Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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34. Amamethysta

I gaze at the sleeping form of my mate, memorizing his face as I run my fingers through his hair. I place a kiss on his temple before retreating into my mind. It’s the safest way for me to express my rage without risking my pregnancy. I glare at Azula.

“What the fuck, Azula,” I say, shoving her. “You couldn’t have let me try to convince him before you took over?”

“If he had kept talking, we would’ve lost our resolve,” Azula says calmly.

“You took away his choice, Azula! He could hate us for that.”

“I’d rather him hate us than leave him suffering.”

I fall silent. Damn her for making a point. I’m still pissed though. I take a calming breath before I pull out of my mind. I stand up and leave the room. My sisters and Kate wait for me outside.

“What did you do to him,” Saph asks.

“I took his memories of me,” I answer. “His mind will fill in the gaps of his memories as needed. You won’t remember me either when you’re around him. I’m risking this happening again. ”

“But what about the mate bond,” Ru asks.

“I can’t break it if that’s what you’re asking. There’s spell that causes him to ignore it. He’ll think he’s mateless.” I pinch the bridge of my nose. “Anyways, I have to go. Thank you for watching over him.” My older sisters pull me into a group hug.

“So are we just going to forget you exist when we’re around Zeke?”

“It’s more like I’m going to slip your mind. Details about me will become hazy until you’re no longer near him. Me doing anything stronger than that requires more magic than I’m willing to spend in my current state.”

“You tell us if you need anything,” Topaz says.

“You have enough on your plate with the pack and everything,” I say, shaking my head.

“We don’t give shit, you bother us if need something.” I smile as pull from their hug. “We’re family.”

“Of course.”


I sit quietly as my family talk amongst themselves. We have a lead to where that traitorous bitch is, but none of us can agree on what we’ll do with her when we find her. Ves sent out a team of spelled robots after her to prevent the bitch from using her powers on whoever we send. We still don’t know that memory power of hers works.

I highly doubt we can force her to undo what she did to Zeke. I’m torn between tormenting her for a thousand years and killing her outright. Either way, she’ll die.

I’m still left with no solution to Zeke’s memory problem. None of the stuff Ves had tried worked, and she’s way more versed in spells than I am. What if we ask our little sister? Fia? The other one. I know you can’t mean Diamond.

Then it clicks.

“What if ask her for help,” I ask. My family stares at me.

“You’ve lost me,” Fia says.

“The younger sister who shall not be named.”

“You want the help of the help of a dark Fae,” Mother asks. “Even if she is your family, it will still cost you.”

“I’m willing to pay any cost for my mate.”

“Do you have to,” Fia whines. “She’s creepy.”

“You don’t have to stay if you’re scared.”

“I’m not.” I’m very tempted to tease her, but stop myself.

“If you say so. I’m going to call her. This is your last chance to run away if you want.” She glares at me.

“I’m not running.”

“Sinforiana,” I call out. A few minutes pass before the room turns pitch black.

“Hello, elder sister,” a voice says in the dark. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I require a favor.”

Light slowly return into the room, and I find myself staring into the lavender eyes of my younger sister. She’s the same height as me. Her skin is a dark brown.

She has the features of a typical dark Fae: sharp cheekbones, pointed ears, and dark hair. Her straight black hair is pulled into a high ponytail. She’s wearing a intricate black dress.

Sinforiana is the Fae sister I shifted early for. She is a part of the only other birth family I’ve liked other than my current one. To be honest, I don’t know why she likes me. We weren’t raised together, and she has every reason to hate me because she’s in my debt since I saved her life.

Her eyes land on my stomach. She kneels in front of me and places her hand on my stomach. She gazes at me.

“You’re pregnant,” she says. Her eyes narrows. “And I wasn’t informed.”

“I was going to tell you after they were born,” I tell her.

“How would I be able to prepare for their christening if you wanted until the last minute to tell me?”

“Sin, I want it to be small.” I might as well give on that hope. There is no way that my Fae family is going to let this go.

