The Unwanted Stalker

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Chapter 2

"Hey Michael, I am just going to finish up. You head home!" I said as I washed up the last of the plates and glasses until they were sparkling like a chandelier.

"Are you sure Rose? It's getting dark and it's unsafe at your age to walk around in the night all alone." Michael protest. He was a nice guy around my 18 the same as me. But he was also a part time boxer so he could protect himself very well.

"It's fine Michael, you go home and have a nice time with your girlfriend, Allie." I said confident that I will let Michael and Allie have their well earned date night!

"Okay then Rose." He said hugging me he always does, protectively and caring. Michael is like an older brother to me, just as I am a younger sister to him.

"Night Michael!"

"Night Rose!" He retorted kindly whilst stepping out of the shop.

Closing the shop up, I remember that I didn't bring my car! Looks like I will have to walk. I thought. And then I heard it. I looked around my heart shaking. And then they pounced. Dragging me into a ally, they covered my mouth so it couldn't scream and then they said.... "Scream and I won't hesitate to go and kill that guy that you are getting all cosy with."

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