Cold Hearted Bitch (Bunch of Bitches book 3)

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8.5 The Oracle and the Alpha

The Oracle walked into the hospital room of the pup whose soul he was supposed to read. The Alpha had pulled him here last minute and barely had time to change into the simple t-shirt and jeans he wore now before Alpha Carter dragged him into a car. As much as he would hate to admit, he was still a part of the Redwood Pack and had an obligation to serve his pack.

The Oracle stared at the young wolf in the hospital bed with pity as he took in the state of him. The wolf was gaunt and looked very close to death. However, the Oracle's pity soon vanished as soon as he saw how black the soul of the young wolf was. It was almost as black as the Alpha's.

The Oracle curled his lips in disgust. He held the wolf's hand and peered into the wolf's being. The Oracle gasped as visions filled his mind. Fear held him as he released the wolf's hand. He stared at the young wolf in bed. That's when he saw it. The blue aura that hovered around the young wolf.

"Well," Alpha Carter huffed in annoyance.

"This is the work of an ancient, magical being," the Oracle answered, running his hand through his auburn hair. He stared at the Alpha, now noticing the same blue aura around the pack leader. "You've attracted its attention too."

The Alpha laughed, not taking his word seriously.

"I don't have time for your games, Oracle," the Alpha growled.

"I'm serious," the Oracle countered. "You haven't seen anyone or anything that didn't seem quite right to you?"


Carter thought on the Oracle's question. He thought it was stupid, but the stench of fear coming from the Oracle was genuine. It didn't take him long to think of the blue-eyed black girl that was trying to get between him and his toy. She was strong but apparently had never shifted before. Carter thought it was strange.

Alpha ranked wolves tended to shift earlier the stronger they were. Carter himself shifted when he was just one year old. The way she acted the night of the pack meetup made him curious if his toy had told her what Carter had done him. The thought made him smile.

He and the omega were due for another session. He might invite the she-wolf to join, force her to watch as he pounded his dick into her mate as he commands his toy to enjoy it. That would definitely destroy the hope he saw forming in the omega's eyes. Carter got hard just thinking about the hopeless expression that would show up on his toy's face.

"No, I can't think of anyone like that," Carter lied. He wasn't about to be afraid of a 15-year-old she-wolf that couldn't even shift.

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