When hell meets it's match

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Knight Annoying,cocky,spoilt,typical playboy with a hot body to match and being an only child to one of the richest CEO in the city he held ladies spell bound just by walking into a room. Under this ruthless and arrogant exterior are secrets and mysteries Knight had spent the past 17 years of his life keeping,battling with demons of his past. He bottles up both bitterness and hatred he feels for himself. Used to getting everything he wants what happens when this dominant personality clash with a fiery figure with a hot body to match. Brenda- a girl who has her own share of dark secret. When her mentor/ foster dad who had practically raised her had asked her to Protect Knight she couldn't say no. But if only she knew that this "Knight" would be one of the most infuriating man she has ever come in contact with. Coming to high school and acting as a secret body guard was the height of Brenda's trouble. Not only does she have to deal with the annoying but intriguing blue eyed, boy who manages to push all her buttons and make her forget the word self control but now with prom, bitches, besties,crushes,a dangerous game of truth and Dare,and a love-hate relationship, remove drugs,mafias, thrilling secrets and two people with an arrogant attitude and a troubled past this could be your perfect teenage love story.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Brenda starred at her reflection in the mirror,muttering string of curses

Great! Now she have to look like a bimbo because she has to protect "Almighty" Knight.

She still can't believe she had to remove her comfortable boy clothes.

What is wrong with wearing sweat pants!!!

Brenda had spent yesterday night surfing the internet and other sources to get a glimpse of the brat she would be spending the next five months of her life with, they all point to one thing- spoilt brat alert.

He had the looks,his player ways were not undetected by Brenda.

He goes through model girlfriend like toiletries.

Brenda starred at her new ID and her new name.

"Ashley" she muttered distastefully

Hating the sound already.

She was used to the process,changing names, ID's and city for the past four years just to get away from that monster...

She cringes at the thought of being called Ashley repeatedly.

"Couldn't Chris have found a better name!"she muttered exasperatingly.

Though she really couldn't blame the guy,over the past four years she has obviously exhausted the country's name list.

But Ashley...... Ashley was the worst it reminds her of a high school bimbo with fake lashes,platinum or dyed hair,and a face that has seen many days with a surgeon.

Infact a come alive Barbie doll and she was no doll! She was rough and tough.

She still can't believe she would be spending five months in new York in an actual school.

What she wouldn't give to be under a comforter stuffing her mouth with pizza and watching horrible TV shows with Jordan.

Brenda had been homeschooled for the most part of her life, a normal teenager would be feeling giddy and happy to be free but she was anything but normal.

The idea of going to an actual school didn't thrill her one bit but instead horrified her cause she would be surrounded by teenagers.

"Teenagers" that word pisses her off,not Minding she was one of them.they annoy the heck out of her,with their Petty issues like a crush and prom.

Just five months and you would be gone and no one would even notice you were here in the first place she thought to herself.

She stepped out of the beautiful pent house that belongs to her for the next five months.

It was cute and had a small lawn,the exterior came off as charming but not extravagant but the inside was totally jaw dropping.

The interior designer sure did know his/her business.

It was perfect.....

She looked the hint of grey and the perfect blending of the dull grey colour with purple.

Making the aura of the house not too girlish but not looking like a bachelor pad.

Her room was a beautiful splash of dark purple and ash.

Though she was not a fan of purple she couldn't deny how breath taking her room looked.

Her favorite place in the penthouse was the roof top.

The penthouse had a roof top where she could sit and watch the beauty of the night.

Night-the only moment when she feels safe. No fighting,faking or running.she was just Brenda.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when the shrilly voice of Ariana grande was welcomed into the atmosphere.

She frowned,she definitely has to change that ringing tone she thought.

Her frown immediately transformed into a smile when she noticed who was calling, her foster dad and her boss.

"Yes Gerald"

"Remember no swearing,fighting, tomboy wears and choking anyone at school today okay"

"What about a harmless little teeny punch...."

