My Girl

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I was suicidal and committing, but I found thereason I wanted to stay.

Romance / Drama
Delilah Reddy
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My Girl

I was on my way to the roof, ready. No one knew, my family and "friends" aren't ever part of my life, so I feel no need to tell them. I bet my bullies won't care; the only reason they would care would be because their toy left. My ex also wouldn't care he was an ass and used me for the money I actually had, so I had no reason to stay. Then I saw her. The new exchange student from Canada. Mid-September's crisp, cold breeze left no one in anything less than a fluffy winter coat. Yet here she is on the bench, asleep, with a pastel green sweatshirt and a soft pink t-shirt. For pants she was wearing almost white jeans, but you can tell they're blue, y'know? She was very pretty. As I went towards the edge to say my final words, "I'm not dying happily, but now that's how everyone can live."

Everyone bullies me. Actually, there is one person who doesn't bully me. She has major acne and isn't very popular. I tried to be friends with her in 6th grade, but scr called me ugly. Who's ugly now, bxxxh? I don't have a single zit or pimple! As a kid I had crushes on other girls. That's not what's expected of a little lady. On a warm Tuesday, a kid asked me to be his "girlfriend" but I shouted "ew!" back. I shouted ew at themost popular boy in school. I actually remember living in Canada once and meeting a girl who looked almost exactly like the girl on the bench. I think her name was... Maya or something?

O-oh, she's waking up~! Good thing I'm wearing cute clothes. My cute white longsleeve that covers my scars and some beige pink leggings that cover hairs. Wait... why would it even matter? Ours not like I'm crushing on her already! I haven't ever seen her before (at least I don't think so)! "Good... afternoon," I said. "Hnng," she responded. "is it really already... 6:36?!?" I was surprised she could sleep with all the construction around town. "You've probably already heard about me, but I'm June," I said. "Ooh, I think I recognize you from... Canada?!" I knew it! "Well anyways, I'm May, wanna be friends?"

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