Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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8. Zeke

The first day of school after the pack meetup is weird. It could be all in my head but I feel like there's a lot of people staring at me. I keep my eyes down as I walk to class. I sit in my seat.

"What's it like having an alpha as your mate," a voice behind me asks. I turn face Tyler. His brown eyes look at me with curiosity. He has curly brown hair that stops at his shoulder which is short for a submissive. Submissives aren't allowed to cut their hair.

However, Tyler is a partial exception. He is what I call a neutral wolf. There's not really a name for the kind of wolf he is. His dominance is just as strong as his submission. So even though he is considered a submissive, he has some freedom because of his submission just as strong dominance.

I'm not scared of him. I have healed him once or twice in the past but he's never been cruel to me. He just did what he had to do to survive in this pack. I'm surprised that he's even talking to me given our history.

"It's a-amazing," I tell him.

"She doesn't hurt you or anything?"


"What about her sisters? Do they seem like the type to reject a weaker mate?" I look at his face for a moment before looking away. He's anxious as he waits for an answer. I want to ask why he wants to know so much but I keep my mouth shut. If he wants me to know, he'll tell me.

"They're scary, b-but nice. I d-don't think they would reject a submissive mate." I watch as he visibly relaxes at my words. He leans forward and opens his mouth to speak.

"Mate," a familiar voice says. My head snaps to the door of the classroom and see one of Amethyst's sisters. I still can't tell them apart. She sniffs the air as she walks. I hear Tyler stand from his seat. Her eyes snap to his. She gives him a predatory smile as she stalks towards him. She presses him against the wall, putting her arms of either side of him and trapping him. She presses her nose to his neck. "There you are, little mate. What's your name?"

"Ty-Tyler," he answers. She hums against his throat. She practically towers over him. As an alpha wolf, she's tall, standing probably at 6'3. On top of that, she wearing heels, making her as tall as 6'8. Tyler isn't much taller than me, being 5'10.

"Tyler, my name is Sapphire."

"Please refrain from mating in my classroom, Sapphire," Mr. Heath says. Sapphire turns to glare at the teacher but doesn't say anything. She faces Tyler and kisses him before stepping away.

"See you later, Tyler," she says as she heads towards the door. She stops at my desk. "Make sure you bring your friend when you see my sister, 'lil bro."

She leaves. Tyler sits down, and class goes on as normal. After class, Tyler walks next to me as I head to my next class. We have four classes together. It's weird that he wants to walk with now.

"Thank you," Tyler says suddenly. "For healing me that one time and the other time too. I never did thank you for it and I'm sorry for never sticking up for you."

"Y-you're welcome," I tell him and shrug. "And it's fine."


Tyler was a nervous wreck the entire third period. I thought he didn't need to worry much and I'm proven right at lunch when we make it to my and Amethyst's table. Sapphire practically tackles him, and they start making out. I sit next to Amethyst.

"D-do you think they're going to mate behind us," I ask, feeling a little jealous. I stare at Amethyst's lips.

"She's definitely going to mark him," she answers with a smile. "You know, you don't have to ask. You can take what you want from me."

I blush at being caught staring at her lips. I glance at her eyes and see the mischievous glint in them. I lean towards her and press my lips to hers. My breath catches as she returns my kiss. Her tongue touches my lips, and I open my mouth, letting her in. The world fades as she pulls me closer, deepening our kiss. I pull away to catch my breath. I lean forward to kiss her again but stop halfway when I hear Tyler let out a long moan. My face goes red.

"Called it," Amethyst says before capturing my lips in a quick kiss. "Now let's eat. I might have gone a little bit overboard with the food."

That is when I notice that table is full of food. It's more food than I could ever dream of eating by myself. Sapphire and Tyler join us at the table, sitting opposite of us. I look at his neck and see a mate mark on it in the form of a red tattoo of two wolves cuddling. Their names are etched in gold on the wolves. Sapphire admires the mark.

"Now everyone will know if they mess you, they mess with me," Sapphire says. Tyler stiffens. His dominance lashes out, causing me to wince. The pain fades away as Amethyst's dominance washes over me as she piles food on what I'm sure is my plate, not caring about what is happening across us.

"I can take of myself," Tyler snaps. I tense.

"Did I ever say you couldn't?" Should I say something?

"You implied it!"

"I said it because I know how your pack treats submissives!"

"And I'm telling you I'm fine. I'm still alive, aren't I?"

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Sapphire looks at him, confused.

"Think about it. How many submissive males have you met here?" He pauses. "We don't live too long in this pack." Amethyst freezes beside me.

"What happens to them?"

"They kill themselves. There's a lot sick wolves and she-wolves that love to get their hands on a submissive male. I've been left alone because I fight too much." I put my head down in shame because it isn't the same case for me.

"What about you, Mate," Amethyst asks, her voice cold. My eyes widen in fear. Nobody has touched me in a month, but I've only told Amethyst about the Alpha. I don't want to answer. I look away from her face.

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-sorry," I stutter as tears stream down my face. It feels colder all of a sudden. I hear Sapphire swear.

"Amey, calm down," Sapphire says. She's angry at me. Probably because of how disgusting I am. I should've fought harder.

"I-I c-couldn't stop t-t-them." Amethyst pulls me into a hug. I sob into her shoulder. "I'm s-s-sorry." She pulls away from me and stands. She grabs my arm and drags me from the table.

"You two enjoy the food," Amethyst says as she drags me away. She takes me into her car. "I want names, Mate, of all the people who raped you."

"I-I d-don't-," I stop talking. I just feel ashamed.

"Please," she pleads, her voice cracking. I look at her face and am shocked to see her crying. She caresses my face."They hurt you, violated you, and made you feel like you are worthless. I can't change the past but I need to do something. Anything. So please tell the names of the ones who did that to you. I'm begging you." With that, I give in and tell her everything.

After my breakdown, Amethyst sits in my lap and holds me. My stomach growls and blush. Amethyst smiles and pulls out a plate of food from a huge lunchbox. She starts feeding me.


"Did you hear about Ryan," Ellie asks Kate during dinner.

"No," Kate answers. "Did something happen to him?"

"Well, he went missing two weeks ago, and we found him today. He was in the janitor's closet, half-starved to death. What's even weirder is that he doesn't even remember how he got in there or anything. The Alpha is bringing in an Oracle."

"I didn't think we had an Oracle." I was sure that the Alpha killed them all. Oracles are wolves similar to me in that they have a special ability. Theirs is the ability to see things on a spiritual level.

"Me neither, but I'll find out more tomorrow."

Dinner goes on in comfortable silence. As I head to bed, I think about what Ellie said. Something about her and Kate's conversation bothers me, but I'm not sure what.

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