When hell meets it's match

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Chapter 3

Knight starred at kayden not knowing if it was the thought of knowing that kayden was flirting while Cassandra tormented him that hurt him or the fact that he was flirting with her.

"Am just stressed out " he mumbled to himself realizing how ridiculous his thoughts sounds.

"Bro what is the problem" Dallas asked.

Dallas starred at Knight worried, ever since Knight came out of calcus class he has been acting weird.

"Nothing" Knight grumpily said glaring at Knight.

"Woah! I know am hot and all that but don't you think you got the wrong guy am Not Cassandra" Knight jokingly said while Dallas laughed.

" Now this is my problem! All you both do is take delight in my pain while kayden flirts with a girl who makes me sick, Dallas laughs at...."

"Easy man, we didn't know you were this offended by the Cassandra's issue" said kayden raising his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

Even Knight couldn't explain his sudden outburst. Were all this just because of Cassandra or those it have something to do with a particular blonde....

She had bluntly rejected him and had openly flirted with kayden.

Was that the reason why he felt his heart clenching just seeing them together, was that hurt?

Knight chuckled at the thought making kayden and Dallas more worried as they exchanged stares.

Am a ladies man, I don't get hurt he thought.

"Should we be worried? Kayden asked.

"You know what I would just head out.. try to get some fresh air or something.."he replied and hurriedly left before they could stop him.

"Watch it" he grumbled as he stumbled onto somebody.

Ready to vent out his anger on the unfortunate soul he furiously looked up and there she was.

With a temper hot enough to match her body she was in rage looking sexy as usual, with those sparkling green eyes twinkling in anger.

She would totally murder him if she discovered that her anger actually turned him on he mused shaking his head amused.

"Seriously!"shouted an enraged Brenda.

Firstly he bumped into her spilling her smoothie on her body and now he suddenly can't speak, he just stands there and stare at her.

"What is the big deal...I bumped into...damn it!" He mumbled the last part realizing that bumping into her had spilled the smoothie she was holding all over her body but that was the least of his worries the liquid had already seeped into her body making the fabric stick to hee body like a second skin and it didn't help that she was wearing a white sleeveless crop top.

Knight smirked realizing that she was uncomfortable.

He decided to focus on her embarrassing moment than his reaction to her body.

Brenda swallowed hard,she felt so exposed under his ogling eyes.she starred down at her top which was now showing the black lacy underwear underneath.

"Hot bra"someone said from behind

Just some hours ago,she was insecured about wearing crop top and shorts to school and now she was standing outside with a drenched top flashing the whole school her under wear.

Without thinking she ran off not sparing a glance at Knight.

Knight chuckled,who could have thought the school bad girl was insecured of her own skin.it was 1-0 the game has just begun.

Kayden was about heading out to search for Knight,he understood that the guy needed his space but he can't help but worry for him then he sighted a running smoothie drenched crying Ashley and ran towards her.

"Geez... calm down" he said when he finally caught up with her.

He had to give that to her the girl can run!

"What the fuck happened"he asked after getting his breath back and making sure Ashley was not about running away.

"Well Knight...he....he...he!"she broke down crying.

Kayden inspected her body for any bruises her body was infact still flawless and perfect and beautiful..not now hormones he thought.

"Calm down what happened?" he asked confused.

"Knight drenched me with smoothie...not literally you see I was holding it but he bumped into me and.."

"So?"kayden asked more confused stopping her rant.

"You seriously ask me that...well let's start with facts firstly where I come from people don't stand half naked in the fucking school hall way with a drenched top which is perfectly exposing their underwear and have no problem with that" she shouted already out of breath by the time she was through.

"Wait.. you are crying all because of this?"he asked raising his eyebrow fighting the urge not to laugh.

Something told him that the new girl had been through strange upbringing but this....okay this was hilarious.

Two guys wholf whistled behind him and like magnet Ashley jumped him holding him tight trying to cover her body with his.

Kayden didn't know why but he felt obligated for once he felt a sense of duty to a girl someone other than his sister.

He desperately wanted to keep her safe,happy, protected...

