Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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28.5 Rejection

Ruby stepped through the automatic double doors of the convenient store. She had to get away for moment. Her other thirds, as she called them, were home fucking their mates. Ruby was happy for them but she couldn’t help the jealously she felt.

She wanted her mate too.

She shook herself from her thoughts as she walked to the aisle that held the soda. On her way there, the intoxicating scent of strawberries hit her nose. Ruby’s heart pounded. Her mate was nearby.

She eagerly tracked the scent until she found the wolf it belonged to. She saw his back profile first. He was tall, taller than her and had broad shoulders. His skin was the color of milk chocolate and his black hair was styled in shoulder length dreads.

“Mate,” she said as she grab him and made him face her. She recoiled horror as she recognized him. It was Delta Blake. His nose flared as he took in her scent.

“Mate,” he said. Her skin tingled as he caresses her face. Ruby fought the urge to lean against his touch and pushed his hand from her. She stepped back. He looked at her in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

She shivered. Even the sound of his voice was sexy. She wanted to cry. She found her mate, and he turned out to be one of Zeke’s rapists.

“Don’t touch me.” She couldn’t think straight when he did. “I know what you did to Zeke.” Blake smiled as he pressed her against the stocked shelves.

“I have needs, mate. Now that I have you, I don’t need the Omega.” Ruby growled as she kneed him in the balls and pushed him away from her.

“That’s my fucking brother, you shit.” She took a deep breath and braced herself. “I, Ruby, reject Blake as my mate.” She almost whimpered at the sudden pain.

“You can’t reject me!”

“Just fucking did.”

Ruby ran out of the store and back home. She collapsed on the ground as she shut the door behind her. Tear began to fall down her face. She angrily wiped at her tears. She didn’t want to cry over her mate.

What’s wrong? Ruby looked up and gazed in to the eyes of her sisters. She told them what happened.

“Shit on a stick,” Saph swore as she paced. “We have to tell Amey.”

“Don’t,” Ruby protested. “He deserves everything she does to him.”

“He’s your mate, Ru. You trying to tell me that you’re fine with him being tortured by our psychotic little sister?” Ruby let out a protective growl then shook her head.

“He’s not my fucking mate. He’s Zeke’s rapist, and I refuse to feel bad for him. In fact, I should just kill him myself.”

“You won’t go through with it,” Tope said. Ruby glared at her older triplet. “You wouldn’t be so upset right now and you would’ve done it already.”

“I’m upset because the one that was supposed to be my perfect match is fucking scum. If my mate is like that, what does that say about me? How long before I end up like him?”

“We’ll beat the shit out of you before you get like that,” Saph said.

“Telling Amey doesn’t mean she won’t kill him,” Tope added. “She’ll probably just make it quick.” Ruby sighed.

“I’ll let her know,” she told her sisters.

“Great,” Saph said. “Now that we got that out of the way, Imma go back to fucking Tyler.”

Saph! Tope glared at the youngest triplet.

Right. Sorry Ru. I meant to say that Imma go back and masturbate. All by myself. Uh, with nobody else.

It’s fine. Ruby couldn’t hold back her laughter. Sapphire never had a filter. It would be stupid to expect her to control herself now. Ruby’s mood lighten. She didn’t have a mate but she still had her sisters.

Her family.

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