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Diana Ford is a woman who shows her love in an oppression way to her husband .what happens when he has had enough and decided to divorce? He finally realized how much she had loved him Is his love enough to get her back? **** "Please note,it's a business contract not a love contract."Diana said and left the room. "I miss the scent of her presence" He sighed as he took a pen to sign the documents.

Romance / Other
Allison Kayd
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Chapter 1

The morning seemed bright enough for Diana Ford as she stretched on her king sized bed , wearing only a lingerie ,she made to stand up and suddenly,the door to her room was opened.

She didn't make any move to cover up herself as Mark came closer ,gave her a peck and dropped the coffee he made for her .
As she made to drink it, he asked "aren't you going to wash up first?"
"How's that any of your business?" She retaliated and gave a smile that Mark didn't catch as she had already lifted the cup to her lips
"Mmmm,you make great coffee,my love"
Mark shrugged and replied "still,you only say that when I do something for you".
"Say what? Compliments?" She asked
"No nevermind "
"Won't you go tell the maid to prepare the food before dad comes downstairs?" She continued and drank a bit of her coffee again as Mark closed the door behind him after leaving the room.
"What a good morning" she mused and got up to wash up and prepare for work.

"Mark, I'm heading to work first and im taking the car" she boomed out to her husband who was still bathing
He grumbled out a fine from under the shower as she headed out not bothering to hear his answer anyways.

"Where do you think you are going ?"
He father who was seated on a chair in the sitting room reading a newspaper asked
"Work" she said nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders into the air
Her father frowned at her and shakes his head solemnly while she scoffed and replied

"Dad, it's your company ,do you want me to leave it in ruins?"

"Treat your husband well woman" with that,he left the room and went into his study

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