When hell meets it's match

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Chapter 5

"Firstly how is Ashley even his dream girl?"
Dallas shrugged.
"That is all that guy has been able to talk about for the past two weeks since her arrival"
"But that doesn't mean they are..."
"When do you even start caring about kayden's fuck life....wait... Don't tell me you like this girl too" Dallas mumbled looking shocked.
Knight blinked.
"Seriously dude you really think I would have a sick crush on a girl.... Any girl..?" Knight asked his brow raised.
" well now I think of it, it sounds stupid but man you were sounding jealous"
Knight rolled his eyes.
"Am not.. Am just being real. Kayden could just be resting at home, he looked like shit when I last saw him, we all know how hard it is to find a bartender willing to serve underage teenager's drinks and risk losing his license secondly Ashley might have decided to have a shopping spree with Chloe for the party."
Dallas shrugged Mumbling " kill sport" under his breath.
Knight smirked.

Knight was surprised to find Chloe at the school's cafeteria sitting all alone.
"Seriously and I thought you skipped school too" he said surprised.
"And why is that?" Asked Chloe raising her brow suspiciously.
"Well I thought...mmm where is Kayden?" He blurted out.
Chloe dropped her cup of coffee and starred at him for a while.Knight hoped she was not suspicious of him the last thing he wanted was Chloe going all FBI on him.

"Well.. Didn't he tell you?"
"Am I supposed to know something?" He asked curiously.
She shrugged.
" well Ashley took him home cause he was so tired " she replied lazily sipping her coffee.
"Seriously?" Knight asked frowning.
"Yeah" she mumbled.
"Why are you here? couldnt you have gone with your brother or ring your driver or something?" He asked in a raised voice.
Chloe glared at him shocked.
"Wow hold on...are you really shouting at Me? What problem do you have with Ashley taking Kayden home?" Asked Chloe now angry.
Knight starred at her shocked he couldn't even understand what was wrong with him.
Why had he shouted at Chloe like that? He thought.
He closed his eyes frustrated.
"Am sorry Chloe I guess am tired and stressed out"
"Better..." She replied and rolling her eyes she walked out abandoning her unfinished coffee.
"What's wrong with me?" Knight mumbled under his breath.
"Mm..where the fuck have you been? And where have you been I have been looking for you?" Asked Dallas who has just encountered an angry looking Chloe and knew that knight has been up to no good.
Knight didn't reply him,he just walked out while Dallas shaking His head followed him.
Knight headed to the parking loft.
" where are you going?" Dallas asked.
"To kayden's place wanna join me?" Knight asked.
School was already boring without Kayden but a grumpy knight was better than staying in this hell hole called school all alone.
"Yeah" he mumbled.
Brenda smiled fondly at Kayden who was fast asleep.
He looked adorable...
She shook her head imagining how creepy she might look starring at him while he slept.
Resisting the urge to caress his face she left the room tugging at his shirt she was Wearing.
She was in the kitchen washing the dishes even though Kayden had insisted she doesn't bother...
Well what he doesn't know can't kill him she thought, when she had footsteps.
This was alarming since Kayden had told her that today was his house keeper's day off.
She heard wholf whistling and when she turned it was Dallas with knight beside him.
Knight was taking in every inch of her exposed body making her more self conscious about the cloth she was Wearing which belonged to Kayden.
" where is Kayden?" Asked Dallas.
"He is sleeping in the room" she replied dragging the hem of the shirt down.
Kayden didn't know why but he felt betrayed.
He had thought she was different, he thought she was not like the other girls who went in and out of his bed.
He didn't know why but he couldn't take his eyes off her in that shirt, he felt like she shouldnt be wearing kayden's shirt.
She looked so perfect in it and he hated her for it.
"Knight quit starring I know am hot" said Brenda cockily in order to hide her uneasiness.
" well... I was wondering if I should give you an Oscar for
such a brilliant performance, one minute you were crying just because your fucking bra was showing and the next you are fucking my Best friend and flaunting the evidence in front of me." Said knight grabbing her by the waist bringing her close to him.
" let me go you fucking bastard!" She shouted and then rolling her eyes she forcefully marched him which reduced his grip on her and allowed her to free herself from His grip.
"What are you even talking about?" She asked confused.
"What are you doing here? You have a job in between jumping in and out of bed with Kayden that you are mine...my bodyguard" he menacingly replied.
"You don't know me so you have no right to call me yours,or judge me or question why or what i am here for, you have no right to say things like that...."
"Things like what....?" He heartlessly asked.
"Like....like am a whore or something" her eyes watered.
A part of him wanted to hug her but another the stronger part of him wanted to hurt her, make her feel the same way he was feeling right now.
"Woah! Isn't that what you are?" He asked.
Brenda turned her back towards him furiously wiping the tears that ran down her cheek.... He doesn't deserve her tears.
She furiously turned towards him her emotion in check."you know one disgusting thing about you. You believe that everybody is just like you everybody has disgusting intention like you and that is why nobody would ever genuinely love or care for you because you don't deserve it. This
Girls that flock around you would leave one day leaving you lonely and you would single handedly destroy what you have with Kayden, Chloe and others who genuinely care about you because of this shit called attitude you exhibit "
"You knight... Would drive everyone so far away from you. I still don't know why and how you and Kayden became Friends but you are so different from him" said Brenda swallowing hard.
"You have a lot of things to say about this Kayden you just know for lemme say two weeks." Said knight hurt.
"I can confidently day he is a much better person than you" she stated.
Knight didn't know why but her words hurt alot than it should.
"And yea there is more to being together with the opposite sex than the actual sex. Its too hard for you to understand the importance of company and meaningful relationship since you have hardly had one in your life"
Knight swallowed hard.
"My life would have been in danger today and all you would have told my dad If something happened to me is this endless lecture on company and relationships" asked knight.
"Unlike you I know my job and I don't ever cross the line. Remember the first time we met I attached a wireless tracker to your locket when you thought I wanted to kiss you. So if something happens to you I can track you. Knight you are my boss please do act like one. My job description was body guarding not baby sitting so stop acting like a big baby and please don't wake Kayden up he is so tired bye" she said and at that point he could clearly see the pain in her eyes.
She didn't wait for him to say anything..... She ran out.

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