"Hey Jamison and Luke don't you have somewhere to be?"he asked casually but only the boys noticed his glare and the underlying meaning behind the gesture as they scurried away.

He starred down at Brenda who was still clinging to him and for some strange reason he didn't want her to leave but almost immediately she stepped away from him like he was fire realizing the scene she was causing.

"Am so sorry" she said blushing deeply.

Kayden chuckled an embarrassed Ashley was so cute.

"I never knew you felt so uncomfortable showing some skin but if it makes up for anything just know you have a goddamn amazing body" he said genuinely.

"Urgh! seriously?" She asked.

"I didn't mean it to sound like that, am not a pervert and I was not checking you out okay I was a little oh god! You know it sounded so much better when I composed it in my mind but when I actually said it, it sounded all wrong... Am not helping right?" Knight asked scratching his neck nervously while Brenda raised her eyebrow amused.

Kayden was confused, he was one of Westfield high school top player.

How could just one girl make him go all nervous and tight tongued.

"Here"he said removing his denim jacket and handing it over to her.

Almost immediately, a very worried Chloe re surfaced.

"You were supposed to meet me..."she stopped taking in the scene before her.

A tear face Ashley wearing her brother's jacket all equaled to one thing kayden was up to no good.

She was about going all "Ninja" on him when Brenda intervened.

"Hey he didn't do anything to me infact he actually came to my rescue unlike some big old meanie called Knight" said Brenda.

"What did Knight do this time?"asked an annoyed Chloe.

Without waiting for an explanation from Brenda she walked out muttering something about squeezing balls.

Kayden smirked.

"Promise me she won't kill him"Brenda said smirking.

"I can't"Kayden replied chuckling.

"Thank you again....for everything. This is like the third time already"

Kayden smirked

"I might just be your Knight in denim jacket"he teased.

She smiled,he gazed at her star struck.

"What"she asked uncomfortable.

"What do I have to do to keep that smile on your face?"he asked caressing her face.

"Mmmm... "She stepped out of his reach.

"Am sorry' he said withdrawing his hand fastly realizing her discomfort.

She tried smiling but it ended up transforming to a wince.

"Thank you kayden and here about the smile enjoy the view it happens once in a while"she replied.

"I would count on that" she said.

Knight was at the cafeteria with some group of bimbos as usual, so it was easy for Chloe to spot him even though the rare sight of his blonde hair with brown highlight was rare too and rail singled him out.

He looked up and he forgot the question he was about answering from one of the girls when he spotted an angry Chloe and smoothie.... That was certainly not a good sign.

Grinning he ducked as the bottle of smoothie narrowly missed him, how was he to know that his tough bodyguard was going to turn a cry baby all because she had to show some skin but that body.... shouldn't it be illegal to own such a body?

He smirked as he missed the second bottle.

Chloe groaned as she grabbed the smoothie from the chef's counter silencing her with a glare as she tried protesting.

"Sorry girls but I have to go"he said smiling as he hurriedly tried to escape.

"Awwwnn..no..." Chloe very annoyed fling the smoothie on the girl which landed on her head making her gasp as she held her head trying to attract pity or a reaction from Knight.

She smirked and mouthed slut getting a bit of satisfaction from her rapidly swelling forehead.

Knight chuckled, determined to make it out of the cafe alive,he ran out of the cafeteria running towards the hall.

Perhaps he could try a pity party and get kayden to save him that is if he gets to class before this crazy girl gets him.

He got to an abrupt halt when he saw kayden and Ashley together.

What bothered him was not they were together but Ashley's expression.

If Ashley looked hot when she frowned she looked like a fucking angel when she smiled.

He doesn't know why but it hurt alot to see her like this with kayden...she looked happy, something she could never be with him....

Knight shook his head,he was not hurt it was just his ego that hurts...he has not had a girl reject him ever.. he had always prided himself as a ladies man and it hurts to know that there was an exception.

Chloe was surprised to see Knight who minutes ago was laughing and pissing her off was just standing and starring into face with an unexplainable expression on his face.

Yeah Knight had been a thorn on her flesh, a flirt but that guy had also practically grew up with her, he was like that troublesome older brother that had and would always be there for her. He was like family she couldn't get rid of him..player or not.

