Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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3. Family Life

Time: Two years later


I sit on the grass and watch my pups chase each other. Amethyst is with the triplets, training them. She said our pack needs to be prepared in case the neighboring packs decides to try to take over ours.

Given all the challenges that the triplets face and the fact the pack is half the size it use to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if that did happen, but the attacking pack will be in for a huge surprised. So much has changed in the last two years.

Everybody is being trained to fight or at the very least, defend themselves. It’s made a lot of the submissives in the pack more confident and feel safer. It’s weird. Our pack seems almost happy, so different to how we were with Carter.

I get pulled out of my thought when Alyn trips over a root of a tree. She cries as she holds her knees. I start to move towards her, but stop when I see Asher run up to her, making shushing noises as he rubs her back.

“Ish okay, Sissy,” Asher says before kissing her knee and rubbing it. Alyn stops crying. “Ish bedder now.”

“Tank you, Bubba,” Alyn sniffles. She hugs her brother. I watch as she stands and grabs her brother’s hand. They giggle as they start running again. I smile at their actions.

Their skin tones have darkened to light brown over the years, making them much darker than me but still lighter than Amethyst. Alyn’s eyes are still as pale as they were when she was born and Asher’s hasn’t changed either.

“Zeke,” a voice says from behind me, causing my smile to drop. I turn and face my mom. “When are you going let us meet them?” Never, if I have any say about it.

“You have met them,” I respond, gesturing towards my oblivious pups. Now go away.

“You know what I mean.” She steps forward. I growl as I move in front of her, blocking her view of my pups.

“I don’t want you near my pups. I don’t want you in their lives. I don’t want you having anything to with them, so please leave before I tell my mate that you’re here.”

“You’re being over dramatic.”

“It’s not over dramatic to protect my pups. As a parent, you should understand. You have at least two of your own that you still care about.”

“Go away, bish,” Alyn yells.

I look down in time to see her little form run past me. I quickly pick her up before she reaches my mom. Alyn crosses her arms and glares at her grandmother. I hear Asher growl. His fur brushes up against my calf as he circles protectively around me.

Mom gazes at him in shock. Even though he’s only two, his wolf is big for his age, being about the same size as mine. He continues to growl at my mom.

“I see they take after their mother,” Mom says, gazing at them fondly. She looks back at me. “Can’t you give us another chance?”

“No,” I respond. “Could you leave now? You’re upsetting them.”

“Fine, but this isn’t over.” She walks away.

“Stupid bish,” Alyn says after Mom is gone. I laugh and ruffle her curly hair.

“Alyn, no, that’s a bad word,” I respond.

This is Amethyst’s fault. I place Alyn on the ground. She pouts, but I’m soon forgotten by her when Asher licks her face.

“Bubba, ewww,” she giggles as she pushes his snout away from her. “I wanna play.”


“Daddy, where Sissy,” Asher asks as he rubs the sleep from his eyes.

“She’s sleeping right here,” I answer, gesturing to my and Amethyst’s bed. He looks where I point.

“Where’s Mommy?”

“You want to find her together?”

He nods. I walk over to him and hold his hand. I know where she is but still go through the motion through each room, searching for her with him. We walk into the kitchen.

“Mommy,” Asher yells as he releases my hand and runs toward Amethyst. She picks him up and kisses his cheek.

“How’s my beautiful son,” she asks.

“I woke up an Sissy was not wit me. I was scared an look for her. She in Mommy Daddy room.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, then can’t find Mommy but Daddy help me.”

Amethyst begins cooking with him on her hips as Asher goes on, talking about his day. I hear Alyn starting to wake up again, so I head back to our room. I find her sitting in the center of the bed.

“Daddy,” she cries out. She jumps off the bed. I catch her before she hits the ground. My pup is crazy. She giggles at me, acting as if she didn’t just try to kill herself. “Where Bubba?”

“He’s with Mommy,” I answer as I carry her into the kitchen.

“Bubba!” She wiggles in my arms, and I put her on the ground.

“Sissy,” Asher yells. Amethyst puts him on the ground. I watch as our pups run toward each and hug like they hadn’t seen each other in forever and not an hour ago.

I laugh softly. Goddess, I love them.



I wake up to Zeke pressing his face into my neck. He wraps his arms around my waist.

“You smell so good,” he says as he grind against my thigh. His scent is more potent as it reaches my nose.

I touch his forehead with the back of my hand. He’s warm. His heat came a little earlier than expected. His eyes are brown as he climbs on top of me, his hands moving under my shirt.

His eyes change back to blue when there’s a knock on our room door. He looks at me with a panicked expression even as he continues to touch my body.

“Mommy, Daddy,” the two little cockblockers call out from the other side of the door. I groan and pull away from Zeke. He whimpers as I climb out of the bed. I fix my clothes and open the door. Alyn moves to enter the room. I tense.

“Stay back, Alyn,” I growl at her.

Ash grabs his sister’s arm and stands in front of her. He growls back as he holds my gaze. I relax, grateful that my son has good enough instincts to recognize the danger I pose them right now.

I don’t want anyone but me to see Zeke right now. His heat always makes me territorial, and I need to get them out of the house during it. I close the door behind me and touch the top Ash’s head. He relaxes some but not completely.

“Daddy’s hurting,” he states seriously.

“Mommy’s going to help Daddy,” I tell him. “Let’s go to Auntie Kate.”

I pick the both of them up and leave the house, heading to the house next door. I put them down and pound on the front door. I don’t have to wait long before Kate opens.

“Amay,” she says in a confused tone. “What’s wrong?”

“Watch them for a bit. I’ll tell you more later.” I gently push them forward.

“Okay.” She yawns.

“Thanks, bye.” I take off.

I enter our home. I can hear Zeke’s whimper even before I reach our room. I open the door and find him naked on our bed, stroking himself. He sits up when he spots me.

“You took too long,” he whines. He lets go of his dick and crawls towards the edge of the bed. “Hurry up. It feels good when you touch me.”

He grabs me by the shirt and pulls me onto the bed. He kisses my lips and quickly tears my clothes off. He places himself between my legs. I switch our position and sink onto his dick, causing Zeke to moan. I grip his hair, pulling his head back, I suck on his neck.

His nails dig into my back as I move on top of him. It’s not long before he comes inside of me. He rolls on top of me, nuzzling my neck. He grabs my hand.

“Mate feels so good,” I smile.


“They almost caught me in heat,” Zeke groans after he finishes a bite of food. He covers his face. “So embarrassing.”

“They didn’t see anything,” I assure him.

“But they heard!” I don’t bother hiding my amusement as he rolls back and forth on the bed. He stops suddenly and look at me. “You growled at our pups.”

“Only at Alyn. She was too eager to come into our room.” He sighs and climbs onto my lap. He pushes my back onto the bed.

“So possessive.” He kisses my lips. “Growl at my pup again, and you’re sleeping on the couch.” I frown. That’s cruel.

“Fine, fine. It won’t happen again.” He gives me a blinding smile. I guess I can go easier on the little cockblockers. I watch his eyes turn brown before he kisses me again and places my hand on his ass. I give it a smack.

“Use your words, Zeke.”

A/N: IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Male Amay or Futa Amay?

(I am not giving you any context of where or how this is being used. I’m just giving you the choice and asking that you answer the question lol)

Also, Alyn and Asher give me life. They are too cute. anybody else?

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