Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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4. Zeke

The tingles on my hand wake me up. I open my eyes and see Amethyst. Her icy blue eyes meet mine before I look away. I still can't believe it. My mate didn't reject me. She came back for me and she's still here.

"Hello, Mate," she greets me. I slowly sit up. I feel strangely well-rested.

"H-how long have I b-been out," I ask.

"An hour and thirty-two minutes. How does your power work?"

"I take on w-whatever injury I'm healing, so it's like it n-never happened them but happened to m-me."

"What do you mean?"

"F-for example, the she-wolf I h-healed was traumatized by her b-beating. When I took her t-trauma so it's like I took the b-beating instead. I'm scared instead of h-her. I do this for many p-pack members who are raped. They c-can look back on it and m-move on."

"But you have to live with it." I nod my head.

"B-but only for a little bit. And I can't h-heal things that have been cut off. T-those are the only kinds of i-injuries that make me b-bleed. I heal really f-fast from the injuries that I t-take from o-others."

Amethyst says nothing as she helps me out of bed. I shiver a little at her touch. I glance at her face. I don't think she's affected by the pull as much I am. We walk into the main room. A girl I haven't seen before approaches me. Amethyst steps between her and me before the girl can reach me.

"I have a question," Amethyst says. Clara walks over to her.

"What is it," Clara asks.

"Does he come here on a volunteer basis?"


"Oh, and how often does he come here?"

"It depends on the week, but Zeke comes practically every other day."

"So you're telling me that he comes here as often as he can of his own free will and you're incapable of providing him a place to rest after he's incapacitated from healing your wounded?"

"It's, we don't have-."

"You take advantage of his compassion. You're no better than the dominants that take advantage of you. You will provide him a room to recuperate or you will never see him step foot in here again."

"You do not have the authority to do that," Clara says as she releases dominance. Amethyst backs into me and pulls my arms around her waist. The wolves around Clara flinch as her dominance hits them. I snuggle closer to Amethyst as Clara's dominance washes over me, fighting my body's desire to submit.

Since Amethyst is more dominant than Clara, it would be disrespectful for me as Amethyst's mate to submit to someone who weaker than her. I press my nose to Amethyst's neck, taking in her icy scent. I don't know how she did it, but Amethyst manages to hide her dominance from the submissives. I find it strange. That's a lot of control for someone who's never shifted.

Amethyst releases her dominance. She doesn't send it to the she-wolves. Instead, it surrounds me like a warm blanket. It overpowers Clara's dominance over me. It's weird how my mate's dominance doesn't feel like it's demanding my submission. It gives me a feeling of safety. My body almost goes completely limp against her as I'm swept under a wave of sleepiness.

"He'll also only be healing serious injuries," Amethyst says.

"The submissives here have been raped!"

"So it's only bad when it happens to you? As long as you feel good who cares. Do you know what you sound like?" The room falls silent, pulling me out of the safety bubble I was in. I can feel the tension in Amethyst's body. She's angry. "We're leaving."

Amethyst steps from my arms and grabs my hand, pulling me after her. We get in the car, and she drives off. The car ride is tense. I'm not sure what to do. I can't tell why she's angry. Is it because of my power as an omega or does she think I'm pathetic by being so easily lead by my emotions? Maybe she needs a place to calm down?

"T-there's another place I p-planned on going to," I tell her, nervously. She nods her permission. I give her direction to my favorite hunting spot. After getting out of the car, we walk the rest of the way. "T-this is my favorite spot. I come here to hunt and get away from everything."

"Thank you for showing me," she says, her face finally relaxing. I smile. I did something for my mate. I can't help but feel proud. She steps towards me, cupping my jaw with one hand. I relax and lean into her touch. "I meant what I said earlier." My eyes snap open. "You're not healing them until they do what I said, and I only ever want you healing serious injuries."

I look down and nod, feeling dejected. So she does hate that I'm an omega. Probably doesn't want to be reminded she has the worst kind of submissive mate. She hasn't rejected me so there's hope in that. I can stop by sub house and try to convince them to do what she said.

"Go hunt," she says. "I'll wait for you here."

I nod my head. I stand behind a tree to take off my clothes, feeling embarrassed about her seeing naked. My body is covered in scars and I don't want her to see them. They'll fade away in a couple weeks. It's almost impossible for an omega to scar permanently, though, Alpha Carter keeps finding ways to make them last longer.

