Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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1.5 The Christening part 2

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Amethyst rolls us over so that I’m on top of her. I move back to take off the rest of my clothes before lying on top of her again. I can’t help but be a little nervous. Amethyst cups my face.

“Relax,” she says. She gently kisses my lips. “Do what you want. If I don’t like it, I’ll let you know.” I nod.

I kneel between her legs and grab her hand. I bring the back of it to my lips, giving it a slow kiss. I leisurely kiss my way up her arm, tasting her skin. Her eyes are trained on me as I lean over her and kiss her shoulder.

Impulsively, I bite down on the space between her neck and shoulder, breaking skin. She moans and grips my biceps. I feel a little bad so I lap up her blood and pepper the bite with kisses before moving onto her neck.

I pepper her neck with kiss before sucking on it. Amethyst gasps and run her nails down my back, lightly scratching my skin. I moan as I move lower, kissing her chest. I take a nipple in my mouth and gently suck on it, being careful not to draw out any milk.

“Just fuck me already,” Amethyst moans. I lift my mouth from her breast and smile down at her.

“No,” I say as I kiss her other breast. “You said I could do whatever want.”

She says nothing as I take her nipple into my mouth and roll my tongue around it. I trail kisses to her mark. I nip at it. She gasps and arches her back. I continue to move down her body until I reach her core.

I place her legs over my shoulders and kiss her inner thigh. I tentatively press my tongue past her slick folds. I become nervous again. I’ve only done this with Azula. I don’t know if Amethyst will react differently.

I gently suck on her clit then lap her up her juices. I alternate between drawing patterns in her fold, sucking on her clit, and lapping her up. My confidence grows as Amethyst moans her encouragement.

I add my fingers, thrusting them into her core. She grips my hair and grind against face. I increase my pace until she comes. I lift my face from her and climb up her body. I kiss her lips then bury my face in her neck, feeling embarrassed about what I want to ask her to do.

“Don’t be shy now,” she say, gripping my hair. “Tell me what you want.”

She releases my hair. My face reddens as I sit back

“C-could you g-get on your knees,” I stutter. She sits up and holds my chin between her finger and thumb. My mouth turns dry.

“Is that an order?”

“A r-request.”

She releases my chin then gets on her hands and knees, wagging her bottom at me. I lean forward and line kisses up her spine. We both moan as I slowly enter her. I straighten and hold her hips. I thrust into her.

I moan as I move in and out of her. My thrusts become more forceful as she encourages my actions. It isn’t long before we both come.

Afterward, we lie on sides. Her back is to my front, and I have my arms wrapped around her. I snuggle against her. A sense of pride fills me. I’m happy that I was able to pleasure her. I fight the urge to heal the bite I left on her. I know how much she like me leaving marks on her.

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