When hell meets it's match

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Chapter 4

"Stay here"
I starred into those chocolate orbs I have learnt to trust.
"Would you come back for me?" I asked innocently starring at her.
I looked at her but she couldn't meet my gaze.
"Would you bring dad back?" I Asked.
She nodded.
"Are you crying?"I asked starring at her tear stained face confused.
"Hush go and hide inside the wardrobe and don't come out until am back"
She lied...she never came back neither did Dad.

"Why are you sitting here all alone?" Asked Chloe with her perfectly carved eye brows raised.
"Hope everything is fine?"she asked starring at Brenda with concern.
Brenda nodded her head not trusting her voice.
Chloe didn't know why but she had this feeling that she was being lied to, All she knew about Ashley was that she stays at California with her parents and moved to new York after her parent's death.
She didn't know If it was because she was used to being lied to but something just didn't add up in Ashley's story but one thing was sure she was not ready to ruin what she and Ashley shared just because she had a bad habit of believing that every good thing life throws at her is a lie.
"So am here to tell you just two things that would wow your day" Chloe said ignoring her suspicions.
Brenda smiled, that's one of the many reasons why she loved Chloe the girl was a ball of good energy.
"Party time"
Brenda frowned
Another reason why she hated teenagers...
Definition of party - An excuse for horny teenagers to get laid and underaged to get drunk.
"You don't seem happy"Chloe observed.
"Why won't I be which normal teenager doesn't love a good party" she replied.
You that's who! Her subconscious mocked.
Brenda knew that Chloe was already suspicious of many things around her she doesn't have to keep increasing the list.
"So we would go shopping after school how about that" And that statement was enough to make Brenda regret her lie.
"Just great" she murmured sarcastically under her breath.
She grimaced at the thought of shopping, the smell of those fancy shop remind her of the hospital and as a fighter she was a regular visitor of the hospital but she just couldn't get used to its foul smell, the hospital reminds her of death and death well....
"Ashley have you been listening?" Asked Chloe worried.
"Yea yipee shopping sounds like fun" said Brenda trying to smile but it came out looking more like a wince.
If Chloe noticed her lack of enthusiasm she didn't show it she just smiled.
"Okay then, I have class now, bye slut"
"Bye sucker"
Brenda chuckled as Chloe sauntered out adding an extra sway to her hips.
Kayden was beginning to regret his decision of not skipping school.
Kayden had been so busy with making Arrangements for the party and coupled with sleepless nights it has been pure torture.
It was Dallas party and he was in charge of the drinks. Hiring a bartender and getting the drinks were tasking but he always deliver.
"You don't seem too fine" a familiar voice whispered.
He looked up and there she was, the fantasy of his sleepless nights, the object of his obsession and the reason for all the cold shower he has been into.
She was dressed in a baggy hoodie that still couldn't hide the delicious swell of her breast, a tight pant which showcased her delicious curves, he could see those green eyes that has start making him take a liking to the colour green, those perfect red cupid bow lips he can't get tired of starring at, she was fucking perfect, a sight for sore eyes and she doesn't even know it.
"Yea I need to get home" he replied
"But am not in a state to drive back" he said lying.
He had driven himself to different destinations even in worst conditions.
And there it was his miracle.... She smiled.
"Hand over your keys, I gat you" she said.
"Am so sorry that am making you skip school"kayden said smirking knowing he was anything but sorry.
"You are years late with that apology am a bad girl" she said dramatically flipping her hair and winking at him making him chuckle.
After giving up on finding kayden Knight left for his chemistry class.
"Seems the dude had decided to head back home besides he looked really fucked up the last time I saw him" He muttered to himself.
He smirked remembering that Ashley was in his chemistry class infact all his classes and without Knight he would be able to torture her.
Mr Smith an old man in his late seventies was a core disciplinarian and was not one of knight's favorite.
The feelings though was reciprocated, he hated Knight and his friends even though he was fully aware of the people and position they held in the school, he was not ready to step on their toes but yet he showed them he surely was not their ally by glaring at them and that day was not any different.
Knight winked at him just to spite him more as he sauntered into the class 10 minutes late.
Smirking, he enjoyed the female's attention for some time before his eyes started searching for a particular blonde.
"Searching for someone"whispered Dallas who had noticed knight's relentless search.
"Gosh man that was creepy a little heads up would do" Knight replied glaring at Dallas.
"Nah what is the fun in that" Dallas said chuckling.
"Who are you searching for?"
Knight sighed,Knowing Dallas he knew he would make up an unbelievable and unrealistic theory If he dare tell him he was searching for Ashley.
"Kayden" he muttered.
"Hmmm and here I was thinking it was a girl who had green eyes" Dallas said knowingly.
"No.. I don't search for girls, they do the searching" he said arrogantly.
"So where is kayden then?" He asked.
"I have no idea and his line is switched off"
"Then probably he is getting laid or something" Knight said nonchalantly.
"What the fuck!" Shouted Dallas which attracted both stare and glare from the class or to be specific Mr Smith.
"I would really appreciate it if you both quit cursing in my class" Mr Smith said through gritted teeth.
He cursed inwardly at the school management for making this rich brats untouchable just because their parents make huge donations to the school board.
"Sorry Mr Smith" they both said in unison mockingly.
"Awwwnn... Isn't that sexy" said one of the girls loudly and that attracted her Mr Smith infamous glare she only giggled once mr Smith removed his attention from her she turned holding knight's hand she bent down intending on showing more of her already exposed cleavages.
"Can't wait for the party" she said winking for implied meaning.
Bored, Knight removed her hand from his body and turned towards Dallas.
" Why the heck did you scream?"
"Cause my guy is good men well he learns from the best but..."
" Whst are you ranting about?" Knight asked.
Kayden is currently banging the green eyes new hot babe"
And Knight could swear he saw red.
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