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Aaron Riverwood was the definition of the sign "Don't mess with me." Men kept a safe distance from him but it was very difficult for women as he was the human version of Adonis. His company was always his priority. What happens when the woman he was married to for convenience comes back in his life only to ask for a divorce? How will he pursue her to stay for his own convenience? Victoria Fox has been in love with Aaron Riverwood for as long as she remembers. But when he uses her for his own benefit, she decides enough is enough. ---------------------------------------------- " Fine, then forget the divorce and I will not fire him." He said as he looked me in my eyes intently. I bit my lip hard nervously and shook my head. "You know I won't do that. You are asking for too much and you know it." I said without stuttering but it came out ragged because of his eyes piercing through my soul. He looked down at my lips again and I saw his eyes turn dark. Oh no " Fine! Get your pretty ass on my lap and kiss me. Show me how much you want to save lover boy's dream job."

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Chapter 1

Hey beautiful people,

Just a warning. This book is an erotica, which means 18+, so if you are uncomfortable with sex and adult shit, please don’t read my books. But if you are a nymphomaniac like me, go ahead ;)

Also guys, for the better understandiAng of the stories, I’d also like to give you the order in which the books should be read:

1)Nathaniel Lachlan

2)Aaron Riverwood

3)Landon Chambers

4)Danika Williams

Victoria Fox

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly turned off the oven before the cookies started burning. I was baking cookies for my close friend, who I guess is now my fiance, we were going to celebrate Christmas together.

He was there for me when I was at the lowest point in my life, we gradually started dating. Even though I never felt sparks with him, I was comfortable, knowing that he wouldn’t hurt me. I was surprised when he proposed last week. I wasn’t in love with him but I knew I had no energy to fall in love again. It happened once and destroyed me completely.

I headed towards the door while wiping off some flour from my cheek. As soon as I opened my door I locked eyes with my husband, who I thought was the love of my life while he looked at me as a sheer business deal.

It tore me apart because I knew we will never happen, but it broke me when I saw that he didn’t even try, as he was all I ever wanted.

Victoria, you are pathetic!

“Hello Mrs. Riverwood, long time huh?” He said in a sarcastic tone as he clenched his jaw. He looked angry. Well, now that’s an understatement. I felt the breath being knocked out of my lungs.

The same sharp jawline with thick brown hair and scarily vivid green eyes. He looked down at me as his tall frame of 6′3 towered me.

Just looking at him made shivers run down my spine. Looking at him always made strange things come alive in me.

“Hello husband, it has been five years now. It was really good being married. I guess you are here to drop the divorce papers, right?” I said while leading him inside my house.

“What on earth made you think I’d divorce you? How dare you send divorce papers to my office?” He said in a contained anger but I could see he was about to implode.

I married him five years ago when I was just 22 and he was 26. My father was a business partner in his company until five years ago, he passed away and I lost my only family. My father unknowingly left me under too much debt.

At the same time Aaron proposed marriage and said that he would take care of my necessities until I was well settled in my life. I didn’t marry him because of that. I was insanely in love with him and now I laugh at the thought. I was so naïve thinking I could make him fall for me. All my dreams were shattered when he left for New York before our wedding night.

In the morning, I found his letter in which he confessed why he married me and how it was necessary for his business.

“I want a divorce Mr. Riverwood. I am to marry a man who loves me.“I said proudly. I knew he wouldn’t be jealous. He didn’t care but it did affect his business.

“No, I can’t do that.” He said calmly but I was in no mood for this.

“Excuse me! What the fuck do you mean? Just sign the goddamn papers and get going.” I almost shouted out.

“Victoria! Don’t you get it! I lose my company if I divorce you. There is the word eternity in the contract my grandfather made. Remember?” He said while trying to explain his point.

I don’t know why he was so calm about all this. It was almost like he knew I will end up agreeing.

Hell, even I knew I would.

No Victoria. You want to marry Benjamin.

“That doesn’t concern me Aaron and you know that well.” I sighed in relief when I saw him nod his head in agreement.

“Yes, that’s true but kitten, do you know what the sad part is? Huh?” He stalked towards me and my eyes widened. No! No! ” You are my wife and that’s not going to change. Never.” He said as he bent down and rested his forehead against mine looking in my eyes which held a promise. My breathing started coming out in pants which made him smirk. As if he won the battle.

He knew he still had an effect on me. I craned my neck to look at him in his eyes. He was too tall. He always said that I was short even though I was 5′7.

“You are so selfish, all you think about is yourself or your business. I am going to marry Benjamin Wills. Maybe you didn’t want a normal marriage but it was always my dream. I am finally getting some happiness. I get to talk to this man on daily basis not after five years, share an intimate kiss on my lips not a peck on my cheek on my wedding day and finally get to spend my wedding night with my husband and not lying on the bed crying.” I said and I felt my cheeks turning moist. I was crying.

“Please don’t take this away from me.” I pleaded.

“Okay, I’ve had enough now!” He stated and I looked up in confusion. He didn’t look at me but suddenly picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. It all happened so fast that before I could comprehend anything we were heading towards his car.

Oh god. The nerve of this man.

I started punching and kicking but it was all in vain. This man was a wall. He smacked me on my ass once before shoving me in the backseat. I gasped loudly and saw him smirk. Before I could say anything he asked the driver to take us to his mansion.

“What the hell are you doing Riverwood? This is kidnapping. You’ll be charged for this. You will go to the prison. I will make you rot in the cell.” I said angrily as my eyes turned red.

This man had the nerve to laugh. I heard the driver also snicker.

Oh! Of course, Steve is still his driver.

Kiss ass

I tried to open the door but, of course, child-lock. I huffed and sat back. I can literally do nothing about this. It’s futile.

“By the way, Victoria I am going to fire Benjamin Wills instead of promoting him now.” He said as if he was telling me the weather.

“What! No! You can’t do that. This is his dream and you know he is very good at his job.” I said in a pleading voice. I am not in love with Ben but I do love him.

“Yes, he is. But he tried to take what’s mine and I don’t let off such men easily.” He said off-handedly.

“I will do anything you want please don’t fire him! Please!” I almost begged of him. Benjamin was my best friend since college. He always wanted to be more than friends but I was too busy looking at Aaron that I never thought about him.

“Fine, then forget the divorce and I will not fire him.“he said as he looked me in my eyes intently. I bit my lip hard nervously and shook my head.

“You know I won’t do that. You are asking for too much and you know it.” I said without stuttering but it came out ragged because of his eyes piercing through my soul. He looked down at my lips again and I saw his eyes turn dark.

Oh no

“Fine! Get your pretty ass on my lap and kiss me. Show me how much you want to save lover boy’s dream job.”


Hey beautiful people,

I hope you enjoyed the chapter. This is a new book. I hope you show love to it.

Please check out my third book in The Billionaire Brothers Series: Landon Chambers


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