Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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2. Secrets Revealed

Time: One month and one week later


I stare at Aunt Maleah. The traitorous bitch is strapped to the chair. She has enough drugs pumped into her to keep using her powers, hopefully. I do have several measures in place to protect me from any shit she might try so I’m not particularly worried.

“Hello, niece,” she says as smiles at me, her words slurring together. “Come to kill me at last?”

“Yes,” I answer. “But before I do, I want you to tell me why.”

“Why?” She starts laughing hysterically. “Why I tried to kill your spawns? Why I messed with your mate’s memories? You killed my fucking mate and then poisoned my daughter mind!”

“I didn’t poison her mind, your mate deserved it.” I sigh. This is why I liked her way more when she had lost her memories. She was less of stupid bitch. “It’s not my fault that you refuse to acknowledge that your mate raped your daughter.”

“He would never! You got into Ves’s head and turned her against him. I would’ve killed your mate but I didn’t want you running to your brother to fix everything.”

I say nothing, but I feel confused by her statement. It makes less sense than usual, and I have no idea what she is talking about. She smirks at me.

“Oh, you don’t remember,” she asks. “I guess Azula’s keeping secrets.” She starts laughing again.

Azula what is she talking about?

Are you really going to listen to her ramblings?

Yes, because she clearly has a point, and you’re acting suspicious as hell.

I can’t tell you.


Because I can’t.

That was completely unhelpful. I turn my attention away from my phoenix and focus on Maleah. She’s still cackling like an idiot. I walk to the wall and press a button on it. It causes a table to rise from the floor. I gaze at the completely black dagger on it.

The dagger is made of oblidite, a stone that is deadly to phoenixes. I feel sick just being near it. I miss the immunity that I had developed against it in my previous life. I doubt Zeke would let me purposely poison myself. I’ll save convincing him for another day.

My hand burns as I grip the hilt. I move towards my restrained aunt. I grab her hair and yank her head back as I thrust the blade into her chest. She gasps in pain but doesn’t scream as I move the dagger downward.

I release her hair and reach into her chest with my other hand. I only have a few seconds to get this right. I quickly yank out her grey soul’s gem that’s located next to her heart and stab it with the dagger. I watch the life seep from her eyes and listen to her heart stop beating.

I stare at her dead body and wait several minutes to make sure she’s not going to rebirth. Hunting her down would be difficult if that happened. When nothing happens to her body, I toss the dagger from me.

Her blood drips from my fingertips as leave the room. I feel unsatisfied. I didn’t want her to die with any dignity but she still got that. On the bright side, she’s dead. Torturing for a long period of time would be more dangerous than killing her outright.

I use my magic to clean myself off. I need to find Ori. Since Azula’s not being helpful, I’ll have to get information from him. I make my way out of my home and shift into my phoenix form before taking flight.

Maleah essentially suggested that I have asked him to change the past. I can’t see a situation where would ever ask him to that.

Every phoenix has a time related power, and each of them has their own cost. Earth phoenixes are different from the rest of the types. They lose a rebirth with every use of their time power, and they have finite number of rebirths that they can have, varying slightly from phoenix to phoenix.

There is a way that earth phoenixes can pass their cost to a different phoenix, but it even involves passing to someone that the earth phoenix is close to. Most earth phoenixes avoid doing that because it typically results in the phoenix who took the cost not losing a rebirth but dying permanently.

Earth phoenixes have this huge limitation mostly because their time ability is more than a little overpowered. If an earth phoenix decided to go crazy, we would be screwed. It’s more than just more than just being able to go into the past. They can influence lives in way that is on another level.

Thankfully, other types of phoenixes are somewhat safe from being wiped from existence at the whim of an earth phoenix.

I land outside of my brother’s home. I shift back, forming clothes on me. I knock on his door. Freya opens the door. She smiles when she sees me.

“Oh, hi Amay,” she greets. She steps aside and lets me into their home.

“Hi, Freya,” I greet back. “I’m looking for Ori.”

“He’s down the hall.” Ori steps into the hall.

“What is it,” he asks. I gaze up at my brother.

“Have I ever asked you change the past for me,” I ask.

“Why are you asking?”

“Why don’t you just answer the question first?”

“Yes. Did Azula say anything to you?”

“No, it was the traitor bitch. Azula won’t say anything. Why did I ask you to change the past?”

I’m almost scared to hear his answer. I can only think of one reason why I ask my brother to willingly toss away a rebirth.

“Your mate.” He places a hand on my shoulder. “Things never ended well for you two.”

“What happened to him?”

“The first time-”

“The first time? How many times have I come to you?”

“Six.” Six! That’s more than a forth of his total number of rebirths. More question run through my mind.

“Why does Azula remember?”

“I don’t know.” I don’t know why, but I feel like he’s not telling us the full story.

“You’re leaving some important details out, brother.” He sighs.

“Come sit. This is going to take a while.” We move to the dining room. I sit at the table, and he sits across from me. “You’ve only come to me six times, but time has been altered seven times.”

“Who altered it the seventh time?” He smirks.

“The gods.”

A/N: So a hint at Amay’s and apparently Zeke’s past. Is anyone interested in or should i just keep the focus on fluffy fluffs that is the bonus chapters?

The next chapter will be a fluffy fluff... just saying

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