Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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29. Zeke

I wake up to Amethyst running out of bed. I hear the sound of her vomiting. I head over to the kitchen and grab some crackers and ginger ale. I place it in the bedroom before joining her in the bathroom.

It’s been a day less than two weeks since my birthday. We’re back in the pack territory. I’ve practically been living at her home since our return.

I kneel next my still vomiting mate and rub her back. I use the opportunity to check on her and our pups. I recently discovered that there are two them in there. I haven’t told Amethyst yet but I did manage to convince her to see a pack doctor. We have an appointment scheduled today after school.

Both she and and the pups are doing fine. After she’s done vomiting, she stands up and brushes her teeth. I do the same. I wish I could something about her nausea. After we finish brushing our teeth, I pick and take her into back into the bed room.

“Mate, I’m pregnant, not crippled,” she says as I place her back in bed.

“I know,” I answer, stepping away from her. I grab the ginger ale and crackers and hand them to her. “I just want to take care of you.” She takes them from my hand.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


We pull into the parking lot of the pregnancy clinic. We sign in and sit down as we wait for our names to be called.

“Amethyst Opaline,” a she-wolf calls out. We stood and walk to her. She smiles at us. “Welcome, right this way please. We just need to check your vitals.” She leads us to a private room. “Please remove your pants while you wait. The doctor will be with you shortly.”

I sit down, feeling a little shocked that I wasn’t outright ignored. I’ve spent most my life avoiding pack members because my interactions with have been mostly negative in my time as an Omega. I look away as Amethyst removes her pants. She sits on the examination chair with a towel draped over her lap. It isn’t long before the doctor enters the room.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Lunes,” He says. “Congratulations on your pregnancy. You’re here for a wellness check, correct?”

“Yes,” Amethyst answers.

“Alright, Dad, I’m going to check on the status of your pup. That will require me to look at your mate’s privates. This is no way sexual in nature.”

It takes me a minute to realize he’s talking to me. I’m not use to being addressed by that title. I smile. I’m going to a Dad. I frown. I’m going to be a Dad. Now is not the time to panic. The rest of what he said filters through.

“Okay,” I say, moving next Amethyst and holding her hand.

“Get attacked often,” Amethyst asks.

“You have no idea,” Dr. Lunes answers. “Alright, you’re going feel something cold.” He looks at the machine next to him. “I see one, two pups. Everything is looking fine with them. I don’t see any abnormalities.”

He turns the screen towards us. I look and see two little bean shaped blobs. My heart swells. Our pups.

“And we’re just going take a listen to their hearts,” Dr. Lunes says as he touches the machine again. The sound of our pups’ heartbeats fills the room.


I enter my home and get jumped by Kate.

“Zeke, come here,” she says as she grabs my hand and pulls me into her room. She sits me in a chair and sits on her bed. “So what do you think about Alyn and Alex, Alyn and Allisa, Asher and Albert as twin names?”

“Why so many names,” I ask.

“I need to account for all the possible gender combinations.” She looks at me. “Should I go with gender neutral names instead? I can think of a few of them if you want. And-” I hold my finger to her lips.

“The ones you picked out sound great. I don’t how I feel about Albert, though.”

“I can think of something else.” She pauses. “You sure you still want me name your first borns?”

“Yeah, I can name the ones that come after.” Kate gives me sly look.

“Oh? You’re planning to have a litter of pups with Amay?” I blush.

“I mean, we haven’t really talked about it.” She stares at me. “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Your face did. Anyways, thanks for the names. I’m going to just go hide in my room. Bye.” My little sister laughs as I quickly leave her room and head to mine.

“You’re welcome,” I hear her shout.


I’m sitting in third period with Tyler when a sharp feelin is sent through the pack link. The class falls silent. I look to Tyler in shock. The pack leader is being challenged.

Azula has ruined the title Alpha for me, and I don’t feel comfortable calling anyone that, mentally or verbally. That will probably bite me in the butt sooner rather than later since it’s rude to not refer someone by their title.

Without a word, everyone exits the classroom. I’m curious to see who’s challenging Carter. Tyler walks tensely next to me. I grab his hand and send him a small wave of submission. I watch his body relaxes some.


No problem. What’s bothering you?

