To Love A Little, To Hurt A Lot

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Belinda has always struggled to understand how she feels, but things become even more complicated when her heart is broken by a guy she never dated...

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Chapter 1: The Meeting

I've never liked anyone before. In fact, I considered love a game. I felt like it was something people made up to add fun into their lives, you know, like soccer. But lately, I've been craving it. Badly. I thought it was because all of my friends had started dating. Everyday at lunch, they would rumble about what their boyfriends did for them or how sweet they were.

Don't get me wrong, I was not jealous but I also was not not jealous. I made all of my friends think that I hated boys, but actually, I loved boys. But I really hated the idea of love so I just signed out from all that dating stuff.

"Belinda!" My mother screamed at me, "You're always day-dreaming, always writing into that stupid notebook of yours!" She was always grumpy. Sometimes I felt like slapping her but I know very well that I wouldn't handle it.

"What do you want ma?" I asked, always disinterested.

"Where's your stupid father? I sent him out for groceries and he hasn't made it back?" She stood at my door, looking like the devil's advocate, with the horns and everything.

"Oh geez ma! Maybe he ran away..." I tried muttering under my breath but she heard me. I expected her to come and slap me hut she walked over to the bed and held my shoulder,

"Your father deserves all this... he's evil. He told me that he loved me, yet I'm suffering here, in the city." She always said this when I lost it, always made herself the victim. She blamed my dad for taking her away from her parents. She said that she was forced to marry my dad. I actually used to believe her lies when I was young, I used to kind of despise my dad for what she said he did but when I grew up, I began to notice how evil and twisted my mother was. I kept asking myself why my dad couldn't just leave.

"Okay mom. I'm gonna head out." I avoided eye-contact. She disgusted me. I knew that she loved me but I also knew that she was abusive. She was an awful person.

"Okay honey. Just be back before dinner, okay boo?" I just half smiled at her words. One could say that I was afraid of her. Afraid that I would become her.

I stood up from the bed and wore the pink sleepers that she had bought me for my birthday last month. She had great taste though. She looked at what I was wearing and pursed her lips,

"What now Ma?" I couldn't wait to get out of her sight.

"That dress shows a lot more than it should."

"Mom, I'm 17. I don't need to dress like you. I don't have flabby arms..." I tried to make a laugh, it fortunately worked and she let me leave with a knee short pink dress.

The park was never a pleasant place to go to, especially during the holidays when everyone was away to visit relatives. But it was better than home, where I saw dad treated like a slave in his own house. As usual, I walked to the swing. I loved just seating there, unbothered and just allow the wind to sway me around.

As I was staring at my shadow, doing some mental cleansing, I felt footsteps come closer but I was at peace to even bother checking who it was. The footsteps approached but I still didn't mind until they disturbed my shadow. I was so pissed and was ready to give that person a piece of my mind but I knew that I wouldn't get through with it. So I turned to face the distraction with a smile when all form of speech or word left my mind.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to say a lot but my mind froze. My lips didn't give up though, they were saying something but the chord that connected them to my brain was broken. The face stared down at me, laughing. I swear, all my problems were solved. There was world peace just in his eyes. Life was basically a dream.

"BELINDA!" someone else screamed into my ear, breaking contact between me and the angel.

"Um... Chris." My mind was still reprogramming,

"What are you saying?" Chris laughed,

"I said that... that you're disturbing my shadow." I had already managed to stand on my feet from the swing.

"Whatever..." Chris laughed, "This is my friend Kenneth. We saw you, so we thought that we should come say hi."

"Oh." I wiped my sweaty hands on my dress but they weirdly felt wetter, "I should get going." I tried not to look at Kenneth but my eyes failed me. Just when I was about to pinch myself out of his spell, I found him staring right back at me. I was so sure that whatever it is that I felt, he felt it too.

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