"Don't you even dare Brenda" he said sternly

"Killsport"she muttered pouting

"Anything else you have up your sleeve to spoil my day?"she asked childishly.

"Please try not to scare everyone away and try make friends,would help you blend in instead of sticking around alone like a sore thumb"

"Hell.... It sucks to be me right now" she complained

"It's just five months then you would be fully ready to join the team" he promised

Brenda beamed at the thought of being part of the team,she had trained for this for the past four years.

She nodded and realizing her silly mistake she replied

"Yes boss I won't fail you"

"I love you alot"

"I love you too"

Gerald started fondly at his phone after hanging up.

It's still a mystery how twelve years old Brenda had managed to break his hardened heart and make a place for herself there.

After losing his family in one day Brenda was the only thing he has left. It still baffles him on how his little girl has grown so fast,He knew how thrilled Brenda was on joining the"team" but he couldn't do it.

He found it hard to taint such a beautiful soul.

This assignment was just a distraction until he can bring himself to do it,sometimes he wish he could protect her from the world,from herself, from the team but he was helpless it was her destiny.

Brenda kept on muttering"I would kill Gerald after this" as she entered the school hall.

She had just encountered one of her worst three minutes in high school also known as three fuckastic minute in hell.

She was certain that all this was a very very bad idea.

Caked up spoiled brat with little or no clothes on who made her crop top and pants look like a granny makeover,were giving her the stink eyes and making obviously loud snide remarks about her while typical men whore just ogled at her and yet she isn't even allowed a punch.

Just one!

Brenda took a defensive stance out of habit when she heard a loud noise,it was deafening and alarming.

The noise was coming from outside so she cautiously walked outside to know what the noise was all about and rolled her eyes when she discovered that the noise was just because some students have just arrived.

And what an entrance they made with their sports car.

She was about going inside when the first person came out of the car making her huff. Obviously with her luck,it was "the knight" great! He was also a celebrity in school.

If eyes could kill then Brenda would have definitely killed him.

He was practically flirting with almost all the girls making them swoon.

His dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, edible lips.....

"Urgh! Where did that come from?" she muttered

She shrugged obviously he was too good looking for his own good.

He looked like an Armani model more like a Greek God while the school population were just mere mortals,ordinary and not so beautiful.

She sighed

"Oh creator... Where is thy fairness"

She glared at him as he hit on a girl who was in the arms of her boyfriend with just a wink making her go into a kind of trance.

He was sinfully beautiful and that was the problem.

She has not even had a word with him but that smug look on his face showed that it would be hell working with him.

Then the other two came out,

Knight's best friends

Great! Now two Greek gods seriously!

They oozed of power and sexual appeal.

Brenda couldn't understand the school was obviously a school for the rich and famous so why was Knight and his friends worshiped.

She shaked her head.

She would do her research later but for now she need to talk to Knight and heck! She just want to be done with it as soon as possible.

She felt the intensity of someone's eyes on her,she sucked in a breath as she looked up meeting the captivating blue eyes.

He smiled showcasing his damn dimples making her swoon.

He winked at her, making her wake up from her daze.

She rolled her eyes and smiled smugly noticing his surprised look.just to make sure he understood she smirked and gave him the middle finger.

Smirking to herself she turned to leave but bumped into a red head who also seemed nauseated with the sight before her.

Brenda sighed

Was there an insanely attractive policy in the school she was not aware of cause the girl in front of her was gorgeous.

"Hi am Chloe"she said smiling brightly.

"Can we go talk somewhere else"Brenda suggested.

"With pleasure" Chloe replied

Co-incidentally Chloe happened to be the sister of Kayden one of knight's friend.

Which totally made sense.

A Greek god and his gorgeous sister.

According to her they practically ruled the school as their king because of both respect and fear they got as a result of their looks and ruthless personality.

Brenda really liked Chloe,at least she was different from the typical snobbish rich kids she knew.

