Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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7. Amethyst

We stand at the front door of the sub house. Zeke told me that the submissives here have agreed to my terms. My birth sisters stand behind me and Zeke as he knocks on the door. The door opens, revealing the old she-wolf from last time. She becomes nervous when she sees my birth sisters.

"Hello," she says to my birth sisters, ignoring me and Zeke. "What brings you here?"

"We're with him," Topaz says, pointing to Zeke. "Just act like we ain't here."

"Ok, then. Right this way."

She turns around and leads us into the house. I find it interesting that she wants to treat him with respect now that there's someone that she knows is very dominant here. She leads us to a room with the injured she-wolf. She lays in the bed, gasping for breath.

"They tortured her while the raped her," the old she-wolf says before walking out. Zeke is silent as he crouches next to the bed and holds the she-wolf's hand. Her breathing gets better as Zeke's worsens. The scent of his blood fills the air as he continues to heal her and when he's finished, he slumps over.

No longer needing to hold myself back, I move to him and pick him up. I walk past my birth sisters and head to Zeke's room. I gently place him on the bed and look at his face. He has blood leaking from his mouth and open wounds over his face. I find a washcloth. I wet it and use it to wipe the blood off his face. I pull a chair next to the bed and hold his hand as I sit down.

"I'm sorry," Ruby says. I'm sure she's apologizing for asking for a demonstration of Zeke's power.

"It's terrible what's happening here," Topaz says. "These she-wolves.." Are a bunch of bitches that need to stop coming to my mate for healing, but that's not my birth sister is thinking. Sapphire catches my eyes and smiles.

"There's that cold look I know and love," Sapphire says. "You don't give a shit about what is happening here."

I say nothing. My birth sisters are the only ones in my birth family that know that I'm a phoenix and not a wolf. Phoenixes don't believe in protecting the weak, but we have a firm belief in punishing those who prey on the weak and take great joy in doing so. It seems cold to wolves who want to make sure nothing happens to those that are weak but the results are the same regardless of the method. The weak are kept safe.

"I care," I say. "I don't want my mate to have to heal anyone. It would be great if nobody got hurt in the first place."

"How long is he gonna stay like that," Diamond asks.

"A little past an hour and a half."

"We gonna go see if there any minor injuries we can help with," Topaz says before walking out with the rest of my birth siblings, leaving me alone with my mate.

I sit in silence until Zeke wakes up. He gives me a soft smile before squeezing my hand. Zeke is the only person I've ever wanted to protect which is ironic since I can barely protect him in my current state. Once again I'm longing to 16 soon. Just 52 days to go.

"H-how long have I been out," he asks.

"An hour and ten minutes," I answer. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine. W-where are your s-sisters?"

"They went to help the submissives."


I drive Zeke home. Originally, I was going to just drop him off but watching him struggle to take off shows me that he's too tired to walk to his front door safely. I unbuckle his seatbelt. I get out and help him out of the car. He leans against me as we walk to the front door. I knock. Kate opens the door and smiles when she sees us.

"Well, if it isn't the talk of the pack," Kate says. Her face becomes worried as she turns her green to my mate. "Are you alright?" He nods.

"He's tired," I tell her. "Where's his room?"

"Oh, it's over here." She turns and leads us into the house. Zeke's room is barren, only having a bed in it. I frown as I help him to bed. He's asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. I'm walking toward the front door when I'm stopped by a man with dark hair and dark green eyes.

"So you're my son's mate," he says. I don't like the tone he has as he speaks. I look him up and down.

"I am," I tell him, looking him straight in the eyes. He looks away.

"Why haven't you rejected him? He's an omega?"

"Sir, I will give you some respect because you are my mate's father but it's none of your business what I choose to do with my mate."

I walk out of the house before I say anything else.


I sit on a loveseat with my leg crossed as I watch my mate like a hawk as he serves drinks. I swear if anyone approaches him... I take a sip of sparkling grape juice from my cup. We're back in the pack house. Apparently, the submissive alternate the days that they serve for the meetup. I'm wearing white dress pants and a shirt. The shirt has a deep plunging, mesh neckline.

I take this time to admire my mate. He looks good in the server uniform. His long blond hair is pulled back in a low ponytail. He's skinny but he'll have the opportunity to fill out once I feed him more. I stand when I see him stiffen. I search the room for the cause. That's when I see him. Alpha Carter. He's a large man, making my mate look like a child compared to him.

