Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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1. The Christening

A/N: mature content ahead

Time: one month later


I fidget with my suit as I wait for Amethyst to come out. She steps out of our room wearing a royal blue dress that hugs her figure. It’s bedazzled in what I can only assume is real precious stones.

I feel like Amethyst’s hair has grow really fast over the last month. She has it pulled up in a simple ponytail. She smiles at me.

“You look beautiful,” I say. I can help but feel so lucky that I have her as a mate. She cups my neck and pulls me into a kiss.

“And you look delicious in your suit,” she says as her hands roam down my back. “I can’t wait to take it off of you.”

My heart stutters in my chest. I can’t wait either. I lean forward to kiss her lips but the sound of Asher fussing has me pulling away from her. I move toward my son, taking him out of his car seat.

He’s the quiet one of the two. If he’s like this, it’s usually for a reason. I check his diaper and find it wet. I waste no time changing him and rocking him in my arms for a bit before putting him back in his seat.

The room darkens. I tense as my eyes meet glowing lavender ones. The room brightens. Sin smiles at me. It’s not friendly. Her eyes soften when they land my pups.

“Hello,” she says. “How are the little ones?”

“They’re fine,” I answer. “Just sleeping.”

I step back and let her look at them. I find her kind of scary, but she loves my pups so I put up with her scary disposition. It’s not like she’s trying to scare me on purpose. She just has I’m going to eat you alive vibes.

“I’ve arranged your transport. It’s outside.” She runs the back of her finger down Alyn’s cheek. “I will put them inside.”

She says nothing as she grabs the car seats and carried them out of the house. Amethyst comes up behind me and grabs my hands. We walk outside together. I spot Sin putting the pups in a horse drawn carriage.

My jaw drops. Correction, it’s a unicorn drawn carriage. The carriage is black and purple with tiny hints of blue in it. The unicorns are black with white horns. I stare at them in fascination. This is so cool.

Amethyst doesn’t even spare them a glance. I guess this isn’t new to her. We get inside of it and sit down, facing our pups. Sin doesn’t say anything as she closes the door.

“Do you think she’s still mad at me for letting her only be the godmother to Alyn,” I ask as the carriage jolts forward.

“She’s definitely mad,” she answers. She leans against me. “She’ll get over it in couple centuries.”

“That’s a long time to be angry. I’d be dead by the time she gets over it.”

“It’s funny how you think I would live without you.”

“You are immortal, and I’m not. I thought it was a given.”

“Our mating bond will keep you alive as long as I live.” I gaze at Alyn and Asher.

“I’ll outlive them?” My heart feels heavy at the thought. Amethyst interlace our fingers.

“No. Assuming they have a mortal mate, and their pups have mortal mates, you’ll only outlive your great grandpups.”

“Oh.” I sigh in relief and feel the carriage come to a stop.

“Before we get out, tell me the rules.”

“Don’t thank anyone and don’t take anything that gets offered to me,” I answer. I’ve had to say this so many times. I would complain, but Amethyst is tense as it is.

“Good.” She kisses my cheek. “Don’t forget it”

“I won’t.”

I take Alyn out of her seat while Amethyst does the same with Asher. We cradle our pups in our arms as we step out of carriage and come face to face to the sight of a castle. It’s very gothic in it’s style. So many questions run through my mind, and I’m not sure which one to ask.

“How did we get here so fast,” I ask as we walk through the entrance.

“The unicorns,” Amethyst answers. “Their horns give them the ability to travel different dimensions.”

“So it’s like what you can do.” I gaze at the unicorns again. That’s kind of cool.

“Do you want one?”

“We don’t have anywhere to keep one.”

“We’d have room at our second home.”

“I don’t need one. I’m sure that they’d be expensive. You seem very familiar with this place,. Have you been here before?”

“Yes. I came here after I saved Sin.”

“So this isn’t her home or anything?”

“No,” Sin answers from behind me, causing me to jump. It very concerning how she pops up without making a single sound.“This is the home the king and queen.” My eyes widen.

“Are we going to meet them,” I ask as panic starts to set in.

“Of course. You are the mate of my savior. Every Dark sidhe child is considered precious. I am 1 of the 30 children that were born in the last 600 years. I may be in her debt, but Amamethysta is celebrated here.”

“It’ll be fine, Mate,” Amethyst says, grabbing my free hand. “I’ll be with you the whole time.”

I take a calming breath just as we come up to large double doors. I check behind me and see that Sin is gone. The doors open, revealing a sea of black haired Faes staring at us.

We walk along the dark carpeted path. I would stare at everything but I don’t want to risk dropping Alyn. We reach a fancy sofa at the end of a flight of stairs. Amethyst lets go of my hand and sits on it. I copy her actions.

