Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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5. Zeke

A/N: So, uh, trigger warning? I suck at these because I'm an insensitive prick

I wake up full of dread. Tomorrow is the day that marks the beginning of the pack meetup. It's a week-long event that allows the pack to get to know each other and find a mate. This one starts Thursday and ends on Thanksgiving next week. Our pack is so big that it's possible to be in the same pack as your mate but never meet them.

I get ready and go to school. Everyone is buzzing with excitement as they talk about tomorrow. The tension doesn't leave my body until I see Amethyst. Even then, it doesn't leave me completely.

"I have something for you," Amethyst says after I finish eating. I look at her with interest. She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a small gift-wrapped box. She hands it to me. I take it from her, turning it over in my hands. "Open it."

I carefully unwrap my gift, revealing a box. I open the box and see a smartphone. I pick it and gaze at Amethyst in shock. I've never been given a gift from anyone that wasn't family before. My eyes begin to burn, and I turn my face away from her, embarrassed that I'm about to start crying in front of my mate.

"Thank you," I tell her, still not facing her. She starts playing with my hair.

"You're welcome," she says. "The pin is the date we met. My number is already saved on it so you can call me or text me anytime you want. You don't have to worry about the phone bill or anything. I've added you to my plan."

"You don't have to do that."

"I want to. Now with that out of the way. Could you tell, Mate, what has you so tense today? You're usually putty by now."


"Liar." She doesn't sound angry. I peek at her face. She doesn't look angry either. She gazes at me with an air of expectancy and patience.

"The pack meetup is tomorrow and I don't look f-forward to it."

"Then don't go."

"I have to. Submissives work as servers and help set everything up. T-the dominants like to take advantage of us, and top of that, I won't get to see you all day."

"I'll join you."

"You can't. They don't allow d-dominant wolves to be present during preparations."

"So you'll be safe before the meetup?" I nod my head. "Well, you can always call me during the prep, and I'll make sure to show up as soon as it starts. Sounds good?" I nod, finally able to completely relax.


After school, I head straight home.

"You're home early," Kate says as I enter the house.

"I wanted to rest," I tell her. "Are Mom and Dad home?"

"Nope. Are you nervous about the meetup? I know I am. What's it like?"

"Not anymore. It's scary, but you should be fine as long as you stay with Ellie. Amethyst is going too."

"Amethyst told me she wasn't going."

"She changed her mind." Kate raises a brow at me.

"Oh, tell me more."

"There's nothing to tell."

"Just tell me what you did to convince her to go."

"I didn't do anything."

"Oh, please. You have that alpha wrapped around your finger."

"You're wrong. She's just nice," I tell her, my face red. I decide to change the subject. "She bought me a phone."

"What, really?! Let me see!"

I take my phone from my pocket and show it to her. She looks at it in awe.

"It's the latest model too," she mutters. "I'm jealous, but happy for you."

"Thanks." I give her a hug. "I'm heading to bed, need my rest for tomorrow."

"You're not going to eat dinner?"I shake my head.

"I had a big lunch."

"Kk, night."

"Good night."

I go to my room and change into my pajama. I plop onto my bed and quickly fall asleep. I wake up and check the time. It's 9. I look at my phone and wonder if what Amethyst is doing. She said I could call her anytime I want, and I want to hear her voice. I love the sound of her voice. It's so femininely deep and soothing. Gathering my courage, I find her number in my contacts. I smile when I see that she saved it as 'Sexy Mate.' I call her. She picks up after two rings.

"Hello, Mate," She says. Now that she's answered, I feel a little stupid for calling.

"H-hi," I say.

"Did you need something?"

"It's stupid."

"That's fine. No judgment here."

"I-I wanted to hear your voice." I hear her laugh, and my face goes red.

"You are good for my ego, Mate. I'll talk." She talks to me, telling me stories until I fall asleep.

The next day, I wake up and get ready. I get dressed, wearing a server uniform. Kate and I head to the main pack house. The pack house is huge, standing three stories high with the ability to house over 400 people at once. We're greeted by Beta Frank as we enter the large estate.

"You two," the gruff wolf says. "Go decorate the west wing. The supplies are in the back."

"Yes, Beta," Kate replies. I stay silent. We both quickly head to the back of the house. After grabbing as much we can carry from the stack of supplies, we go to the wing. There are other submissives already setting things up. We follow their lead in how to set up everything.

It's go time. I ended up being too busy to call Amethyst. My palm feels sweaty as people start showing up. Kate and I have ended up being separated, with me serving on the third floor of the main building and her on the second floor of the east wing.

My section is soon filled with people. I do my job of wordlessly serving drinks and food. I move quickly, making sure not to capture the attention of any specific wolf. I haven't seen Amethyst yet, but everything is going well so far.