I shift and trot to my mate. She bends down, running her hand through my fur. I roll onto my back. She laughs and rubs my belly. I roll back onto my paws and take off. I keep running until I catch the scent of a wild animal. I track the scent until it leads me to a rabbit. It doesn't take me long to catch and eat it. Once I'm done, I run back to Amethyst.

"Someone looks happy," Kate says as I enter the house. My face reddens. What did you do?


Come on. My brother has a mate who I'm sure is alpha ranked. I just want to know how you're doing.

I'm fine.

"Fine, keep your secrets," she huffs jokingly as she walks away, heading to the dining room. I follow after her. Dinner goes on as normal.

It's the next day, I'm walking out of the cafeteria with my tray of food when I run into Amethyst carrying her own tray. She stares at my food and then me.

"Throw that away and follow me," she says glaring at me. "You're not eating that garbage."

I quickly throw my food out, placing the tray on top of the garbage can. I walk after her, clasping my hand to hide the tremble in them. We end up at the table we ate at yesterday.

"Sit," she says as she places her tray on the table. I sit down, and Amethyst sits next to me. She turns, resting her legs on my lap. "I don't want you eating the food here. They don't give you what you need. So, from now on, we'll meet here, and I'll provide you with food."

I nod my head. She takes a spoonful of meat and holds it to my mouth. I take the food inside my mouth and eat it. It feels weird to be taken care of like this. When she did this yesterday, I felt the same way. I haven't seen other mates do stuff like this but I can't complain because I enjoy the attention. She continues to feed me until I'm full and then eats the rest of the food. After she's finished, she rests her head on my shoulder. I relax against her, my wolf and I both feeling content.

"I'm a terrible mate," she says after a few minutes of silence. My eyes widen. What is she talking about?

"You're not," I tell her.

"I am. You need a gentle mate, and I don't know how to be that."

"I d-don't need a gentle mate. I n-need you. Do you want to reject me?"

"No!" She plays with my hair at the nape of my neck. "I want you to feel safe with me. Safe enough to say something when you think I'm being harsh or making you do something you don't want."

"I-I'm an omega. What I want d-doesn't matter."

"What you want matters to me. You matter to me. If it wasn't for the fact I can't shift, you would've been bearing my mark by now." The warning bell rings. She leans forward and kisses my neck before standing up. "You should hurry before you're late."

I knock on the door of the sub house. Clara opens the door. She smiles when she sees me.

"Perfect, there's a few she-wolves that need some healing," she says, grabbing my arm. I pull my arm from her grip. She looks at me with a confused expression. I shake my head. "What is it?" I shake my head. She sighs. "You have permission."

"D-did you prepare a room for me," I ask. She rolls her eyes.

"You think I would listen to the word of some she-wolf?" I say nothing. "These girls will die without you, Zeke. Are you really going to let them die over something so petty?" I feel guilty but I believe Amethyst made those demands for a reason. She didn't demand that I stop healing, only that I would have a place to recover. I don't think that's asking a lot.

"Will you?"

"I could force you."

"You could try."

"Follow me." I shake my head. "I said follow me." She adds dominance to her word. I feel compelled to follow her command but I resist it. "Follow me, Zeke. Follow me right now. You will heal them right now."

I continue to resist her commands. I develop a headache as I disobey her, and my vision begins to blacken. I fall on the ground. I ignore her even as pain racks my body. Eventually, I pass out. I wake up on the ground. I groan as I stand up.

"A room has been prepared," Clara says, crossing her arms.

"May I see it," I ask. She leads me down the hall and shows me the room. It's the same room that I woke up in yesterday but it's been cleaned.

"Now can you heal them?"

I nod my head and exit the room. After healing the two she-wolves, I pass out, later waking up in the room prepared for me. I'm walking out of the house when Talia approaches me.

"Excuse, Zeke," she says. "Could you heal me?" I look at her. She only has a few bruises on her face, and I don't smell any blood on her. Whatever her injuries are, they're not serious. I shake my head.

"I'm sorry," I tell her. "Y-you have to heal on your own."

"Are you serious," Clara says from behind me. "You've gotten callous, Zeke."

I stop myself from frowning. I want to point that I am a submissive wolf too. I know what they're going through from healing them and personal experience. I leave without saying a word and head home.

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