The Unwanted Stalker

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Chapter 4

Stumbling home, I sobbed and collapsed onto the floor.

What would he do to Micheal? Would he harm him? I couldn't let that happen! But how do I stop it?

Than it hit me. I couldn't. 8 had to sit here all day and wait for Micheal to call-

CALL! Why don't I call him?

*Ring* *Ring*

"Micheal? Is that yo-" I started but was interrupted with frantic breathing and screaming in the distance.

"Rose, I-I have someone chasing after me, Micheal said his sobbing interrupting his semtance." They already killed Allie, he is chasing me- Rose save m-" screaming cut his words as he let out a blood-curdling scream before the line went silent.

" Michael ? Michael heal? Please answer. Mich-" I screamed once again cut of by a masculine voice. This time it wasn't Michael instead it was that threatening voice from the hour or so before.

"Angel, my love. I have gotten rid of 'Michael' to warn you not to tell the police or anyone else. If you do they will have the same fate as Michael. Oh, and before I hang up don't go anywhere near any men outside your family either." my 'knight in shining armor' stated.

" What did you do to Micheal! Let him go!" I screeched into my old and battered phone.

" I made sure that you and no one - not even me - would see him again. " He pointed out in a cold and sneering voice.

" No, you-you killed him. YO-" The line went cold. Collapsing the floor I screamed in frustration and near died of sadness. Micheal, my dearest friend and closest family. Dead. All the time where we joked that we would be each others best man/woman at each others weddings. This isn't real. It's just a dream

Pinching my self, I realised all of it was real. What should I do now?

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