When hell meets it's match

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Chapter 6

Knight couldn't concentrate on anything ever since Ashley had ran out looking hurt.
Dallas was still going on about being right and ranting on how kayden had learnt from the best which was him.
Normally, that was when Knight would interrupt him and they would keep on bragging about who was the best.
Kayden had woke up,surprised to see himself in his room but remembering the day's event he smiled.
He was surprised to hear voices and he was sure none of them belonged to Ashley cause she and Chloe were supposed to Go shopping according to her.
He stood up and arriving at the kitchen it was the "boys"
Ever since he gave Dallas and Knight spare keys to his House this was the first time they were using it so he was surprised to see them.
Dallas as usual was stuffing his face with cereal.the guy was already about to finish Chloe's favorite flavour. He smirked to himself, he would have her to contend with so he should eat to his fill.
"Hey guess who finally woke up?"announced Knight sarcastically.
He didn't know why Knight was being so grumpy and honestly he didn't even care,nobody not Even Knight could ruin or spoil His day as a result of his daddy's problem.
Dallas rolled his eyes.
He knew that something was definitely wrong, the guy has been acting all funny since chemistry class.
" hey my favorite champ is up. Guy you are really good and smooth tell me what is the trick? " Dallas asked winking at him.
"What are you even talking about?" Asked kayden confused.
"We saw your latest conquest Ashley" Knight said frowning.
"Firstly don't you dare call Ashley that, secondly I don't know what is going on in your dirty Perverted minds but all Ashley did was drive me home and nurse me back to health" kayden clarified.
"Health?" Were you sick?" Dallas asked.
Kayden frowned.
"Yeah the stress coupled with sleepless nights led to a high fever but everything is fine Now am good" he replied.
"So why the heck was she wearing your shirt?" Knight asked.
Kayden starred at him for sometime before it dawned on him that he was still on the Ashley's issue.
"I don't know what your problem is but I would really appreciate it if you keep your voice down." Kayden coolly requested.
"I can shout in this damn building if I want to okay?" Said knight raising his voice even more.
" firstly this my house so you have no right... No right whatsoever to shout at the top of your Voice. Secondly the last time I checked Ashley was neither your sister, daughter or even girlfriend so you have no right to question me or ask me silly questions" kayden said very much upset.
"Calm down guys that's the problem it's always about knight, Knight this and that, I don't know how he is when he gets angry cause l am too busy with issues of my own, all because you have daddy's issues and he is mounting pressures on you don't give you the right to come over here and Pile your frustration at me" kayden yelled

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