When hell meets it's match

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Chapter 2

Chloe was so worried,one minute Brenda was beside her and the next she was gone.

She was surprised to find Brenda smiling secretly to herself totally unharmed.

"Where were you Ashley?" She asked with her hands folded.

"Mmm... Wanted to use the toilet and I didn't want to disturb you" Brenda lied and a second after the lie realized how stupid she sounded.

Okay is now official lying is not her biggest talent she thought.

Chloe raised her eyebrow and was about saying something when the bell rang.

"Let's talk about something else like what do I have now" Brenda said awkwardly.

"I can't believe you,you don't have your schedule list?" Asked Chloe.

Brenda couldn't believe her luck, in her hurry to leave Knight she had forgotten to ask him for his schedule,since she would have to be in all his classes.

She smiled tightly.

"Funny question but.... what does Knight have right now?" Brenda asked scratching her hair nervously.

"Don't tell me you like him too"

"No! never,i overheard someone saying that he was mmmm doing the same course as mine"she lied again.

"Well... He has advanced calcus which is an elective" Chloe said.

"Advanced calcus huh why choose such a brain tasking course?"Brenda asked.

Chloe raised her eyebrow at her.

" For someone who isn't infatuated with Knight you seem Really interested to know about him" Chloe said.

"I don't like him hmph! I am just curious" Brenda said.

Chloe shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well.... shocking news the school bad boys also have brains.the three of them are quite gifted intellectually.

While kayden and Knight are the greatest mathematician In the school, Dallas happens to be good with computers more like great" she stated.

"You must be really proud of your brother"

"Yea but sometimes it gets really hard. I wish sometimes am not his sister, all I would ever be is just kayden's little sister. It sucks knowing that people want to be in my life because of him...." She trailed off sadly.

"But... I just met you today but I can truly say you are the only true friend I have" said Chloe smiling warmly at me.

Brenda felt a pang of guilt,how would Chloe feel when she finds out that everything she knew about this friend of hers was just a lie and not only that she would be gone after five months.

" Okay get going now,i think I got a bit emotional, so what is your elective?" Asked Chloe.

"Advanced Calcus" said Brenda without thinking.

"Woah looks and brains... damn girl you are on fire" said Chloe smirking.

She smiled back.

It wasn't entirely a lie, Brenda was a smart cookie but sadly that's not why she was attending the class.

She hurried to the advanced calcus class,she was only three minutes late but the glare she received from both the teacher and disapproving nerd was frightening.

She went to her seat hurriedly making sure to keep a polite but remorseful face.

"You are the new girl right?" The teacher asked.

Brenda has already been briefed about her teacher, Mrs Morrison seemed to be in her mid fifties but looks younger but the graying hair at the edge of her head were outstanding qualities to show that she was quite aged.

"Yes" she replied

"Figures...."she muttered as she went back to teaching making Brenda exhale a sigh of relief.

Twenty minutes later,a relaxed Knight and kayden walked Inyo the classroom.

The reaction they invoked made Brenda totally upset. How was this even possible? She thought.

Even the hostile female nerds with their scary lens turned to mushy cupcakes and the male all cowered in fear.

Brenda rolled her eyes as Mrs Morrison tried to put up a stern look.

" Kayden and Knight I won't tolerate this late coming" she said.

"Oh Morris love,you know I won't get you upset if it's not for a good reason, by the way cupcake you look terrific in that dress" said Knight with an exaggerated sigh,kayden chuckled.

Mrs Morrison blushed and giggled helplessly.

"Oh you flirt....stop it" she said already a generous shade of red.

"Oh God can someone just kill me" Brenda muttered.

She was saved from practically ripping her hair from her head literally by the sound of a chair beside her scraping backward.

She started muttering curses,using all the foul languages available on earth when she discovered it was Knight.

"Go easy girl" Knight said obviously amused.

"Why are you sitting here?" Brenda asked.

" Why shouldn't I?" Brenda asked between clenched teeth.

" Why shouldn't I??" He mumbled feigning innocence.

" Man can you stop bothering the new girl?" Said kayden.

" Thanks kayden" said Brenda pouting.

"And how the heck did you know his name......you also stalk him on social media like the rest of the other girls?" Knight asked amused

"Kayden now that's a name,not a name that typically screams drunk parents,were your parents drunk or what" retorted Brenda raising her eyebrow.

Kayden chuckled while Knight frowned.

"Finally she said my name" Knight said ignoring her comment making Brenda roll her eyes.

Then a real life Barbie doll walked in,with two girls holding her bag and books,brenda knew that if she was not careful she would throw up.

She has never seen so much pink and glitter on anything not to talk of a person.

Mrs Morrison pretended like she didn't see her,the nerdy girls frowned while the boys groaned.

Even Knight,who so much love flirting don't seem to be a fan of " princess pink" as he frowned and looked sideways, Brenda observed.

Brenda didn't care who the girl was but God! She was a fan.

But Brenda took that back immediately the girl hissed at her and then sat beside Knight.

Brenda rolled her eyes,typical rich brat!

"So why are you in my class miss Davies?" Asked Mrs Morrison sweetly already buttering up to the doll.

" Well I would really love to study calcus and my sweet pea here encouraged me to come and I couldn't say no"

The look on knight's face was priceless....

Brenda forgetting where she was chuckled loudly and that gave her away as almost immediately the class attention was fixated on her.

Now that's not fair am not the one shamelessly throwing myself at someone was I? She thought.

Kayden deciding to deliver her from her misery chuckled and that did the trick,attention was removed from her.

Kayden smirked at Brenda as she mouthed "thank you".

Brenda reminds him so much of his twin sister though the later was more troublesome.

Knight was so upset as he clenched and unclenched his muscles. He couldn't believe that Cassandra followed him to his calcus class, obviously it doesn't take much to know that she was dumb as a board so why was she doing this?

It was a rare sight for Brenda as she relished Knight's discomfort.

Immediately the bell rang Knight made a beeline for the door, Brenda smirking stood up heading for the door too but was pushed by Cassandra luckily she fell into Kayden's arm.

"Am so sorry" Brenda muttered as he helped her up.

"Thank you and sorry all in one day guess am just lucky"said Kayden.

"Sorry wrong girl bro, flirting don't work on this girl"she replied.

"I love them fierce and over confident" he said.

She rolled her eyes.

He laughed.

" You still haven't told me your name"he said.


"Kayden Luke"

He replied smiling.

"See you around" he added and then left.

Well this kayden guy is really not that bad Brenda thought.

Chloe was grinning at her when she came out of the class.

"Well...." Brenda muttered raising her eyebrow.

"It's lunch time and am starving" said Chloe

"Okay.." Brenda muttered still confused cause obviously it was not a good cause to be so enthusiastic.

"Let's head to the cafeteria" Brenda said.

"No I know this pizzeria outside the school that gives you a taste of heaven" said Chloe.

"Well isn't that against the rules?" Brenda asked confused.

"Well.... I just have this bad habit of breaking the rules" said Chloe winking at her.

Brenda was damn shocked, she had mistaken Chloe to be a goody two shoes.

"Where did you come from girl and where have you been all my life." Asked Brenda.

"Jupiter maybe" Chloe replied grinning.

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