"Hello, Omega," a she-wolf purrs in my ear. I immediately stiffen, recognizing the voice. I take off, not even bothering to look back. I don't get far before I'm yanked back by my hair. "No, no, no little omega. You're not going anywhere. I've been searching for you for the last hour. It's been a long time since we played."

She releases her dominance. I bare my neck and whimper as her dominance hits me like a brick wall. She turns me around. Pressing her lips to my neck, she bites me. I wince. I want to pull away but I can't do anything while she is still pushing out her dominance. Amber is a beta ranked she-wolf that I met 2 years ago at the pack meetup. She's an older wolf, being 37. Her hair is a mousy brown and her eyes are green.

"I've missed you," She says, pressing her chest against me. "Follow me."

Instead of obeying her command, I resist. Unlike that time with Clara, the reaction to my resistance is immediate. There's a sharp pain in my head and everything goes black. I wake up in a bed naked. Amber is naked and kneeling over me, her legs straddling my hips and her arms next to my head.

"What a naughty omega, resisting my order like that," Amber says as she turns her nails into claws and digs them into my face, dragging them down to my jaw. "Now, how should I punish you?"

I say nothing. I do nothing. Fighting her only makes everything worse. I retreat into my mind, seeing everything that happens as if it's being done to someone else. She can do whatever she wants to my body. I don't react as she presses herself to me rubbing her private on mine. Suddenly, the pressure of her body is gone. Confused, I sit up to see Amethyst fighting her just outside the room.

Amber shifts into a brown wolf and lunges at Amethyst. She ducks, grabbing the underside of Amber in her wolf form and throws her over the railing. I hear a thud and yelp as Amber hits the grounds. Amethyst jumps after her, hopping over the railing. I look around the room for my clothes as I hear the sound of their fight continuing. I quickly throw my clothes on and run down to the first floor. By the time I make it down, the fight is over. I find Amethyst straddling Amber's naked human body.

"He's mine. You old bitch," Amethyst says. "And If you ever touch him again, I will fucking kill you. Understood?"

"You-," Amber starts but Amethyst slams her against the ground.

"Yes or Fucking no."

"Yes." Amethyst then sends so much dominance to Amber that Amber passes out. Amethyst stands. My heart races as she walks over to me. She says nothing as she takes in my disheveled appearance. I feel embarrassed at my current state. She grabs my arm and pulls me after her as she leaves the pack house.

She places me in the front passenger seat and puts my seatbelt on. She gets in on the driver's side and drives off. The car ride is tense, leaving me feeling uncomfortable. She probably hates me now. She parks the car in the driveway of an unfamiliar house. She gets out of the car. I unbuckle my seatbelt as she walks over to my side and pulls me out of the car.

She drags me along as she unlocks the door of the house and enters. This must be her home. I'm then taken into a large bathroom where she starts removing my clothes. I raise my hands to stop her, but her warning growl stops me. I don't want her to see my body. It's disgusting. I don't want her to look at it with disgust.

But her face is blank as the scars on my upper body are revealed and is the same when the scars on my lower body are exposed too. She strips to her bra and panties and turns on the shower where she starts bathing me and washing my hair. Her touches aren't sexual but don't feel impersonal either. She's gentle and caring as she washes me.

Once I'm all clean, she takes me out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my head and drying my body. Amethyst dries herself before leaving the bathroom. She comes back with pajama pants and helps me put it on. She stares at my cheek for a moment. By now, there's probably only a bruise left where Amber clawed me.

She leads me out of the bathroom and into a blue room full of her scent. She sits me in the chair in front of a vanity and blowdries my hair. After my hair is dried, she leads me to the bed, pulling the covers back and pulling them back over me. I find her behavior strange but I don't say anything because feels like she needs to do this. She walks out of my line of sight. I hear change out of her wet undergarments into a t-shirt then climb into bed. She wraps her around my waist and presses her face to my back.

"Who gave you those scars, Mate," she asks quietly. My eyes widen and my heart races. I don't want to tell her, but that's stupid because she could easily find out by asking others. I squeeze my eyes shut. I can pretend I'm telling an empty room.

"A-alpha Carter," I answer. She holds me tighter. "T-they fade after a while but h-he tries to keep them f-fresh."

"Does he touch when he gives you those scars?" I start hyperventilating. The room gets cold as I feel like my throat is closing. I tremble, not wanting to say anything, not wanting to remember anything. I don't want her to know. I don't want her to see me as less than as used goods. I can't speak so I nod my head. She places a kiss on my back and rubs her hands in a soothing motion against my chest.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry."

"You have nothing to apologize for."

She continues to comfort me until I fall into a dreamless sleep.

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