They talked for hours and Brenda was glad to be making progress at least she could make her stay in high school bearable.

Knight starred at the spot where the mystery girl had been standing seconds ago to find it empty.

Had it just been in his head? He thought. He shook his head he hardly hallucinated so he knew it was real.

Who was this girl and why does he feel attached to her? He asked himself. No he argued he was over thinking,it was just her green electrifying eyes and her killer looks and body he was attracted to.those eyes.... seem to be hiding a lot of secret,those eyes alone could tell a tale,he could look into those eyes and get lost..... He shook his head he was making up a lot of shit,maybe it was as a result of all those late nights and partying he has been indulging in recently.

"Bro you have not really been listening,have you?" Asked Kayden his dad's business associate's son and his friend since he was three.

"Yes man,since this morning you have been behaving strange don't tell me you are still hung over" Dallas his childhood friend and nextdoor neighbor more like next mansion and highly fenced gate said worried.

He was also his childhood friend.

"It's nothing guys really" he said

"Or is it about the Cassandra girl's issue.."Kayden commented

He froze,how could he have forgotten one of his biggest problem just because of one stranger... Hot but exactly not the point he thought frustrated.

His dad was determined to ruin his life this time,dad had gone ahead and fixed his marriage with Cassandra and it was not helping that she was getting clingy and handsy with every minute.


All he wanted to say was forgotten when he saw the girl who had managed to be in his mind for more than five minutes without being under him.

"Woah"kayden muttered noticing what has taken his friend's attention.

"Not bad" Dallas replied grinning and nodding his head in approval.

Smirking Knight absentmindedly left them following Brenda as a mischievous plan formed in his head.

Brenda couldn't understand what had happened one minute she was walking behind Chloe and the next she was dragged into an empty class room; instinctively she punched the intruder.

"Ouch" he muttered

Getting her breath back,she looked at the intruder and discovered it was Knight.

"God "she exclaimed in disbelief

"That is a new one... Girls have called me different names but God?? I can get used to that"he said

Brenda starred at him shocked speechless for some time,he really was proud.

"Are you gonna say something?" He asked amused

" Goddamn you fucking bastard you don't go around sneaking into people like that you moron!"she screamed.

"I thought your voice was sexy but damn it's magical when you are cursing"

"Yeah now take a guess when my hand and mouth decide to work together what happens it would be me cursing and beating the shit out of you"

"Ouch that hurts"

"....and you certainly don't hit like a girl" he said.

"You should be thankful that I didn't knock you out completely...... that would teach you...."

"Have anyone ever told you,you talk way too much" he complained frowning.

" Does it annoy you" she asked her brows raised.

He does not know how she does it but she looks damn sexy when she rolled her eyes or raised her eyebrow.

" I can think of numerous ways to shut you up baby and trust me you...."

"Firstly am not your baby,secondly can you just shut up and stop flirting shamelessly with me" she said clenching her teeth.

Knight chuckled as his eyes drifted to her body involuntarily.

"A picture would last longer and yeah my eyes are up here"she said

"I have seen better " he mumbled rolling his eyes.

"Whatever.... Am ashley your new bodyguard "she replied

"My what! My bodyguard is a guy"

Mike had been chosen to be his bodyguard but as a result of his criminal record Gerald couldn't risk it.

"Yeah plans changed, have any problem with that?"

"If problem means you get to guide my ass all day long then I need more of that.

"You know.."he drawled huskily holding her by the waist

"There is a whole more effective way of protecting me if you are very close like really close..."

Brenda felt hypnotized

Her heart was pounding.

Brenda bent down close to his mouth so close that she could feel his hot breath on her face.

Knight closed his eyes expectantly waiting for her lips to connect with his.

"Does the contract state I can't break both your hands?"

"What?"his eyes now wide open.

"If the contract don't state otherwise then better be careful pretty boy or your hands might just be chopped off" and with that she winked at him and smirking she walked out.

"What just happened now?" Knight muttered

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