Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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30. Zeke

It’s been three months since the triplets took over the pack. Amethyst and I have moved into a new house. I snuggle against my mate, placing my hand over her round stomach. It’s so big, she looks like she could give birth at any moment, but we have about two more months to go. She groans. I check on her and our pups health.

Her pregnancy has been kind of terrifying with random parts of her body turning into ice. Apparently, that’s normal for an ice phoenix. I still freak out every time it happens. We also had some close calls with the pups too. It has made me more than a little paranoid.

“How are you feeling,” I ask.

“Like shit,” she groans as she sits up. “Your son and daughter are kicking the hell out of me.” I smile as I sit next to her and rub her stomach.

“I apologize on behalf of our pups.” I send a small wave of submission to her stomach, calming our pups down. She sighs.

“Apology accepted and thank you.”

She kisses me on the lips before throwing the covers off of her and waddling to the bathroom. I join her and get ready. After we’re dressed, I carry her to the dining room then start making breakfast.

I make scramble eggs, bacon, and grits. Once I finish, I place her food on a tray that doubles as a table. I wait for her to take a bite out of it before I relax. Her appetite is often iffy. I never know if everything is going to taste disgusting to her or not.

“Thank you,” she says. It looks like today is going to be a good day.

“It’s nothing,” I tell her. She grabs my hand and places a kiss on the back of it.

“It’s not nothing.”

She releases my hand. I run back to the kitchen and grab my food. I sit next to her and eat. The food I made tastes almost as good Amethyst’s cooking. Just as we finish eating, there’s a knock on the front door. I hear it open.

“Are you guys fucking,” a voice rings out. I know immediately that it’s Sapphire. My cheeks heat up.

“No,” I respond.

“If you would knock and wait for us to open the door, you wouldn’t worry about that,” Amethyst yells.

“Where are you guys,” Sapphire asks.

“Living room.” The triplets step into our living room with serious expressions on their faces.

“We need to talk,” Topaz says. She glances at me briefly.

“Whatever you want to talk about, you can say it in front of him,” Amethyst says.

“We have 6 dead pups,” Ruby says. “All of them frozen to death and pups of wolves who’ve hurt Zeke.” They stare silently at each other for a moment.

“I didn’t kill them.”

“Great,” Sapphire says. “That’s weight off our shoulders, but if it’s not you who killed them, then we have a bigger problem on our hands.” I feel Amethyst’s unease through our bond.

“I can help you, if you want,” Amethyst says.

“Nah, we got this. Besides, I don’t want lil bro here going off on us again.”

“Leave him alone about it. He already apologized.”


“I shall protect her with my life,” Kate says as she salutes me.

“I expect nothing less,” I respond. She laughs and turns to my mate.

“How is it, living with an overprotective Omega?”

“I don’t mind it,” Amethyst answers. “In fact, I find it adorable. I feel so cared for.”

I blush. She cups the back my neck and pulls me into a kiss. I moan as she moves her lips against mine. She slips her tongue into my mouth. I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer to me.

“Hey, I’m right here.”

“You can leave,” I respond, reluctantly pulling my lips from Amethyst’s. She smiles at me.

“He’s kidding,” Amethyst says. She waddles to Kate.

“No, he’s not,” Kate responds. “Let’s go before we’re late. See you later.”

“See you later,” I say and walk to class. I sigh. This is the last day of school and the last time I have to do this. I don’t like being away from Amethyst for too long.


I leave third period early to go to Amethyst’s class and escort her. It’s weird that I walk through the halls and not worry about being attacked for no reason. Never thought that would happen. I make it to her class just as the bell rings.

Amethyst smiles and holds my hand as soon as she steps out of the classroom. We’re on our way to our table when we are stop by two people I’ve never seen before. I can tell by their scents that they’re not wolves.

It’s a man and a woman. They’re both tall and have bright orange hair. Their eyes are a bright amber. I’m put on alert when I feel Amethyst’s unease.

“Amamethysta Iceheart,” the woman asks.

“Yes,” Amethyst answers.

“You need to come with us,” the man says as the woman reaches for my mate. I feel an emotion from her I’ve never felt from her, fear. I freak out and grab the woman’s arm.

She grabs my arm with her other hand. I scream as my forearm begin to burn. The temperature drops, and Azula grab the arm of the hand burning me. Azula pushes the woman back, sending her back several feet. The burning stops, but the woman’s arm is still gripping my arm.

The man lunges at Azula, but she slaps him in the face with the woman’s severed arm then grabs him by the balls. He whimpers.

