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Stephanie Collins is an ordinary girl in West High that no one really takes note of...and she lives with her younger brother and her father.She is an ambitious person who always gets top results but is nothing like a nerd...in fact she is more of a laid back teenage girl who has a humorous personality with those she knows, not to mention that she forever speaks sarcasm and lightens everyone's mood...but is not one for all school events and after parties...she was always the girl who was picked on and who let people get away with it...but will she stand her ground the way she did for her brother or let it go again Hunter Prince.... Hot and popular student that everyone like...who forever has girls drueling over him and is the captain of the football team...every girl dreams to be with him and every guy dreams to be him... And there's always one girl in the school that is the hot, rich and gets everything she wants...she makes everyone's life a living hell and gets away with it...but not this time...

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1 : Here we go

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock...definitely wasn't ready for a Monday morning or any morning...clearly I wasn't a morning person...but lets be reasonable the person who made Monday needed to be shot!!!

After a reasonable amount of time, I got up and took a quick shower there after wearing a sweat pants and an oversized hoodie...

I was your average teenage girl...I had hazel eyes and light brown hair, I was fair skinned but I did have some colour to me I mean I didn't look like a ghost...and I was skinny, obviously not in a way where you could see my bones but rather I'd say I was in good shape

I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs, I didn't have any breakfast as I would miss the school bus so I quickly grabbed two apples and juice boxes and yelled for my 14 year old brother to come down from his room as we would miss the bus if we didn't leave now.

"Sam!!!come on, you don't want to be late and get detension now do you?" I asked as he walked down the stairs slowly

"I'm coming, I'm coming...relax just a little would you sis." He said in a calm voice.

Sammy was my 14 year old brother and was a Junior at West High. He has green eyes and dark brown hair as he resembled my dad...I on the other hand resembled my mom who passed just 2 years back and my dad was never the same after...he was caring and all but was always working as he done that to keep his mind going and off from the reality of his loving wife no longer here...so my brother and I practically lived alone besides the few days of the week where our dad actually decided to come home and sleep.

We walked out of the house and I locked the door behind me before handing Sammy his Apple and juice.

"Hey,I know things have been a bit rough lately and that...but you can always talk to me and ask for my help you know?" I said softly as I messed his already messed up hair with my hand.

"I know, I know...but don't worry about me...I'll be fine" he said in a bit of a sad tone.

Sammy was a quiet boy and I don't blame him after all the things he has been through at such a young age...one of those things being him loosing his mother...and because he was quiet he was always picked on and bullied...I tried to help whenever I could and felt him really sorry but those jerks never backed down or left him alone.

As we made our way to the school and got of the school bus...we went our separate ways after me telling him to have a good day and enjoy football practice after school because we barely saw each other during school.

I made my way down the hallway and to my locker only to reveal my best friend leaning against the locker next to mine while waiting for me.

"Hey Amber" I said in a tired tone.

"Hey Steph!!! Why so moody...it's a new day, the sun is up, the birds are singing and everyone is smiling."

I rolled my eyes and gave her a 'are u flippen crazy' look as I opened my locker."hey Amber...if u haven't realised everyone is not a morning person like you...I mean how can anyone be so happy on a Monday morning?"

She shrugged her shoulder and started playing on her phone while waiting for me to put my books in my locker.

Amber Hart was one of the most beautiful girls I ever knew...she had blond hair and blue eyes...she was fair in complexion as well and had a body any guy would want...she's wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top with a denim jacket over it...I don't even know how we were friends and I'm sure everyone else wondered about that too.Amber and I had alot in common but we also had alot of differences like she loved partying and going out for all the events the school held ...while I didn't like any of those things.

"So I was wondering... Do you want to go to the -----" Amber was cut of mid sentence as the hallway went quiet to reveal 4 hot looking guys walking down the hallway...Everyone stopped talking and turned to look at the hot mess.

Among the 4 boys there was Matthew O'conner... a blonde haired, blue eyed boy...with a good looking figure and muscles that were evident to us all and was tall but slightly shorter than the rest of them

Next was Dominic River...he was slightly taller than Matthew but had the same hot looking body as Matthew... He had dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Up next to him was Lucas McKnight about the same hight as Dominic but seemed to look a bit more stronger than the other 2...he had dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

And last but most certainly not least... The bad boy himself..Hunter Prince ...who was taller than the rest and it was evident that he worked out more than the other boys did...he had hazel coloured hair and very captivating green eyes.

Everyone stared at them...but I wasn't one for it...yes they were extremely hot...can't deny that but I wasn't going to waste my whole morning staring at people who took no note of me anyway.

"You were saying" I nudged my friend who was now drueling like all the girls in the hallway as the hotshots walked pass.

"Oh yeah...sorry about that...would you like to come with me after school to the coffee shop so we can catch up and discuss somthings?" She asked still looking at the guys who stopped at a locker which belonged to Britney Gomez aka Queen B.

I rolled my eyes as I looked in the direction that she was looking in and done the only thing a good friend could possibly do at that moment...I smacked her hard on the forehead and quickly took a step back

"Oww!!!what was that for!!"

"Well" I said giving her a small smirk but an annoyed eye roll "You don't just speak to someone and look in the complete opposite direction while drueling over someone who barely knows you exist...i mean that is just rude young lady."

She laughed at my some what motherly scoulding and looked at me after a few moments,"well I'm sorry mom!!!but you can't blame me for having a crush on a guy like that...I mean he is down right hot"

Amber has had a crush on Lucas ever since eighth grade and I knew how much she liked him but me being me I said, "why choose someone like that douche when you have me." I said with a smirk.

She chuckled a little and put a hand around my shoulder as we started to walk.Just than Bell rang and we went our sparate ways since we didn't share the same first period.

I walked into the my first class which was science and took a seat towards the back of the class...before we began the lesson Matthew and Dominic entered the classroom and took a seat behind me.After a moment the teacher began the lesson instructing us to mix a few chemicles but unfortunately I was always privileged enough to be the one cought in the middle of some daring game and as Britney dared the boys to mix the wrong chemicle and let it explode right by me I walked out of the class covered in blue slime that I couldn't get of my clothes as I left a class full of laughing students behind me.

It was evident that I hated Britney but now i hated her more and so did I hate the 4 hot boys who also followed her commands

The rest of the day went by as everyone called me names and teased me...and finally the bell which signalled for us to go home rang and I packed my things away before walking out of class looking down at my phone as my dad texted telling me that he has to go on a business trip for 3 weeks and that I should take good care of Sammy and that he loved us alot even though he barely was around...while looking down and texting Sammy I bumped into what I could only say felt like a very hard and strong wall and fell down...but as I looked up I seen the one person I wished I hadn't bumped into but with my luck it was none other than Hunter...

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