Zeus' Lightning [Caprioli #1]

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6 Gods, 6 women. What will happen when Fate brings them together? ***** Lena Ferranti was one of the curators that organized the Ancient Greece exhibition in Sicily, Italy for the high socialites of Italy. it was a great pleasure until she found out there was a person that caught her interest. Being reincarnated as a mortal, Zander Zeus was fascinated of how the Greek Myth was never old or faded from the world. What he did not know was that he might experience the long lasting love for the first time, even when he will never feel it again. Find out what happened when the immortal meet their lovers in this novella!

Romance / Fantasy
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Opportunity

The stories and legends of Greek Mythology have always been passed down orally and it gave the younger generation after Ancient Greece to learn from it. Even the Romans adapted the Greek myths into their version.

But we all know that Greek Mythology was something to be listened to because there was something that we can learn and teach others about knowledge. The myths were used to explain the creation of the universe that we know, the relationships that might go wrong, and do not be arrogant or you will face the consequences.

Sure, Ancient Greece civilization has ended but the myth lived on.

And who knows, you might encounter the Greek Gods themselves if they ever reincarnated as mortals in this modern era.


I have always been fascinated with the Greek myths since I was in middle school. I don’t know why but Zeus, The God of the Lightning and Justice, were very appealing to me. I kind of wished that he would not be only the myth that people have always been saying.

And I should have known that be careful what you wish for.

My name is Lena Ferranti and this is my encounter with Greek myth in the flash.

It was a mid-afternoon as I was looking at the stockpiles that I need to organize for the museum that I worked for. If you must know, I am one of the curators at the Lyon Museum when the director approached me with something that I could not resist.

“Lena, may I see you please?” She said as I was turning to look at her before I was putting the files into its sorted orders. If you must know, I liked things to be organized and it helped the others to find stuff as well.

“Sure, just a sec,” I said before I was putting the documents away as I was looking at the basement. I was working here when there was nothing to be done upstairs when the exhibition was going on.

I went to walk with the director as we were going to her office. I was looking at her head as I was nervous to know what she was calling me for.

Did I do something wrong?

Am I going to be fired?

What questions will she ask about the exhibition?

My mind was a constant struggle when I was sitting in front of her mahogany desk before the director was smiling at me.

Okay, a smile is still a good sign.

“Now, I understand that your final year project for your Art History degree was Ancient Greece statues, yes?” She asked me as I was nodding at her, unable to say anything that might upset the balance of the conversation.

“Good, good, I have a new offer from The National Museum of Sicily, Italy that they wanted to showcase some Ancient Greece statues and they were calling in the experts on that area. I was in the meeting for that I say that you can be of assistance for them as I know you have the knowledge and skills to do it. So, what do you say, Lena? Are you in?” The director asked me as I was blinking at her.

Was she serious?

I cleared my throat before I was looking at her. I was looking for any sign that she might be joking or that it was to tell me that I have to transfer there if I wanted to be a curator anymore.

And I think she was not bluffing about this offer right now. As if I was being offered a silver plater in front of me, I smiled as I was looking at the director.

“So, when do I start?” I asked before the director smiled at me. She was giving me a file and she also asked me to be in touch with this one person named Lyana Debaux. She was an expert at the Louvre about gems and they wanted to showcase the gems of the Ancient Greece royalty as well.

I thanked my boss before I was moving toward the door as I need to get this done as soon as possible now. I was thanking the director for this opportunity that she was giving me in my life.

I never thought I would have done this but I did.

“Thank you so much for trusting me with this event. I will not let you down,” I said as I was looking at the director before she replied to me.

“I know you would bring your best game in this,” the director said as I was closing the door of her office. I was staring at the files before I was going to my cubicle to start working on this. The director said that the intern can do the stockpiles in the basement as I was giving some directions to the intern on how to do it.

She nodded at me eagerly as if she was allowing doing something good for once when she came to join us 2 weeks ago.

“I will do my best, Ms. Ferranti,” the intern said as I was laughing at her.

“You don’t have to be formal. You can call me Lena if you like,” I said before the young woman blushed.

“Okay, Ms. Lena,” she said and I just left it at that. Maybe she was not comfortable with me yet to lose the prefix in front of my name. I was smiling as I was moving toward my cubicle before I saw that Pierre Vouivre was going for a meeting with the director, probably talking about the collaboration with The National Museum of Sicily.

“Hi, you must be Lena,” someone said behind me as I turned to look at a stunning blonde woman with blue eyes. She was smiling at me as she was holding the files that looked similar to me.

“Hi, and who are you?”

“I’m Lyana, your partner in this collaboration,” Lyana said as she was holding the files that I just received from my boss just now. I smiled at her and took her offered hand.

“Yes, I am Lena and it is nice to meet you finally in person. I don’t know when I will contact you as I just received this opportunity and I cannot thank you enough,” I said as I was looking at her. Lyana was smiling at me as she asked where we can work for the project now.

“I know this great restaurant for us to work on the details and go over the statues and gems that will be displayed in the exhibition. So, lunch early?” I asked Lyana as she laughed.

“I like it. I think we’re going to be fast friends,” she said as she was walking out with me from the building of the museum as I was ushering her to my car. She hesitated at first before I was telling her that it’s okay.

“It’s not that hard. I don’t mind. Besides, it will be a long way out of here,” I said as I was settling in my seat as Lyana was fastening her seatbelt. I was shifting the gear into D and I was speeding off from the parking lot. I was laughing before we were getting to know each other.

And as Lyana said, we did become fast friends after that.

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