If you do anything to cause me to miscarry, you will pay the price tenfold,” Azula says. “Am I understood?”

“Yes,” he squeaks. She releases him and pushes him back. I stand between them.

“Identify yourselves.”

“Enforcer Talik and that’s Enforcer Haelina.”

“Why are you so strong,” Haelina asks. “The report said you were only 16.”

“Amamethysta is 16, but I am much older,” Azula answers. Haelina stands up, clutching the upper part of her forearm right below her elbow. I stare at her injury, confused as to why it’s not actively bleeding as she stomps over to us.

“You’re wild.” Now that she’s closer, I look at her arm. The end of it has frost over it.

“And you must be new at your job.”

“Give me back my arm.” Azula drops the severed arm to the ground, and it shatters to pieces. “You can bet you’re going to pay for that. It’ll be added to your list of charges.”

“You’ll find at the end of this that you’ll be the in trouble for this encounter. Within seconds of identifying me, you’ve failed to inform me of my charges, failed to identify yourself, only doing so when I asked. On top of that, you attacked me first.”

“You attacked us fi-”

“If you had done a modicum of research, you would’ve known that he was my mate and that you don’t fucking touch him. Be happy you only lost an arm. I tire of talking to you. Tell me my charges so we can leave.”

“You have 6 counts of overextension of revenge towards innocents.” Azula turns me around and cups my face.

Zeke, I’m leaving with them.

No! What if they hurt you or our pups?

I will keep us safe. Do you trust me to do that?

Yes. I know she’s not weak. I just can’t help but be worried. She’s pregnant, and that makes her vulnerable. She kisses my lips and steps away. I watch as they place shackles on her wrists.

My family will come to get you. A red beam shoot from Talik’s chest and a red cloud appears. They step through it, then they and the red cloud disappear. My heart stops.

I shouldn’t panic. She’s fine. She’ll be fine. I place my hand my chest and close my eyes. I focus on our bond and use it to reassure myself.

I take a calming breath. There’s nothing I can do but wait. I send a text to Sapphire, letting her know what happened. Suddenly, a green cloud appears in front of me, and Amethyst’s older brother, Ori, and a woman steps out of it.

The woman’s skin is only slightly lighter than Ori’s. She’s tall but shorter than Ori, but then again the only person I’ve met that is taller than him is his dad. She has to be at least the same height as the triplets. Her black hair is braided back.

What’s more shocking is that she’s an Omega but she smells human. I notice her mating marks looks very similar to Ori’s. Are they mates? I had assumed Ori’s mate was a phoenix because of his marks.

“Hello, Zeke,” Ori greets me. “This is my mate, Freya.”

“Hi,” she greets me, holding out her hand. I feel myself relaxing as I shake her offered hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” I respond. I let my curiosity get the best of me. “How are you human?” She scratches her head.

“Well, I’m from earth. A different one. E24-12.” She looks to Ori. “This is E2-01, right?”

“Yes,” he answers as he shepherds us into the green cloud. Ori leads us down a familiar street.

“Okay, so I’m from the future but not your future. I’m from the year 4092. It’ll be a little hard to fit 2,000 years of history into a small paragraph, but here it is.

The government stepped in and infused shifter DNA into humans after shifters became endangered. Unfortunately, a plague swept the world killing both human and shifter populations, and only those with infused DNA survived. We have the same traits of our shifter counterparts with some minor differences.”

“Can you heal?”

“Yes, but not in the way you or original Omegas do. Our body contains healing properties. Our tears make a wound heal faster, and our blood can cure diseases.” That’s so interesting.

“So how’s life for Omegas in the future?” Her face hardens. I don’t think I shouldn’t have asked her about that.

“Terrible.” She doesn’t explain any further.

“I-I’m sorry,” I say, looking away from her.

“No, I’m sorry. I don’t like thinking about my life before Ori.”

“I understand.” I look her in the eyes. “You don’t have to explain yourself.”

“Now I feel like a poop noodle.”

“Yaya,” a voice yells. I turn and see Ves jumping into Freya’s arms. Ori moves me behind him.

“Ves can be…. Overly affectionate when she’s not working,” he says. “I’ll protect you.”

“Thank you,” I say with a smile. “But I’ve met her before.” He says nothing.

“Orrrrrrrri,” Ves sings. I can’t see anything past Ori’s hulking form, but suddenly Ves is launched into the air.

“It’s good to see you too, cousin,” Ori says as Ves lands gracefully behind me. “But refrain from touching me.”

“You’re no fun.” Ves waves at me. “Hi, Zeke.”

“Hi,” I respond, waving back.

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