“We will now commence the gifting,” a male voice announces in the distance. I watch Faes line up and make their way up towards me. A couple approaches us first. Their skin is pale, paler than mine which is saying something.

They look young which doesn’t say much about their actual age. Even Amethyst’s parents who are thousands of years old look only a couple years older than me. I look for any hints on them that would clue me in on how old they really are.

“Congratulations on the birth of your child,” the woman responds, her eyes turn black as they land on Alyn. “For the girl, I grant her a favor without a cost.”

“For the boy, I grant the same,” the man says.

“Tha-your gift is appreciated,” I say. They nod before touching Alyn and Asher’s forehead. They go back down the stairs.

We go through this process over and over with different Fae. Halfway through, Alyn wakes up and starts crying which causes Asher to wake and do the same. We take a brief break to change and feed the both of them before going back to accepting gifts.

The Faes that come after seem to turn into mush as Alyn coos at them while they try to present their gifts. It makes them less scary to me. I relax.

Just as the final Fae is presenting her gift, Asher decides to shift and jump out Amethyst’s arm. His snout slams into the ground. I wince, but Asher quickly recovers. He shakes his head before running to the woman. He rubs his black fur against her leg.

She looks at me with a panicked expression. I can’t help but find it funny. I gesture for to pick him up. She gathers the hyper pup in her arms. He moves around, placing his paws on her chest and licking her face. She laughs then plays with him for bit before putting Asher down on the ground.

He barks happily before chasing his tail. He runs around then suddenly shifts into his human form. He starts crying. I hand his sister to Amethyst and move to pick him up. I hold him to me.

“It’s ok,” I say as I rock him and take away his pain which thankfully, isn’t much. “Daddy’s got you.” I make shushing noises as I rock him until he quiets. I sit down on the sofa, and Amethyst magics him some clothes.

“We will now commence with the christening,” the same disembodied voice from earlier says.

Sin appears in front of us and takes Asher and Alyn. She cradles them in her arms as she walks away. Amethyst cups my neck. I relax against her touch. The next part was explained to me earlier, but I don’t like the thought people holding sharp objects around my pups.

If they slip up and hurt Alyn or Asher, there will be hell to pay. Sin walks onto a stage, placing both Alyn and Asher on separate short pillars. Then two other woman step onto the stage. One them looks exactly like Amethyst except door the fact that she’s taller, older, and has pointed ears. I look at Amethyst confused.

My grandmother.

That explains the resemblance.

The three Faes begin saying something in a different language. As they dance around the pillars that hold our pups. I watch in fascination. I turn to Amethyst.

What are they saying?

They’re making an appeal to their gods

Then come the part I was dreading.

First they circle Alyn, pulling out large swords out of no where. They bring tips of their swords together above Alyn’s head. Each of the woman then bring their hand against a their blade, swing their words back, and press their bleeding hands together.

They something in the same foreign language, causing a light to appear. The light gently lands on Alyn’s face before fading away. I glance at Amethyst again.

They’re blessing her.

They repeat the process with Asher. Then it’s over. That wasn’t too bad.


Amethyst pulls me by my tie into our bedroom. She pulls my jacket off and yanks my shirt open.

“Amethyst,’ I whine. “Stop ruining my clothes.”

“Is that an order,” she asks, her eyes turning white.

My heart beats faster. I’m so tempted to tease her and cause Azula take control. I shake my head, and her eyes flicker back to blue. She pulls me in for a kiss, pushing me back until the back of my legs hit the bed.

“I just want to take care of the things you give me,” I say. She sits me on the the edge of the bed and steps back from me. I watch as she slowly undresses. She smiles as she saunters towards me naked.

“Oh, Zeke.”

She says nothing else as she traces my jaw with her fingers. We have had this conversation so many times, but I’d rather take this time to actually savor her. For the last two month, we spent our free time getting much needed sleep and settled for quickies here and there.

I scoot back on the bed as she climbs on top of me. Amethyst sucks on my neck and pushes me onto my back. My hands run down her back, and I lean my head back to give her more access to my neck. I gasp as she moves her lips down my chest. She latches onto my nipple, circling it with tongue.

She gives her attention to the other one before trailing kisses down my stomach. She smiles at me as she pulls the waistband of my pants and boxers down, revealing my erection.

I moan as she kisses the base my shaft then licks her way up and down. I grip the sheets as she take me inside her mouth. She bobs her head. I writhe beneath her as she moves.

She sits back, causing me to slip out of her mouth. She crawls up my body and sinks onto me, taking my penis into her moist center. I moan as she rocks her hips. She interlaces our finger and presses my hands onto the bed before devouring my lips.

I eagerly return her kiss. She moves her hips until we both climax. I wrap my arms around her and sit up. I say nothing as catch my breath.

“C-could I be on top,” I ask as I grow hard again.

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