The Dragon and The Wolf

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Kept secret and closed off from the rest of the world, Dragons have lived on Earth since the beginning of time. In order to protect the identity of such magical beasts, Dragons have migrated to an island in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, or what some people call the Devil's Triangle. No one knows the real reasons why ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is because if the Dragon shifters see it then it must be destroyed. Living in total isolation from humans is easy for most dragons. However, Princess Naevia, dreams to visit the human world and just get off their "perfect" little island. Princess Naevia knows very little what human life and culture is like. She is only able to learn about humans when ships sail into their territory, and then she collects all the books and scrolls about human life when the guards tear apart the seamen. As requested on her eighteenth birthday, Princess Naevia is finally able to travel, with her brothers, to the human lands to see what it is like. It comes as a complete shook when she meets a wolf who is claiming her as his mate. It's even more of a shock at just how different their cultures are. ~June 19, 2020~

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


“Princess Naevia.” A voice called out against the door.

Princess Naevia stared into the golden carved floor mirror. “Yes,” Naevia answered. She wouldn’t dare take her eyes off the mirror.

“Your mother and father are done talking. They request you in the dining chambers. May I come in to help you get ready?” Naevia’s maid asked.

“You may.” Naevia granted her permission.

Cyris walked in and continued acting formally. As soon as Naevia could sense that her brother, Leviathan, was already down the hallway and couldn’t hear, Naevia let out a sigh and Cyris could finally tell the coast was clear.

Cyris grabbed the dress that Naevia would be wearing and helped her with tightening the back.

Naevia looked in the mirror and studied her dark red hair and green eyes. “So what do you think they are going to say?” Naevia asked.

“Honestly, I have no idea. Out of all the years of working within the royal family, I will say that this is probably the longest debate I’ve seen in centuries.” Cyris said casually as she finished tightening the back of the dress. Then Cyris went to grab jewelry and accessories to dress Naevia for dinner.

Once Cyris was done, Naevia studied her appearance in the mirror. In the royal family, their appearance was everything and Naevia always dressed for the occasion.

“You better hurry. You don’t want to keep your mother and the elders waiting.” Cyris said.

Naevia gave Cyris a curt nod and walked in the direction of the dining chamber.

Guards were posted at every corner so there was no possibility of any intruders. Anyone in the castle was completely safe.

The trail of Naevia’s long golden gown cascaded across the clean stone floor as she walked down the hallway. Everyone could tell by the long elegant strides in the hallway that another royal family member was passing through. The heads of all the guards bowed as she graced everyone with her presence.

Naevia’s mother taught her that confidence is key, and as Naevia held her head up high you could tell that her mother’s teachings had paid off.

As Naevia approached the large Golden chamber, guards bowed before her and opened the huge golden double doors. As she stepped off the red carpet and into the dining chambers, the environment changed. You could tell that there was much more of a pristine feeling. With all her family members and elders combined in one room, the raw power came off them in waves. You could tell that there were deadly dragons in here.

There was a long dining table that sat in the middle of the room with a chandelier above it. Naevia’s mother, Queen Vorena, sat at the head of the table and King Agron, Naevia’s father, sat at the other end. Naevia’s brothers sat near her father and she sat near her mother. The elder dragon council members sat in the middle.

All the females in the room wore elegant hairstyles that keep your hair off your shoulders. Jewels and other accessories also decorated your hair along with crowns for the female royal members. Queen Vorena wore a white diamond crown and Naevia wore a smaller dragon tiara with orange and yellow jewels that matched her dress.

Traditionally, any dragon that wears jewels and accessories in your hair is supposed to be royalty. Purple and gold were also other colors commonly worn by royalty.

Naevia had to refrain herself from rolling her eyes at how graceful and fake everyone was acting. Instead, she sat up straight and followed along with the proper etiquette of dining.