The Alpha gazes down at Zeke, giving my mate a predatory smile. I walk over to Zeke, standing between him and Carter. I subtly hold my mate's hand as I stare into the Alpha's eyes. He removes his attention from Zeke to me, answering my unspoken challenge. Like my older birth sisters, I'm stronger than him, but in my current state, he could beat me if I continue to challenge him. I look away.

"Hello, Alpha Carter," I say.

"You must be the omega's mate I've been hearing so much about," he says with a smile. "When do you plan on rejecting him?"


"Come on. You're an alpha. You could go far in this pack if you dump the omega." He leans forward. "And between you and me. You don't want a mate who didn't keep himself pure. He'll let anyone do anything to him." Fuck you.

"I'll keep that in mind."

"See that you do." He looks to Zeke. "Winter break is just around the corner." He walks away.

I wait until he's out of my line of sight before turning my attention to Zeke who has my hand in a death grip. His face is pale, and his eyes are vacant. It's a look he had when we first met. I gently pull my hand from his and clasp it again as I face him properly. I slowly push my aura to his.

He whimpers and bares his neck but doesn't snap out of it. I push more to him, and he lets out a moan. He shutters as I cup his neck and rub my thumb against his throat. I pull back my aura, and he blinks at me.

"Welcome back, Mate," I tell him before planting a quick kiss on his neck.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry," he stammers. He drops his serving tray as he falls to his knee. He holds onto my leg. "D-don't reject me, p-p-please." Shit. I really need to watch what I say in front of him. I quickly kneel in front of him and cup his face, wiping away his tears with my thumbs.

"Mate, look at me. Look at me. I am yours. Nothing's ever going to change that."


"Yes, yours." He finally relaxes, and I pull him up as I stand. "Just as much as you're mine."

I give him a peck on the lips before stepping away from him. As I walk back to my seat, I take in the faces of the nearby wolves, fully aware that they heard our conversation. Some of the faces hold envy while the majority hold disgust. I don't care what they think as long they stay away from Zeke.

After the meetup's over, I take Zeke to my house. My phoenix is feeling restless, so I don't want to let him out of my sight. It's not as bad as it was the day before yesterday but it's not much better either. I turn to Zeke as we pass through the front door.

"You want to wash up together," I ask. He looks at me with wide eyes before blushing heavily as he nods. My breath hitches. Damn, his blushing face is an unexpected turn on. I press him against the wall and nuzzle his neck. "Be careful, Mate, or we might end up doing more than showering."

I grab his hand and pull him to the bathroom. I turn on the water and set the temperature before stripping. I turn and see that Zeke has his back facing he takes off his clothes. I smile at his strange sense of modesty for a shifter. I stare at the scars on his back. They look like they're starting to fade away. I think back to what Zeke told me about them. I'll ask him about it later. Right now, I want to tease my mate, torturing the both of us. I step closer to him and wrap my arms around him, pressing my breasts to his back.

"Need any help with your pants," I purr into his ear. He stiffens, his ears turning red.

"N-n-no," he says. "I, uh, g-got this." He starts breathing hard as I run my hands up and down his chest, playing with his nipples.

"Are you sure?" My hands drift lower. He nods his head. I plant a kiss on his shoulder before pulling away from him. "I'll leave you to it."

I step into the shower, and not long after, Zeke steps in after me. We shower. I keep my hands to myself because I know if I touch him right now, my phoenix will try to mark him, and the last thing I need is an early shift. Last time I shifted early, I had to die twice before I was back to normal. After our shower, we dry ourselves, and I lead Zeke to my room. I hand him pajama pants to wear and I change into my pajamas. I climb into bed with Zeke soon joining me.

"Why did the Alpha mention winter break," I ask Zeke as I snuggle him. He stiffens briefly before relaxing from my touch.

"I h-heal over the b-break," he answers. "F-from my p-punishment."

"Punishment for what?"I ask, holding him tighter. He shrugs his shoulder.

"For being an omega?"

"I'm not letting him do that."

"No!" Zeke turns and faces me. "He'll, he'll p-punish y-you too. He's t-the Alpha, and, and y-you can't shift. He c-can d-do whatever he wants t-to me, but n-never you. Never you."

"You think I can stand by while my mate is being hurt?"

"Please." I turn away from him, angry at the fact I'm giving in to him. Winter break is three weeks away. I can think of a solution by then.

"Fine, I'll let it go." For now. Zeke snuggles against me, resting his head between my shoulder blades and placing his arm over my waist. I arch my brow at the bold move but I don't pull away. I might be angry at him but I don't want him to feel rejected.

"I'm sorry." I slowly rub my hand on his arm that rests on my waist. I don't say that it's OK because it's not. I don't want to give him false assurances.

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