Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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30.5 Just Like Old Times (Azula’s POV)

I walk down the familiar hall. This brings back memories.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never been here. That was you and Amod.

So you want to pretend that life never happened?

Our life as Amod was a dark one. Amamethysta couldn’t accept that she was a man, and I couldn’t accept that we were infertile. We both had an unhealthy way of coping. Amamethysta turned to sex while I turned to drugs.

The combo led us to living an….. interesting life with us landing in jail in various worlds and us dying with a bullet to the head, curtesy of Ves.

Aww, does someone not want Zeke to find out they fucked everything with a hole?

Shut up. He doesn’t need to find out.

He’ll find out eventually. It’s alright if he finds out we’re not perfect.

The guard drops me off in the visitors area where my mother sits at the table, waiting. Her white is pulled up in a severe bun. Her light blue eyes meet mine. My mother is a stereotypical ice phoenix so the slight frown marring her face tells me that she is beside herself with worry.

Out of all my siblings, we’ve been the most spoiled. We were a sickly and tiny hatchling. It didn’t help that were born in the middle of the war. The only reason why she brought us with her while she was on duty was because she didn’t want us dying alone.

I sit in front of her, placing my shackled wrists on the table. She silently gazed at my shackles.

“How is Amay,” she asked calmly.

“She is fine,” I answer just as calmly. “Angry but fine. Once she has calmed, I’ll let her take over.”

“And my grandchildren?”

“Still healthy.”

“And you? Is there anyone here that needs to die?”

“I haven’t been caused undue harm.” I smile and grab her hand. “I’m fine.” She presses something into my hand, I feel it sink into my skin.

“Ves was concerned about you and the hatchlings.” She pauses. “Are the charges true?”


“I was worried there for second. I would be disappointed if you were caught because you left evidence behind.” I never leave behind any evidence.

“You taught me better than that. How is my mate?”

“Your brother is with him.”

There are so many questions I want to ask, but I keep my mouth shut. This conversation is not private, no matter how much I pretend it to be. Only one thing is clear. Someone is trying to frame me.

The only question is who. Unfortunately, I have a long list of enemies. What do they wish to accomplish by bringing me here?

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