Four men took turns bringing large heavy cups to each of the dragons at the table. Then the men filled the heavy cups to the brim with a crimson liquid. The servants and maids were all very careful to not touch any of the royal family members or elders, and they made sure not to look at any of them in the eyes. If anyone looked a royal member in the eye, without permission, it was considered disrespectful and a great challenge. Dragons hated any form of a challenge from outsiders.

Naevia glanced at her mother for a second and then they locked eyes. Vorena and Naevia were about the same height so they matched each other’s gazes perfectly.

Vorena had long pure white hair that was kept up in a braid with amber and orange colored flowers scattered across her hair. The flowers that decorated her braid were vibrant and rather lively. Her eyes were like the sun. Amber and gold mixed together so delicately that it almost looked like a fire. It was easy to say that Vorena got whatever she wanted when she’d look at Agron. With small hues of orange, red, and yellow in her eyes, Vorena was said to have the most beautiful eyes in all of the lands. The only competition that even came close was Naevia’s eyes.

Naevia had eyes like her mother and hair like her father. The only difference was that Naevia had small hues of blue and green mixed in with her eyes.

King Agron, who sat at the other head of the table, had dark red hair and eyes like a raging sea. Agron’s eyes were a combination of sapphire blue and jade green, and together swirling in his small orbs, they were unmatchable.

Together, Vorena and Agron with like the perfect match. A true match made in heaven. They were everyone’s one true pair. No one really had quite a bond as Vorena and Agron did.

Naevia watched the expression on her mother’s beautiful face. Her pale skin and black eyebrows only put everything into perspective. Just by the look on her face, Naevia could tell what the answer was just by studying her mother’s face. Naevia smirked to herself and then focused back on her surroundings.

Everyone focused on their cups that was now filled with the crimson liquid.

Naevia grasped the cup with both hands and brought the cup up to her lips. As she was drinking, she glanced around the room as everyone was doing the same.

After all the liquid was gone Naevia placed the cup down as her brothers finished around the same time. The cups were taken away from the servants and then the maids brought out the food.

As dinner finally started, Naevia’s father finally spoke, “Your mother and I have discussed with the elders about your request.” King Agron and Queen Vorena shared a glance. A short gesture between the two that enhanced many words.

“We agree with your spending time in the human world, but only on one condition. You have to take your brothers with you.” Queen Vorena spoke.

Naevia’s smile vanished and instead a tight-lipped response was present on her face.

“My presence is needed here but the others will accompany you.” Prince Zyair cut in. Prince Zyair was the first successful son from Queen Vorena’s first litter. Therefore he was labeled the oldest brother of Naevia’s and the firstborn son of Vorena.

Naevia nodded at Zyair. She had to be careful not to show her distastefulness in such a resolution. Naevia should have known though that her parents would make her have guards. Although she wasn’t expecting her guards to be her own brothers.

“Is there any protest?” Queen Vorena questioned.

Naevia shook her head, “No mother.” On the bright side to Naevia, at least they didn’t make her take her betrothed with her. Naevia couldn’t stand being in the same room with that man. “Thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity now that I’m eighteen.” Naevia thanked her parents and the elders.

“It is a very dangerous place out there, which is why we must take precautions,” Agron told his daughter.

“Yes, we are not the only creatures out there.” Vorena agreed.

One elder woman spoke out from the rest, “There are stories about wolf-like creatures and demons that drink human blood. Humans aren’t the only dangerous ones if our identities are exposed.”

“We won’t let that happen.” Prince Mykel spoke. Myke was the second child of Vorena and Agron, and another older brother of Naevia.

“As expected.” Agron agreed. “Naevia is my only daughter and your youngest sibling. Females are uncommon amongst are kind. If any harm comes to my daughter I will personally hold all of you accountable.” King Agron told his three sons that would be accompanying Naevia.

The three sons all acknowledged him with respect. Truthfully King Agron didn’t understand the close bond between the siblings.

“When shall we leave,” Naevia asked.

