with death,” her cousin coughs out. She straightens and faces me again holding out her hand. “Hi, I’m Vespasiana, but you can call me Ves.”

“Hi,” I say. “My name’s Ezekiel, but everybody calls me Zeke.” She squeals.

“You are just so freaking cute. I want to just squeeze your face!” I take a step back as she reaches for my face.

“Keep bothering him, Ves,” Azula says. “I’ll make sure to return the favor when you find your mate.”

“Don’t,” I say, grabbing my mate’s hand. “The only mate you need to be touching is me.” Azula gives me a look. It takes a second for what I just said to sink in. I blush.

“He’s feisty,” Ves laughs.

I cover my face. I can’t believe I just said that. Azula pulls me into a hug and brings her lips to my ears.

“Is that a command, Omega,” she asks in a low voice.

“Please,” I add. She kisses my cheek.

“Since you asked so nicely.” She steps away and gazes at her cousin. “I’ll have to get creative with my vengeance.” Ves looks panicked for a moment before putting her arm around Azula’s shoulder.

“Come on, Zuzu,” Ves says. “We’re family. No need to get all creative with me. How about I give you 50% off on all my products for the next two weeks?”

“Deal,” Azula responds quickly. I cock my head. What does Ves sells that would make Azula agree so fast?

We spend the entire afternoon there. I get to know Ves a little better. I think she’s sweet and though a little too touchy, but I love watching her interact with Azula. I like seeing a different side of my mate.

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