She cared about Knight as much as she cared about kayden.

She knew about the Cassandra shit and though he may have been putting up a good front she now knew it was really serious.... Because the knight she knew never let anything get to him this much...

"Hey buddy" she said tapping him

He jerked waking up from his reverie, as his eyes sweeps around the now empty hallway.

"They are gone"he muttered to himself.

"Who?"Chloe asked looking at him very worried.

He smiled....

"Nevermind" he replied


He looked up

"I got you" she replied smiling.

Brenda smiled fondly as she answered her call.it was Gerald.

"Well! well! well! who do we have here....after you abandoned me to deal with this annoying brats now you call"

Gerald rolled his eyes... Brenda was always so dramatic.

"How is my sweet heart doing?"he asked ignoring her rant.

She shrugged remembering the event of the day.

"Not bad"she said.

"See who is finally warming up to high school life.but yeah remember Knight life is in danger and you are there because we don't know where the enemy might attack from so be vigilant the enemy might be disguised and may even be watching you right now so make sure no one gets suspicious of you.remember secondly your job ends here don't ever extend your services to his house besides there are more than enough guards at his house and you are there only because guards are prohibited in high school besides I heard that the guy is a player don't want anyone taking advantage of my little girl"

Brenda rolled her eyes.

"Did the second rule come as a dad or as a boss?"she asked.

"As both" he replied becoming serious.

"Thirdly don't get too attached to anyone remember you would still have to say goodbye"

"Yeah yeah.... I know.."

"Lastly and most importantly don't you ever fall in love...."

"I know..."

"No listen to me Brenda this is serious,love would ruin everything for us,if you dare fall in love not only would you endanger your life but his as well" he warned.

Brenda swallowed hard as she realized that love,marriage all those stuffs were not for her.

"Sadly the only man I can ever love is speaking to me now"she mumbled.

"I really want you to have all of that... But you know better Brenda"he said sadly and for once he didn't say the "l"word he just hanged up.


The screams were back again....

The sound of the ambulance siren like a music from hell.

The look of pain on mom's face.

She spoke little but her words were laced with obvious bitterness and venom.

The shouts,commotion,tears....

Knight screamed as he woke up.

It was always the same, the nightmares never changes.

Knight couldn't believe that the haunting nightmare were back, not one day has passed without him wishing he could bring back that one day had managed to alter the course of his life for ever and make it perfect.

Sometimes he feel like he was watching himself while a force called fate had control to do whatever it please.

He was helpless fate had already mapped out his role in life and it was too late to act differently.

He reached for water and took the glass that was always on his bedside only for it to fall.

The sound echoed over the empty house reminding him cruelly of his lonely life.

To the outside world he was lucky to have this life but yet he felt so cursed.

Loneliness has become his shadow it had been like that ever since that day,he couldn't bear to see the look of pain and grief in his mother's eye whenever she looked at him so he left..

Sometimes Knight wished someone had stopped him, someone has convinced and persuaded him, someone had wanted him but nobody did rather his dad was so happy to buy him this house, to get rid of him.

Enraged and bitter,he stood up from his bed and with every step closed the distance between himself and the gym room.

There was an inner peace he felt once he entered there, that was the only place where secret reporters were not hanging around with their camera in their disguise waiting to capture his weakest moment, bloggers were not around to make up steamy stories that were a bit exaggerated about him, he wasn't watched, nobody was there to watch him fake smile,this was his home....he could pour out his anger, regrets, guilt,frustrations till he gets tired.

With each punch he poured out his anger,regrets,guilt,frustrations.

With each punch he poured out all the mental torture he had to undergo everyday.

All the times he had smile when he felt like throwing up, all those times he had been weak and really wanted a hug but yet act like all was fine.

All those times he flirted, those times he bullied nerds and other helpless people just to satisfy the maddening rage inside of him.

All those times he partied hard, drinking till he forgot his last name he wanted to forget this feeling,the engulfing feeling of guilt, but it comes back though.he only feels peace momentarily but it still comes back.

His breath were raspy, his muscles clenched,his hands were bleeding but he couldn't stop.

Maybe just maybe he could be so hurt that he could forget....

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