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When Daisy Robins starts a new job as a bank nurse, she never imagined her first day involving a very sweet and funny patient in A&E, but that was only the first of the surprises the day had in store for her. The next and possibly the biggest shock was to find an instant attraction to the lead neuro surgeon, Theo, although the discovery of her ex-husband in the same hospital came a very close second. When Theo sees Daisy, he assumes she is working as a bank nurse in order to gain the greatest pay for the least amount of commitment. She corrects his mistake in no uncertain terms and in doing so leaves him in no doubt that she is something different and with their obvious connection and attraction, he is unsure whether it's for the best that she is not a permanent member of staff.

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
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New Girl

Having nodded in all the right places and stowed her things away in the locker she’d been allocated, Daisy took a deep breath, smoothed down her uniform and stepped into the busy A&E department where she was immediately given the details for her first patient.

She found him sitting up and smiling as she entered the cubicle. He was a man of around sixty with predominantly dark brown hair and wisps of grey around the crown and the temples. As he was attached to a heart monitor his chest was completely visible and was well toned for a man of his age and had a light covering of darkish chest hair. She also guessed that he would have been a very attractive man in his prime.

She returned his smile and introduced herself. “Hello, Mr Anderson, I’m Daisy and I’ll be taking care of you down here for a while.”

“Well hello there, Daisy, but please call me Michael. Mr Anderson is awfully formal,” he replied. “Daisy, is that your real name?”

“It certainly is. My mother overruled my father’s first choice of Dolly,” she said seriously as she attached the pulse monitor to him.

“Really? Dolly?” he asked, amusement obvious in his expression.

Daisy laughed too. “He wanted a collie not a child, so I think Dolly was his chosen name for a puppy, but he got me instead.”

“Ah. I’m sure he is happier with you than a puppy,” said Michael reassuringly as she put the thermometer in his ear.

“Yes, he is, although he still says I’m the reason he wasn’t allowed a dog for years, but to spite my mum he has always called me Dolly anyway.” She laughed, as much at Michael’s expression as her dad’s pet name for her.

“You have a real knack for cheering a man up and taking his mind off chest pains.” Michael winced at the blood pressure cuff tightening around his arm.

“That’s all part of the job.” She offered a small salute and laughed once more.

Michael joined in with her laughter until the door burst open to reveal an attractive man of probably thirty-five with a full head of dark brown hair that currently housed his fingers running through it. His dark, very dark, almost black eyes seemed troubled.

“Dad, here you are. What happened? Mum called, she is beside herself and stranded in Ireland,” said the foreboding looking figure towering over Daisy at over six feet.

With his hands still ploughing through his wavy hair Daisy found herself wondering what his hair felt like; thick and soft she guessed. Suddenly she wondered how it smelled and how it would feel between her fingers, against her face, across her breasts, between her thighs. She shocked herself as she realised what she was thinking but was more shocked to realise she had somehow managed to arouse herself at the idea of it.

She came back to the present and was aware of Michael explaining his admission to A&E before his son turned his questioning eyes to her.

“So, where are you at with investigations and diagnosis?”

She felt her mouth drying, making her swallow hard several times, irritating him as he repeated his question, enunciating each word with patronising precision making her as irritated with him as he was with her.

Pompous arsehole.

“Nurse…” he paused to read her name badge, “Robins. Oh, you’re bank staff.” His tone was dismissive as he realised she was wearing a different uniform to the permanent staff and her badge confirmed her status. “Any chance of my father being looked after by permanent staff with a commitment beyond their overinflated hourly rate and lack of responsibility?”

Daisy stared at him disbelievingly and adjusted her earlier assessment of him.

Pompous bastard.

“I can assure you that I may be bank, but my priority is patient care and where we are at is that your father is stable after being brought in with chest pains and shortness of breath. We have taken some blood and are keeping your father under close observation and monitoring his condition until a doctor from the cardio’ thoracic team, that’s a special heart doctor,” she said in her best patronising tone, ”Can come down and reassess Michael’s condition and decide on the next step. Oh, and believe me I earn my overinflated hourly rate by dealing with people’s incorrect judgements on bank staff.”

She was struggling to contain her anger and was surprised that she had actually said all of that to the relative of a patient, well anyone, but on her first day too. He was the sort to report her and it would then be her last day. Why on earth had she let rip like that? It was stupid and unprofessional.

“Is that the way you normally speak to patient’s relatives?” he asked flatly.

“No, look,” she began before Michael interrupted them.

“Teddy, please. Leave this poor girl alone. You’re a dreadful bully, son. Daisy is taking wonderful care of me, or she was until you burst in here and started throwing your weight around.”

“Dad I intend to make sure you receive the best care whilst you’re here...” said ‘Teddy’ before Michael continued.

“I am, now stop, please. Thank you.”

“Sorry,” said Daisy to both men, but for different reasons.

“That’s better.” Michael laughed to himself leading to confusion for Teddy and Daisy. “I was just thinking that I’m on my way to my own nursery here with a Teddy and a Dolly.”

Daisy laughed with him leaving only Teddy confused now.

“Is this where your other children appear, Humpty, Jemina and Little Ted, assuming this is Big Ted?” Daisy pointed towards Teddy.

“Have you both been at the drugs trolley?” asked Teddy seriously.

“No, but Daisy here is Dolly to her Dad.” Michael seemed to think he was explaining himself clearly.

Shaking his head, Teddy frowned and then turned to Daisy wearing a slight smile. “I apologise for my father’s warped mind, but he is the only person that does call me Teddy, my name is Theodore, Theo.”

“Only because I was far too weak with your mother,” said Michael smiling as he referred to his wife.

“Speaking of Mum, she is flying in at seven tonight and will get a cab straight here. Now what are his obs and when were they last done? I would like to think he was on neuro obs.”

“But your father is not a neuro patient, however,” Daisy started before Michael interrupted.

“Let me clarify, Daisy. Theo is a neuro surgeon, here, hence him throwing his weight around.”

“A neuro surgeon, that’s a special brain doctor.” Theo’s smile was a little broader and warmer now.

“Oh, I see.” Daisy smiled at Michael before turning to Theo. “So, Mr Anderson, rather than Dr I assume. I was going to say that your father is not a neuro patient, however, as I am his 1-2-1 nurse for the duration of my shift and I have a neuro background I would have done slightly more than routine obs. I will leave you alone for a few minutes while I chase up the bloods and the doctor. Michael, if you need anything just hit the button or get your son to use his neuro powers to summon me.” She grinned at a beaming Michael as she disappeared through the curtain.

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