“The family does not do small.” She stands. “Now, why did you summon me?”

“My mate’s memory has been altered. Nothing we’ve tried worked. Plus, anytime anyone tries to tell him what really happened, he has a physical reaction, as if his body is rejecting the truth. I erased his memories to stop it from happening.”

“What is the price that you’re willing to pay,” She asks as she smiles at me, her eyes turning completely black.

“What will cost me?”

“I need to look at him before I can tell you.” I show her a picture of him on my phone. “I’ll be back.” She vanishes. I hear Fia sigh in relief.

“She makes me glad we never went to war with the Dark Faes,” Fia says.

“You weren’t even alive when we were at war,” Ori says.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t have been born if we had went to war against them.”

“Thank you for your confidence, daughter,” Mother says. Fia laughs nervously before grabbing Mother’s arm.

“Mom, calm down. I was just kidding.”

Sin reappears.

“What an interesting situation,” Sin says as she walks towards me. “A spell that you engraved into his skin is the reason why he’s in pain. If that spell didn’t exist, whatever your Aunt had done to him wouldn’t have caused him any pain. Though, without that spell, what she did would have been permanent. I only need your blood as the cost. You wiping his memories of you is only a temporary fix.”

“You can have it,” I answer. Ask her what she’s going to do with it. I don’t want to. I don’t want to know what she’ll do with it, and it’s not like she’s going to tell us anything. Fair point.

“I’ll collect it later.” Her eyes land on my stomach. “Don’t want to risk anything happening to my godchildren.” She stares pointedly at me. “Right?”

“I need to consult with my mate about that.” She says nothing as her eyes turn back to it’s normal lavender.

“It will take some time to create what you need. See you later, sister.”

She vanishes again.


I’m woken up by a kick to my stomach. My eyes snap open as I rub my stomach. I groan and turn over in bed. There’s no way these active shits are going to let me go back to sleep.

It’s been two weeks since I spoke to Sin. I’m staying at Ves’s home. My family is being overprotective and refuse to let me go to my own home where I have servants to take care of me. I’m still here because I don’t have the energy to fight them and getting riled up isn’t good for my pups. Ves appears next to the bed.

“Need anything,” she asks.

“Nothing,” I groan. She helps me out out bed and helps me get ready. She’s taking the doctor’s order very serious.

I sit at the dinner table and force myself to eat the food that my cousin made. It makes me want to vomit, but I need to eat. I get through a fourth of it before giving up, throwing my fork at my plate. Tears run down my face. Shit, I hate it whenever this happens.

“Amay, what’s wrong,” Ves asks.

“Nothing,” I sob. I throw my hands up. “Everything. I miss my mate, my back hurts, and your food tastes like shit.”

“Wow, thanks.” She tries to hugs me, but I push her away. I find her scent overpowering.

“Your perfume is too strong.”

“I don’t have any perfume on.” I sniffle.

“You calling me a liar?” More tears stream down my face. I don’t even know why I’m crying. Tears just pour at of my eyes.

“Nononono.” She looks at me with a panicked expression. “Uh, I was just…. WantmetocallAunty? Sounds good? I-I-I’ll go get her.” She sprints out of the room. Sin appears in the room. She looks at me.

“Who made you cry,” she asks, frowning and eyes turning black.

“No one,” I sniff. “It’s just hormones.” Her eyes turn back to normal.

“Here.” She hands me a vial with black liquid. “Your mate need drink all of it. It will get rid of his altered memories.” I take it from her as I wipe away my tears.

“A pleasure doing business with you,” I say instead of thanking her. It’s never a good idea to thank a Fae. It’s a great way to end up in their debt or as their slave.

“Same. Be sure to call me when they’re born. Or I might take personally offense. See you later.” She vanishes.

“Ves,” I yell. I don’t know if she’s still in the house. If she doesn’t come soon, I’m leaving without her. She zips into the room with my mother.

“What is it,” she asks. I show them the vial.

“I need to see my mate.”

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