It’s Sapphire. The triplets are challenging Alpha Carter, and I’m fucking worried. I tighten my hold on his hand and stop him. I look him straight in the eyes.

Then don’t go. Your fear will distract her wolf.

I can’t just not be there for her.

Then believe in her. I think the triplets are all strong wolves, and if they’ve decided to challenge Carter, they’ve prepared for it.

He lets out a long breath. Thanks.


Amethyst and Kate find us.

“Can you believe it,” Kate asks as we make our way out of the school.

“No,” I answer. Amethyst holds my free hand.

“Let’s take my car there,” Amethyst says. I look at her.

“You know where the challenge arena is located?”

“No idea, but you’ll lead me there, won’t you?” I nod my head.


The challenge arena is basically a large field within a stadium large enough to fit our whole pack. We also use the stadium to host sporting events as well. Kate, Amethyst, Tyler, and I make our way to the field at the bottom.

As friends/family/mate of the challengers, we get to be the closest to the fight. I immediately spot the triplets as well as Carter, Beta Levi, and Gamma Howard. I tighten my hold on Amethyst’s hand as I waver between cowering in fear and taking a protective position around my mate.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes. They can’t hurt me. I tell myself that over and over. I relax as I feel Amethyst’s dominance wrap around me like a warm blanket, soothing my nerves. I open my eyes and look at my mate before kissing her on the cheek.

She smiles at me before turning her attention to the fight that is about to unfold. If I remember correctly, challenges for a Tri-Alpha position is done differently.

I’ve gotten better at telling the triplets apart, so I can tell that Topaz is the one facing Carter, Sapphire faces Beta Levi, and Ruby faces Gamma Howard. As soon as whistle is blown, Carter and Beta Levi go after Ruby.

But both of them are quickly stopped by Topaz and Sapphire. Topaz takes a swing at Carter, landing a hit on the side of his head. He growls at her before stepping back, looking for an opening. Topaz doesn’t give him the chance and kicks at his side.

He catches her leg. An audible snap is heard as he breaks her leg. Topaz screams in pain. She spin kicks him in the face, causing him to stumble to the side and drop her other leg. She falls to the ground and recovers in a roll. She uses her good leg to lunges at Carter and tackles him to the ground.

As soon as Topaz does that, Carter shifts into his wolf and pushes her off him. She shifts. His black wolf and her brown one look to be the same size. They leap towards each other with their jaws open. Carter manages to get a bite out of her side.

The fight goes back and forth with both of them getting good hits out each other. Finally, Topaz pins Carter, holding him by the throat in her jaws. She lets out a warning growl, but he continues to fight against her. She chomps down on his neck, and I feel the pack bond that connect me to him break.

The loss is quickly disappears as the pack bond forms with Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby. I look from Topaz and see that Ruby and Sapphire have defeated their opponents too. I stare at the scene in front of me in shock. Carter is dead. The shock is soon followed by relief.

I’m safe. More importantly, my pups will be safe if we stay here. The triplets shift back to their human forms.

As your new Tri-Alphas, we will do our best to better this pack. With the three of them speaking at the same time through the pack bond, their voices sound eerily powerful. If you think that we are unfit to lead this pack, speak now or

Shut the fuck up. Topaz and Ruby stare at Sapphire. I smile at her bluntness. They stay silent for several moments, allowing time pack members to issue their challenge if they wish. Nobody comes forward.

We know that there are many wolves and she-wolves that thrived during Alpha Carter’s rule, but that is coming to an end. Those of you who thought it was fine to take advantage of submissive wolves will be answering for your behavior.

You know who you are and you have one hour to leave this pack before we hunt you down. This type of behavior will no longer be tolerated in this pack.

The stadium’s location would make it difficult for anyone to make it out of the territory within the hour. Many wolves stand from their seats and start running out of the stadium. Tyler releases my hand and make his way to his mate.

I turn to mine, my mind racing as I squeeze her hand. I just can’t believe what is happening before my eyes. My vision blurt as tears form in my eyes.

“This is real,” I ask her. She kisses my lips.

“He can’t ever bother you again,” she answers. I feel a weight that I didn’t even know I was carrying lift off my chest.

A/N: the end

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