“You are expected to pack your stuff tonight. Tomorrow we will have breakfast then you will set out.”

Naevia nodded, “May I be excused now?”

After her mother excused her from the table Naevia left the chambers with her maid following closely behind her. Once Naevia and Cyris were alone in Naevia’s sleeping chambers, Naevia locked the doors behind her. Cyris helped Naevia with getting the dress off so Naevia could change into something more light. Once Naevia was done changing Cyris also helped Naevia take her hair down.

“It will be lonely when you are gone,” Cyris mentioned.

Naevia grabbed a book from one of the ships that they found recently and went to her enormous bed. Laying under the blankets she started to read the book. “You will be able to visit your family when I leave. Is that not what you want?” Naevia asked.

“My family understands my time away. It is an honor serving you.”

Naevia smiled softly at Cyris, “You’ve always been so loyal to me. I appreciate your gratitude and loyalty.”

Cyris smiled back, “And I hope you find everything you’re looking for on the other lands. It will be quite lonely without you in the palace.” Cyris said. Naevia could tell that she was getting upset at the thought of Naevia leaving as Cyris has raised Naevia since she was young. Cyris was like a mother to Naevia.

Naevia looked at Cyris who looked teary-eyed, “Thank you for understanding Cyris. I just feel like something is missing in my life. Like my purpose or-” A knocked echoed against the doors of Naevia’s chambers. “Can you open that?” Naevia’s asked.

“Of course, Princess.” Cyris acted formally as she was aware of who was on the other side of the door by their essence.

Once Cyris opened the door she then left leaving the two dragons alone. Naevia stood up to greet her eldest brother, Zyair. Zyair had white hair like their mother, but he had one blue eye and one gold eye. The fact that he had heterochromia only made his appearance as a dragon more ethereal.

Quickly hopping off the bed she ran into Zyair’s arms and gave a bone-crushing hug.

“Careful spitfire. You know your hugs always hurt.” Zyair winced while ruffling her hair.

Naevia chuckled and playfully punched her brother’s arm, “You’re more of a spitfire than me.” Naevia sighed to herself, “That dinner was torturous.”

Zyair sighed, “Tell me about it. At least you got the hardest part done.”

“Are you preparing for the tournament? Is that what you’re busy with?” Naevia asked.

Zyair smirked, showing off his crazily white teeth, “You know me. I’m preparing something special for your betrothed.” Zyair didn’t like her betrothed and if it was up to him no one would be eligible to marry his baby sister because no one was good enough. Zyair was a very overprotective brother. He was protective of all his siblings. Although, Naevia had it the worst because she was the youngest out of four older brothers.

Naevia copied his smirk, “Do me a favor and kick his ass.” Naevia crossed her arms.

“That’s harsh. Shouldn’t you try and get to know the man who you have to conceive children with.” Zyair teased Naevia. Zyair knew just how much Naevia loathed him.

For dragons, and especially in the royal bloodlines, love wasn’t an option. From a young age up to the age of sixteen, your parents will decide who you get married to. Then on your eighteenth year of life marriage is finally an option. Although before the marriage ceremony there must be a tournament. A tournament only happens when there is a female in the family.

When Naevia comes back from her trip she will witness the fight of her brother Zyair and her betrothed, Neilos. The fight was to prove that Neilos would be able to protect Naevia. If by any chance Neilos would be deemed unfit by King Agron then he would be allowed to marry Naevia. That was how things were done amongst dragons.

“Don’t make me challenge you.” Naevia teased Zyair back.

“Oh little sister, I’d love a challenge, but I’m afraid we don’t have all day.” Zyair nonchalantly said as he walked around. He was subconsciously toying with Naevia.

Naevia studied her brother. His stupid white hair only made her want to hurt him even more.

“Well sister, I should be going now. Have fun packing.” Zyair said.

Naevia smirked, “Have fun training, brother.”


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